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  1. Good win for Glasgow. Track was causing riders problems….. entertainment value 1 out of 10… riders having difficulty catching up distance.. very little passing after the first half lap. I have never liked the track.Only visited Berwick as part of a trip.. Edinburgh ,Berwick and Glasgow. Biggest track in Britain and biggest bore watching the racing.

    Redcar V Edinburgh 14/6/24

    Well done Redcar.A meeting ran efficiently with track grades and finishing just before 9pm. Enjoyable racing as always at Redcar.

    Oxford v Witches 13th June

    Sometimes a track is not raceable but it is rideable. If it is rideable then they should continue…. If it is dangerous to the riders then it should definitely be off. It would be interesting to know from the ref why it was abandoned.


    After 61 years of watching Speedway, I have had to stop going due to family circumstances. I paid for a season pass so I can see live Speedway even if it is streaming. it is good to be keeping in touch via streaming. 2 more meeting this week and the SGP on Eurosport.
  5. When the BLRCF was at Hyde road the racing was excellent just like at the NSS. IF you are at a track like the NSS, where it is regarded by riders as a top quality track, then there is no real home track advantage.Any quality rider can perform on the track. I agree that nowadays set ups are high on the agenda for success… At Belle Vue we are so blessed to have such a fantastic track and stadium.
  6. Great to see Dan get three on the bounce. Delighted that Tom B gets the wild card at Cardiff. great racing and lots of entertainment. Plaudits to Anders Rowe and Connor Mountain for producing a good performance in the British Final. The NSS IS A MARVELLOUS TRACK and should hold the British Final every year. You only have to listen to the riders when they applaud it as a great race track. Hyde road had the BLRCF every year and produced outstanding meetings …. often far superior to the one off World Finals Roll on the Speedway of Nations for another feast of entertainment and hopefully gold for GB. Hope that they now keep the final to a Saturday night so that there will be a greater attendance than on a Monday.
  7. The delay was frustrating for all concerned. Hope Rory is able to be back reasonably soon. However the racing was good quality reminding me of the times that I regularly went to Scunthorpe even though it was a long journey from Llandudno.

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    Some good racing tonight. painful to listen to Tai rabbiting on…. He has passed his best and is on a downward slope. Hope Lynn have done enough to get through
  9. I am sure the Poole fans will have gone home happy. Quality of racing was dreadful. Entertainment value probably 1/10 As Sam Hagon said it is gate and go I remember when on a Southern trip , I saw Poole v Kings Lynn…. Score was 40- 38. The only genuine pass all night was when Tomas Topinka made the only pass of the night in heat 13.
  10. Very enjoyable meeting.Boughen, Ford and Hagon rode well. Delighted for Sam Hagon.. he deserved the title. I have seen Boughen a few times on BSN and he has been very impressive for one so young

    Break in at worky

    So sad. To hear of the break in. Workington have done a great job so far..brilliant track. i do hope their insurance covers everything and things can get back to where they were soon

    Czech GP Prague

    Prague can produce good racing but it is notoriously difficult to pass on. They prepared the track to get the meeting on under difficult weather conditions…. Plaudits to Craig Ackroyd for cracking on with the meeting. a meeting to forget
  13. There were only 3 good races… the rest showed little entertainment with quality riders unable to gain ground on riders in front. i used to go to Sheffield around 8 times a year….simply because it was a great racing track….this is no longer the case and I then went once a year hoping to get back to Sheffield’s former glory as a real race track Watched a meting at Workington recently… super racing on a well prepared track and an absolute pleasure to see what a great track they have.
  14. Len Silver used to put his top 4 in heat 19…. So if a run off was required then a heat 20 breather before the run off

    Leicester v Oxford 27th May

    One good race and the rest was follow my leader. When quality racers struggle to pass then it just shows a track prepared for gating and entertainment goes out of the window. Enjoyed the racing from Birmingham shown tonight in the track grade intervals. When will promoters get in their heads that ENTERTAINMENT should be their priority

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