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  1. speedwaysliders

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    Hampel for me please £50 More. Thanks
  2. speedwaysliders

    2019 Odds for World Champion

    I know Madsen was great last season,and was hoping for odds of at least 25/1,but 14/1 at best does seem kinda skinny for a rider up until last season i could not see him in the GPs at all.Fair play to him,like Doyle hes found something extra.
  3. We have to address team riding-maybe having a couple of heats in the match where you get more points for finishing second and third for example (or whatever score you like if it favours team racing)Something has to be done to bring TEAM speedway back,and racers not to clear off from their teammates ,
  4. Sorry people ,maybe its been mentioned,but at what point did the lights fail? I know it was somewhere around heat 8,but were they just about to run a heat,i know the last thing that happened was Adam Ellis crashing,but did his bike maybe snag a cutout to the lights.were the stadium lights also off.Sorry im just trying to get a picture leading up to the moment when the lights failed.
  5. 100% agree Harris will give his best,but how can a rider.........infact i give up trying to explain to others.
  6. 100% agree,im watching as a neutral,and cant understand how the ref came to exclude MPT,would love to know if the SCB have a refs debrief and what was said by the referee to make a decision like that.The rider who knocked him off was all over the place running into the corner ,really would love to know the refs views on why he made his decision.Maybe speedway star editor can get a word with him!!!!!
  7. sounds a cracking meeting.i take Ricky Wells being excluded from heat 15 was the correct decision,as no one has questioned it.
  8. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Zagar for me please £90 more Thanks
  9. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Jason Doyle for me, £70 More please Thanks
  10. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    vaculik £40 more please Thanks
  11. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Pawlicki for me please £40 more.
  12. speedwaysliders

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Steve who was the ref as he or she still hasnt been named?!! With the amount of mistakes hes made tonight he done very well to keep his name a mystery?!! Name and shame please.
  13. speedwaysliders

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    So did Chris Holder have any problems getting into the uk,or did he arrive via calais by lorry!!!!?
  14. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    laguta please £40 LESS THANKS
  15. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    AJ for me please £40 more

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