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  1. The main point is that 1 of the management committee seems to have been granted permission to break the rules (again). Which could benefit his team Sheffield. As it means that if Sheffield win at Redcar by 6 points or more next Friday they will be off the bottom of the League and give Redcar the wooden spoon again (unless Redcar can get at least a point at Workington in their last away meeting, which is unlikely). Seems very unfair to me, but it always seems to happen. Hope the 2 members of the management committee involved in this meeting had nothing to do with the decision. Good luck to Redcar in their appeal. Problem is I don't think Redcar promoter Kevin Keay is in the inner circle.
  2. slyfox

    Teesside Silver Helmet

    Silver Helmet also goes back to 1928. Bears always claim theirs was first.
  3. According to The BSPA web site The Teesside Silver Helmet (the longest still running trophy on UK speedway) is scheduled for Thursday 20th September. Looking forward to an excellent night of Speedway
  4. Great day well organised plenty off extra car parking and additional catering/Pop up Bars/Ice Cream vans etc etc. The track was well prepared and made for some excellent racing right up to the 35th heat. Well done to Kevin Keay for taking this on at Redcar and giving everyone a great day.
  5. You could order the programme on line for home delivery today
  6. Think there could be a few changes when The Poles decide who they want on Sunday.
  7. My money would not be on that!!!!!
  8. With the limited options good guests for Redcar Summers scored 15 from 6 when he rode for Berwick 10 days ago at Redcar. Auty rides the track well and got 14 from 5 on Friday for Scunny at home on Friday so he is on form. Dont think Ty would be available due to injury, Interesting to see who Peterborough get if Ulrich is out. Think they can go for a Premiership rider but the conversion rate may be restrictive.
  9. slyfox

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Agree our new look team look strong.
  10. slyfox

    Newcastle 2018

    Kus would be the obvious answer to come in. He is a club asset (no loan fee). He is available. Talking to him on Thursday he said he has not ridden in Poland this year. So unlikely he will for a while till his UK form improves.
  11. slyfox

    Redcar 2018

    People forget that Ellis left the Redcar club with a few issues last year. He went home early to OZ before the end of the season without permission when they still had a chance of the play offs. He also went off to be reserve in the U21 championships and was not fully up front with the club. He could have ridden for the club and made it back and forth to the championships as many of the other riders did. After all he was only reserve. Maybe that is why he was not on the clubs wanted list this year. Plus he did tail off towards the end off the season when he moved up in to the main body of the team.
  12. slyfox

    Redcar 2018

    Not sure, but this is probably the only change they can make this month for Thursday night away to Sheffield. Expect more changes on Friday when the new averages kick in 1st June for the home leg of the cup match. Kus must be favourite to go on Friday unless we are happy to keep him as reserve on his new low average.
  13. He would have won hands down at an industrial tribunal.
  14. slyfox

    Redcar 2018

    The way the team was revealed at a social night last year made for a great night out. Kevin & Ben certainly did not do it in an old fashioned way. Think they are planning a good night out this year again.

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