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  1. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    Dick Barrie and Scott Robson
  2. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    Great night at the BBSC Hall of Fame last night, shame that not all of the inductees could make it but I’m sure they tried to. They missed a good one.
  3. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    Cut a long story short, Berwick Supporters nominated Dick Barrie into hall of fame, Dick Barrie said he was too busy to attend, which he isn’t, and has now claimed these supporters are not supporters, nice bloke huh?
  4. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    As Granty would say ‘Nowt to do wi me’ unfortunately...Very very disrespectful from him in my opinion though.
  5. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    Yes the Supporters Club committee are about to induct Dick Barrie into the hall of fame next Saturday, and he has just made his feelings very much clear on what he thinks of those people who have just honoured him. If that doesn’t show you something, nothing will.
  6. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    On point 1, no money raising is done within the Stadium as the Club stopped allowing it despite still expecting donations, they also stopped the SC from doing the 50/50 draw and the last time a significant donation was made (past promotion) it was for a new medical room, the money was handed over and nothing ever happened of it/it has never been used to this day. The bad blood between the Supporters Club and the Club was being patched up with Scott Courtney and the SC but since he has stepped down there has been numerous articles on the website taking digs at the supporters club and I don’t think Jamie has once made contact with them to try and sort anything out. If John Anderson treated his fans a bit better non of this would be happening I don’t think, I know it’s a different promotion but they havn’t been going the best way about it recently have they?
  7. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    With the rumours of no Rob Grant doing food and no Dennis behind the scenes anymore with Scott already stating he wasn’t going to be helping a lot are we going to last very long at all? being honest.
  8. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    To be fair he’s no wrong loads of people go in and stand and watch it in the pits despite doing virtually nothing (certainly a lot less than a lot of people who pay)
  9. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Play off contenders

    Sheffield Somerset Edinburgh Berwick with Eastbourne and Leicester challenging closely.
  10. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Workington 2019

    The only post spoiling it is from you? If you delete yours its not there.
  11. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Newcastle 2019

    Rye House meetings don’t count and he rode for Berwick a few years ago and enjoyed it haha.
  12. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Mitchell Davey? He’s only on an average around 3? You have around 5.5 left dont you?
  13. allthegearbutnaeidea

    berwick bandits 2019

    Any need? Can’t just go around name calling for no reason
  14. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Newcastle 2019

    Think your reckoning is out... Lawson and Kennett are both over 9?
  15. allthegearbutnaeidea

    REDCAR 2019

    Good team, would put you guys just behind Sheffield on that oval piece of paper so far.

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