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  1. Workington 2018 .

    pleased to see Kyle has signed for Workington local lad . plenty of potential
  2. Swindon 2018

    never mind the team what is going on re the stadium ? Has the drainage problem been solved or what ?
  3. Even in the 60s when the Aces were getting crowds of 10,000 for a league match , stock cars pulled bigger crowds. however it was only once a month and attracted Stock car fans from all over not just the manchester area... The following weekend would be a stock car in Coventry or wherever and the stock car fans would troll over to Coventy for their weekend fix, Still applies but the numbers are not as great
  4. Nl Agm 14th December.

    When I started watching Speedway only the top riders were " professionals" The rest had jobs and took days off their holidays to go to away matches !!!! There is room in the Sport for both
  5. Sheffield 2018

    Lambert has said no Championship for him in 2016
  6. Oxford

    Getting closer and closer Fingers crossed
  7. Glasgow 2018

    Claus Vissing is another " two heads " rider. You never know which head he has on .either he will ride well or can't be bothered
  8. National League 2018

    They definitely had a meeting at RUgby in the last two weeks of the season...probably a pre agm
  9. National League 2018

    When is the National League AGM ?
  10. Birmingham 2018

    Did you see the Stoke Geriatrics side last year ??????
  11. Workington 2018 .

    Pleased they have decided to run. My planned visits last season never materialised due to garbage weather forecasts Hope to get up next year 2 or 3 times
  12. Belle Vue 2018

    Would not touch Bates with a barge Pole... leave him at Sheffield
  13. Kent 2018

    Are Kent moving to Friday as Monday's are now Premier League ?
  14. The Barry Thomas Story

    He was brilliant around Hyde Road... flat out entertainment
  15. Congratulation to Jason Doyle... I cannot think of a more deserving winner in recent years. When you consider what he has been through in the last two years it is absolutely remarkable that he has achieved his ultimate goal.