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  1. Greg

    Workington 2024

    I was more surprised how many offers wilson dean said he had.
  2. Greg

    Workington 2024

    Consider he said he done with uk Speedway i would be surprised .
  3. Hi all I've worked it in the mental health service for a few year and I was wondering if club offer rider support and if rider get support in general I know there was a support number but I don't know if that still going.
  4. give MPT a chance he has had bike problem and injurys this year .
  5. are we watching the same rider lol .
  6. Greg

    Stars vs Aces - 11th April 2024

    wow we had one meeting and others have had more and you guys are getting on the teams back already.
  7. Greg

    Redcar 24

    he posted it on his facebook page .
  8. Greg

    Scuntffield 2024

    Boston aint it ?
  9. Greg

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    why no paco ? have i missed somthing ?
  10. Greg

    Redcar 2024

    No Erik Riss ?
  11. Nicolai Klindt for me is a must.
  12. but could save every speedway club and people would still hate him .
  13. Greg

    Berwick 2023.

    great double signing well done all at Berwick.

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