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  1. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Championship Pairs

    Hahaha that is fair enough, not complaining at extra heats
  2. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Championship Pairs

    It says 23 heats in total on the advert
  3. Forecast looks bad for the meeting, will keep an eye on it but I think I’ll be giving the trip a miss
  4. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Think Aarnio is possibly Berwick’s I think, Garrity was Coventry so god knows? I feel like something happened with Scunthorpe and Pboro to do with Garrity’s contract?
  5. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Championship Pairs

    How have they done the draw? If ur only facing 4 teams
  6. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Championship Pairs

    Says on Somerset fb page 23 heats of speedway, so probably 20, 2 semis and a final? God knows how it’ll work
  7. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Leicester 2019

    You get 24 hours either side for FIM I’m sure
  8. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    It wasn’t at all? It was Birmingham v Peterborough in a 6 man Championship standard meeting, just checked and he beat Garrity twice, Campton, Stewart, Ostergaard and Lambert 3 times, hardly a NL select??? Yet couldn’t beat Tom Perry or Tobias Thomsen last night...
  9. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    Fair effort from Ben, Kev, Coty, Leon and THJ after a tapes exclusion but a tapes and a jump/15m from Jye in his first 2 is poor and expected a lot more of Dany tonight, been on good form and went well there last year. If we get 5th it’s a decent season all things considered, shame to just miss out on the play offs again
  10. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Nay chip on my shoulder, I just trust that Glasgow arn’t that sort of team, we had already turned down 2 dates and this was the 3rd, running after the cut off was never an option for Glasgow... As the cut off is set for a reason and has already been extended to fit in 10 home matches which is a shambles for all concerned
  11. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    A favour??? They get fined if they havn’t ran all of their home meetings before the cut off and said themselves last year that no one should be allowed to qualify for the playoffs if they havn’t completed all of their matches haha
  12. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Glasgow vs Newcastle SGB Championship (7pm)

    Will stop myself from asking questions in future, how was I supposed to know what the visibility in Glasgow was like? There was no mention on the updates site, hence why I asked on the forum, for you to try and humiliate me again, thanks very much.
  13. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    Thank you, for my sake I hope he isn’t 100% fit as he’s brilliant on his day, we need those 4 points haha
  14. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Glasgow vs Newcastle SGB Championship (7pm)

    But Barker, Lambert, Allen and Auty seemed to? Anyways others have answered my post properly, thank you, just wondered why you done 15 heats v Scunny but only 10 tonight if the track was so good tonight but so terribly awful the other week
  15. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    Any news on Garrity/guest?

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