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  1. many thanks TO Clean cut sports for uploading heat 13 of the Sheffield v Peterborough,as a speedway fan that is what speedway is all about ,and even the commentry was spot on , what was a sensational ride by Chris Harris.Speedway at its very best.
  2. speedwaysliders

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Think people are being a bit unfair on Flint,he was giving everything but getting knowhere on that outside line.He has still had a great season and i would love it if he turned out to be a match winner in the coming weeks.Think the wolves track is going to be toatally different come the playoffs
  3. speedwaysliders

    Eastbourne 2020

    100% agree with you there,but with the super quick A22 to connect the 10 miles journey,ive just got this vision of shuttle bus sponsored shuttle bus to and from Arlington.Also places like seaford and even brighton 40 mins drive could be targeted.
  4. speedwaysliders

    Eastbourne 2020

    maybe ive missed a lot of the info to the build up to this season,but does anyone think the sad passing of Jon Cook was the start of things to come,as he had so much knowledge of how to go about things and get them done,a massive loss to the sport let alone eastbourne.Also dont the Dugard family have any input into the running of the club? I really dont understand how Eastbourne get themselves in this mess time and time again when they have all the assets of the stadium to full back on,either to promote other things specially during the holiday season,it cant be that much differance to Poole who DONT own the stadium but have made a fine go of it over the years(i know they are even struggleing at the moment).I know that other fans done on the south coast,most prob wont enjoy what im about to say but why not ALL CLUB OWNERS just pull together and promote SPEEDWAY down there,trying to attract old fans to travel,and also promote new blood coming in.
  5. speedwaysliders

    Kings Lynn Stars v Sheffield Tigers 19/08/21

    Buster is Buster, ihavnt always seen eye to eye with what he does,but on this occasion you really should take his view on board if no one is willing to get out on the track and see.He must have close on 30 years worth of experience,so if he tells you the track is raceable,and no other option to test the track is taken up,surely you would give it a go,at least for the fans.ALSO cant you detune these so called rocket ships speedway bikes or even have a sysyem where you can get the engine in the old upright position if aload to do so.
  6. speedwaysliders

    Kent v Eastbourne 03/08/21

    How did Troy Batchelor look tonight? A strange quote from their match report on monday night when they won at Kings Lynn said this............ "Meanwhile Troy Batchelor was also clearly struggling for full fitness as he lost positions late in races and had medical treatment after the meeting, so Tigers will need to await updates before they visit Ipswich on Thursday." Sometimes in Speedway you dont know what to think!!!!
  7. speedwaysliders

    Kent Kings 2020?

    David Ballego nico Covatti???!!
  8. speedwaysliders

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    Would Len Silver get the best out of Lewis Bridger if he returned to the sport?I have to say a bid yes.
  9. speedwaysliders

    Is anyone losing interest

    I just think that all the ,fun,banter,health and safety rules,and most inportantly the characters in the sport,has been replaced by bland meetings that when riders turn up is just a number to them and move on to the next one, that if you speak out or raise your hand bag you get fined ,no pit phone to add a bit of spice to the meeting,even if the track served up crap racing,at least you had something to talk about!! AT Hackney where i started i was completely hooked not just by the racing but everything else that happened at the meetings with Andy Galvin and co always at the front of it.Today i look at a meeting and ask myself is it really worth the effort,maybe just to see a couple of good heats and nothing else.
  10. speedwaysliders

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    ooooooooooop my fault DQ me might be the fairest way out,i messed up,so just say NO BET
  11. speedwaysliders

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    EDIT PLEASE FRICKE £40 MORE for the restage event.Thanks
  12. See what the chap in the usa is doing!!!! 3am thats easy for an aussie!!!!
  13. LOL have a fewbeers throughout the night,you will be wide awake come start time!!!! Maybe tooooooooooo awake some of that home brew stuff you get out there!!!!
  14. speedwaysliders

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    KK for me please £40 more Thanks

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