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  1. GWC

    Ipswich 2022

    Who knows which tracks will open next year but if we do attract back overseas riders then the Premier will have to remain intact.
  2. GWC

    Ipswich 2022

    Well they might but can clubs afford them now. UK speedway in a perilous place now and would throwing £000’s at Doyle put numbers on the gate to pay for him. With riders retiring I would expect a consolidation of the leagues otherwise it’s a farce.
  3. If DU continues then it must be used as a cost saving and not, as Eastbourne found out, a blank cheque for riders.
  4. If he has a normal commercial van policy the contents isn’t normally covered. If he insured through someone like Doodsons who are racing insurance specialists and might give additional cover for bikes but spares unlikely.
  5. People see a name from 5 years ago and compare them to today thinking they have the same ability which is clearly not. Dan Bewley is a case in point!
  6. I’m surprised the 4 team events seem to have lost favour back in the day there was always these in the calendar at most tracks. Rayleigh Romford Canterbury and Eastbourne drew big crowds and lots of rivalry - all gone now of course. You get a full meeting of racing matching riders of similar abilities. Might they be used to reduce costs and rider availability becomes even more acute especially at the Premier league level.
  7. GWC

    Is Emil Right In What He Says?

    I think what we have now is what the music industry did as good producers could make great stars. The tuners call the tune - if you pardon the pun and money is thrown at them to give a rider 1 more horse power than the other guy. The skills of a rider became less important as the lay downs arrived but I’m sure even if we had kept to 4 valves the same scenario would be happening but not costing so much maybe.
  8. GWC

    RIP Taffy Owen

    The formation of the second division in 1968 gave Taffy the opportunity to ride in team racing and gave pleasure to a lot of people who might not have seen him otherwise.
  9. A professional division of 12 clubs with full time riders is probably where we need to be and secure the sport here. Having 3 different leagues isn’t doing the sport any good with clubs struggling and over extending themselves financially - Eastbourne - Newcastle - Birmingham and a few more. The BSPL to have total control of the clubs and the buck stops with them to make it pay and work. Limits on spending on equipment with engines restricted with limiters. The sport contracted before (1957 - 60) when faced with disappearing crowds and tracks closing down so it needs to restructure to survive.
  10. I agree U.K. promoters are only going to look inwards at keeping the leagues going with a diminishing number of riders. If Poland are not careful they won’t have any other countries to compete against so I guess it’s in their interest to try and produce riders for others - a bit like we used to!
  11. Football Cricket Rugby Golf and more have academies of excellence where future stars are made. Leaving it to league experience isn’t going to work for the majority. Occasionally a gem like Bewley comes along but if we want to produce more then a set up like at Belle Vue needs to be established for riders to train and learn. Its the nearest track to high speed Polish tracks and that’s the benchmark we need to aim for. Sweden are in free fall and have very few young riders - similarly Denmark are not producing the top class rider any longer for some reason. Poland want to dominate but when the U.K. had its place at the top (70’s) we tried to bring other countries along with us - Poland being an example where their standard of rider at that time was similar to where we are now. We encouraged the USA and Danes to come to the U.K. and they profited greatly - do Poland now want to do the same?
  12. I understand a lot of Swedish and Danish riders are ‘part time’.
  13. GWC

    Rye House 2020

    I think it was partly due to travel for Len up from Kent. Sadly the stadium needed huge investment to bring it up to current safety standards and I think Len didn’t have that to give.
  14. I can’t see any top foreign riders coming back as they will drain the fragile finances clubs have and probably bring about a quicker end to the sport.

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