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  1. Poole 2018

    What a team. I knew Matt would come up trumps this year. BS but that PTW is also an idiot looking for a bite. All I said about Iversen was that I think he would go to KL. I never said anything about signing for Poole. As for Hampel he always rides in Sweden and it doesn't look like he's going to get a contract next year also he's not in the GP's next year. Poole are on the lookout for a No.1 so I said maybe it could happen. Nothing wrong with that. Its called silly season for a reason. People speculate and if certain others don't like that then they shouldn't come on this forum until the start of the 2018 season. Are they? I thought you said Holder is going to sign for Somerset. Run along to the Championship section fella.
  2. Poole 2018

    Where did I say signing for Poole. I said maybe it could happen due to no contract in Sweden. Nothing wrong with that so why don't you take a walk fella.
  3. Could Hampel be on his way to the UK. No deal in Vetlanda and I don't see any team place for him in Sweden.
  4. Poole 2018

    Artem Laguta has signed for Vetlanda which could rule out a return for Jarek Hampel. Maybe just maybe Hampel to Poole could happen.
  5. Poole 2018

    No.1 hopefully. Hancock is still my guess.
  6. Poole 2018

    Fingers crossed. Cant see us getting NKI tbh as he would be eager to join KL. Janowski always chooses between Sweden and Britain. Think its going to be C. Holder, B. Kurtz & H. Andersen as a top 3
  7. Poole 2018

    NKI isn't allowed to do Britain. Torun, Smederna and a Danish club.
  8. Somerset 2018

    Would expect Grajczonek to be back at Somerset. Kildemand to Swindon if he's allowed to do Britain.
  9. Poole 2018

    You are aren't you. Run along back to the Championship section of the forum confused child. Fingers crossed but I cant see it. Maybe Przedpelski will come over seeing as Chris will ride with him at Torun next season. Maksym Drabik could be an option for us. Chris Holder and Kacper Woryna will both ride at Lejonen next season with him. Emil still hasn't signed a contract in Sweden
  10. Somerset 2018

    Keep talking to yourself with your multiple accounts little child. Your screen name (Gedwood) Is obviously referring to Jedward who are also children.
  11. Poole 2018

    So more than likely Jack will be back as well. My predictied team could be correct. 1. B. Kurtz - All but confirmed 2. K. Newman 3. C. Holder - All but confirmed 4. J. Holder - Will probably sign now that Chris is on his way back 5. H. Andersen 6. K. Woryna - All but confirmed 7. J. Shanes - All but confirmed Just leaves the No.2 and No.5 positions.
  12. Somerset 2018

    Knew it all along. Only took a bit of notice when Pirates of Poole spoke. Never going anywhere but Poole on that average.
  13. Poole 2018

    Told you Holder is not going to Somerset or anywhere else on that average. I was way out with Vaculik ill admit but not this one. Come on Matt we need Chris on board more than ever before. Not being disrespectful to Hans but he isnt going to improve his 7.75 starting average so its best to leave him out of the 2018 team. A shame but it has to be done.
  14. Poole 2018

    If the rumoured limit was higher then I would have Shanes back every time. But the rumoured limit is 41 to 42 points per team. We will have Woryna at reserve therefore we are already strong at reserve. It doesn't look like we will get a No.1 therefore we need to have a solid top 5 and if we are using 7.62 points at reserve then the top 5 isn't going to be that strong. I would rather use the extra 0.95 points on a top 5 rider instead of a reserve who will only get 3 rides a meeting most weeks and wont achieve his average on the road 8 times out of 10. Lets say Ellis does a U-Turn on wanting a return to Swindon. We could get rid of Newman for Ellis in the 1-5. That's the difference and you know Ellis can cut it in the 1-5 whilst Newman cant. Or Andersen 7.75 goes and we can get a rider up to 8.70 a lot of difference.
  15. Poole 2018

    Don't want to mention everyone lol. But every rider I mention I get a response like he's not coming or he's not in Matt's plans. So that leaves me wondering who is in our plans. No Chris Holder would mean No Jack Holder. Kyle Newman will probably go to Leicester or Ippo. Adam Ellis want's to stay at Swindon. Most of our top assets wont do Britain.