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  1. slyfox

    Newcastle 2019

    Yes put the wrong initial. Meant MBA. JBA would not fit anyway.
  2. slyfox

    Newcastle 2019

    That the Tom Bacon who is already signed for Redcar. I would go with JBA showed some great promise at Redcar last year and should progress well this season if given the chance......
  3. slyfox

    Newcastle 2019

    Plus Kus & Phillips????
  4. slyfox

    REDCAR 2019

    3 good heat leaders & 4 with great potential. Can only go,one way........
  5. slyfox

    REDCAR 2019

    "I thing British Speedway" ?????? pot calling kettle......
  6. slyfox

    REDCAR 2019

    The count down begins. Only 5 hours to go and we will know the 1 to 7.............................
  7. slyfox

    REDCAR 2019

    Joke of the week!!!
  8. slyfox

    Championship race nights?

    4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays. They will just have to live with it. Redcar the only new Friday team & it was run on a Friday or they would not have run at all after Thursday was taken away from them.
  9. slyfox

    REDCAR 2019

    You are correct. Never stood down as co promoter. He has just sold his opticians business and says he is eventually going to start up in a new line of business. Looks like current team manger Jade Mudgeway has talked him in to going solo promoter. Maybe Jade may join him as promoter at some time.
  10. Good to see in The Speedway Star and The Teesside Gazette today that CVS & the other directors (the brothers) are very positive about Redcar in 2019. Looking to appoint a new promoter in the next couple of weeks (probably new to Redcar). Looking Good!!!!!
  11. But he could be promoter until he does sell. However the Gladders brothers have always said they would not let Ged into the club. That is why he ended up at Peterborough. So a big change of mind from the brothers needs to take place for that to happen.
  12. CVS owns 30% of Redcar Eric Gladders 20% and Brian Gladders 50% so the Gladders Brothers hold the whip hand. They have refused any approach from Ged Rathbone in the past so it may not happen even if he is interested. Kevin & Brian Gladders did most of the work at the track with the help of a few dedicated helpers. Two of those who also act as clerk of the course and office manager I understand are also stepping down. Plus with Ben Duffill the other promoter having stood down earlier in the season it does not look good for next year. Let's hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the sake of both Redcar Speedway and the sport in total. CVS has not taken an active role at Redcar for a number of years now.
  13. The main point is that 1 of the management committee seems to have been granted permission to break the rules (again). Which could benefit his team Sheffield. As it means that if Sheffield win at Redcar by 6 points or more next Friday they will be off the bottom of the League and give Redcar the wooden spoon again (unless Redcar can get at least a point at Workington in their last away meeting, which is unlikely). Seems very unfair to me, but it always seems to happen. Hope the 2 members of the management committee involved in this meeting had nothing to do with the decision. Good luck to Redcar in their appeal. Problem is I don't think Redcar promoter Kevin Keay is in the inner circle.
  14. slyfox

    Teesside Silver Helmet

    Silver Helmet also goes back to 1928. Bears always claim theirs was first.

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