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    Belle Vue Colts 2022

    Good signing and we now have a wonderful set of youthful riders who have great promise for the future. Watching the Colts develop and climb the ladder of success gives me great pleasure
  2. Only one word to describe the meeting…..BORING Most people accept that Marketa is a very difficult track to pass on.I have seen some good meetings there in the past. Sadly the Czech federation keep the SGP at Marketa even though the Pardubice track yields great racing at a stadium that can hold more than Marketa. When I first went to Pardubice for the Golden Helmet I stayed in Pardubice. Later I stayed in Prague and got the train to Pardubice combining the beauty of Prague and seeing the meetings in Pardubice. Dreadful advert for the Sport I like the Teterow track so hopefully we will see an entertaining meeting.

    Premiership Pairs

    Go on the SCB WEBSITE and download the 2022 rule book… all will be revealed
  4. Surely we use rr if Jye is not available

    Warsaw GP 2022 Saturday May 14th

    Great performance from Max Fricke… delighted for him. who would have thought no poles in the final with 3 in the semis ?


    Good to see the Premiership highlights on QUEST..Especially as they show all 15 races and leave out the interviews.

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    I used to love going to Kings Lynn bank holiday Monday… Lynn vAces 1100…pm meeting at Rye house….evening internationale at wimbledon Always rated Lynn in my top 3 sadly in recent years the quality of racing has deteriorated such that I do not rate the track at all… often well prepared track with grip everywhere an no advantage whatever line you use.

    Belle Vue 2022

    The bspl ignore or change the rules as they see fit….. have done for the last 50 years
  9. It was the days of rider control where BSPA evened the sides out…. No mathematical average in those days
  10. That is not the point..it is the fact that we lost a heat leader and replaced the rider by one of the Belle Vue Colts and therefore a weakened team
  11. Everybody had the same average to work towards so do not see why you are paying the price. 1970 ..Aces won the league…rider control insisted we lose a heat leader which we did…. Replaced by a Belle Vue Colt 1971.. won the league again… again rider control insisted we lost a heat leader which we did…replaced by a Belle Vue Colt 1972 won the league again… rider control insisted we lose a heat leader and Ken Eyre…Aces released Ivan Mauger as the heat leader to lose 1973.. came second Tremendous achieve this considering the above
  12. Looking forward to seeing Benjamin Basso… he has had some good scores so far

    Belle Vue 2022

    No new team declaration on the bspl web site….. teams should be declared by each other by now

    Belle Vue 2022

    It is strange that Belle Vue ,Speedway star and Discovery have all announced the signing of Zagar whereas nothing on the Bspl web site This is alarming

    Belle Vue 2022

    Can anyone let me know the average that Matej is coming in at?

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