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  1. Wonder if Rob has walked away as Stars team manager TBC or just simply unavailable?
  2. Yes I agree but still better than a possible 3 riders in a race always better to run with 7 riders I’d have thought
  3. R/R is all well and good unless another team member get injured need to name a no8 I think .
  4. Haza

    Aces v Lynn

    In the big scheme of things the season was already all but over even before the 2 point deduction but when the team only had 2 points in the first place it isn’t going to make any difference to where the club finishes in the league - but the Stars can and will take league points of others in the remaining fixtures the priority has to be now winning at home and keeping the clubs fans entertained even when they do lose so there is something to race for even now.
  5. Buster has said many things over the year he wears his heart on his sleeve so to speak - many things he’s said in the heat of the moment haven’t happened- March 2025 is 10 months away anything could in that time .
  6. Won’t with results but definitely will in wages to riders
  7. Can see the 2023 team captain making a return very soon
  8. I agree with that . Will be interesting what happens between now and Monday at Belle Vue and Thursday next home meeting with Ipswich personally if think the club should say nothing and come out fighting for every point let on track action be there response .
  9. Definitely concerning times again for the club sadly .
  10. Well I certainly hope that isn’t the case but we all no what Buster is like and that’s the worry .
  11. To be honest this doesn’t surprise me it’s been coming a long time too many dodgy call offs over a few seasons - it was more or less season over beforehand but now definitely season ending the bigger question for me will Buster throw his toys out of the pram ?
  12. Wouldn’t flights be booked and bought and paid for prior to yesterday’s call off ?
  13. I seem to remember when Martin Rogers owned the club in the 1980s he had a run of home rain offs one season with no income from home meetings but still paying out on away meetings the club was in desperate need to run a home meeting to get some income . Does as you say seem very odd what’s happening at Lynn at present it’s as if the club can’t face another home loss unless there is team changes in the pipeline the season is all but over in terms of making the play offs anyway but have to complete fixtures at some point I’d have thought .
  14. What goes around comes around I’m afraid except more of these type of call offs when clubs are racing the Stars - Lynn can’t complain as they’ve done it to others
  15. League points deduction should be the penalty it stop this nonsense instantly an example needs to be set or others will call meetings off just like KL when riders are missing . .

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