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  1. The rules are set. why have a semi final and then a final ? Simple, it guarantees that Tv and the crowd gets a climax at the end of the meeting in exactly the same way as in the GPs have a Grand final race to decide the champion. I agree that we were helped by Janowski’s mistake..but the same would have been true if the roles had been reversed. It was great to see GB get a world team title.
  2. Great idea to put this test match on…hopefully they get to run it
  3. 2 days is double revenue… makes it far more financially stable

    SON win mentioned on BBC

    For many years the BBC HAVE GIVEN LITTLE TIME ON TV REGARDS SPEEDWAY. Yes it is nice to see they put something on but they hardly give any air time overall.
  5. In the Grand Prix, a rider can scrape through to the semis with 8 or 9 points, come second in his semi and then win the final to be a Grand Prix champion… These are the rules. Team GB won fair and square. Excellent prtformance and result.
  6. can anyone provide the time for heat 21? Not certain what he said…please clarify if posssible
  7. Well done to Peterborough.The best team won over the two legs. Pulling back 8 points in the first leg was a big step towards being champions.
  8. My first wish is to see a match worthy of a final with plenty of quality racing as per the first leg. I have seen lots of excellent meetings at Peterborough… just hope for conditions to produce good racing . Obviously I want the Aces to win after watching them for almost 60 years. Everything to be revealed tomorrow !!!!!
  9. Plenty of buses from Hyde road to Piccadilly station. bus stop at B and M on Hyde road. Near to the old entrance to the zoo.
  10. Super meeting last night thanks to both teams. Jordan Palin put in a great performance. Still all to play for… we have won their twice.The coverage of the racing from Eurosport was very good. Looking forward to Thursday

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield POSF 2nd leg

    Having a big hitter at reserve with lots of experience could be deciding factor in the final. Aces will have to step up to the plate and go for gold.

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield POSF 2nd leg

    Well done Aces. Now for the final v Peterborough

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield POSF 2nd leg

    When you can only pick from two teams, it becomes farcical and an extremely limited choice. Whatever the outcome, RR is the right choice for me

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Very disappointing for all those Swindon fans. it would be a shame to lose a club with a long history in Speedway

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