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  1. GWC

    Swindon Stadium

    The plans show a sound barrier to go around the whole stadia.
  2. GWC

    Swindon 2019

    I think speedway in general has been hit by a perfect storm of issues since 2007. Austerity, top riders either retiring or disappearing and older supporters dying off. Add in the general decline of most of the stadiums that puts off new supporters.
  3. GWC

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I’m afraid that is the level we are now at in the UK and if it means speedway clubs will survive then so be it. Until we have more Lamberts coming through that is.
  4. GWC

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I should imagine the financial outlay to have a GP rider like Iversen is considerable so investing for the future with riders committed to the UK makes sense.
  5. GWC

    Newcastle 2019

    Years ago the team averages were based on your last 6 matches so team places yo - yo’d a lot depending on the riders form. It made it a lot more interesting in my view with riders suddenly going from reserve to heat leader and visa versa. Of course there were more matches then and riders were far less professional.
  6. GWC

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    False economy of the asset system
  7. GWC

    Newcastle 2019

    Diamonds now have 2 home based riders as opposed to the guys who would have incurred higher costs for accommodation and travel.
  8. GWC

    Unforeseen circumstances

    Just as Rye House had ‘unforeseen circumstances ‘ when they cancelled their meeting against Swindon if I recall. Theirs was terminal unfortunately!
  9. GWC

    Swindon Stadium

    Presumably there is no council order for the stadium owners to put up a sound barrier where track alterations are to be made? If not then they can start the season as things are and avoid costly alterations.
  10. GWC

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Shame the lad doesn’t have a ride in NL to fall back on. I expect that situation to change as well!
  11. GWC

    Rye House 2018

    Whatever the debt is it’s clear Mr Scott isn’t the ‘multi-millionaire’ he was alleged to be when he took over the club.
  12. Some promoters are not blessed with the intelligence to handle situations and have probably got where they are in life by bullying. Rob Godfrey strikes me as an intelligent man who cares passionately about this sport but one or two others are not. As has been said the welfare of the sport is paramount and a need for ALL promoters to work together now more than ever.
  13. GWC

    Rev Limiters

    I lost track of speedway just at the time when Weslake and Jawa were the dominate engine and then came back to the sport when the lay down invasion had started. Did Weslake just give up down at Rye or was it their commercial decision not to compete? Whilst lay downs have made the sport quicker and maybe more spectacular the safety of the riders isn’t and the knock on effect has been the introduction of the air fence and loss of racing lines. Its just as well that medical technology has kept aspace!
  14. Bob Humphreys never saw him overtake!
  15. Speedway still has a foot in the door media wise with BT. It’s cheap for them and unfortunately they can dictate the price as the sport is desperate. The promoters must become ‘joined up’ if the sport is to survive as just looking after their own businesses will put others out of business. The sport will unfortunately continue to down size as there are not enough riders and overseas riders will be too expensive.

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