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  1. GWC

    2019 NL Season

    Kent have applied to run on Saturdays next season.
  2. So the bikes are dangerous and holding back better racing. I wonder if a better track surface would make them safer.
  3. Clearly no idea of what the NL has tried to represent. Teams like Mildenhall and Eastbourne have young riders who should be moving through the sport but are probably going to be stuck in the roadblock that the CL has become due to doubling up being so extensive in this league. Alfie Bowtell has suddenly become a high scoring reserve for Lakeside but needed patience from the team for him to develop. Supporters of the PL and some CL think that riders appear out of nowhere and some have done little to give riders in the UK a chance. Its all coming home to roost now for some as affordable riders are getting thin on the ground.
  4. GWC

    Newcastle 2019

    In crowd terms Poland has always been the exception even going back to the 70’s they were 10 times UK crowds. Sweden had low attendances until the ‘Rickardson’ effect but now attendances are starting to decline as are their riders.
  5. You can have the best footballers cricketers but not guaranteed to win anything. Do the same in Speedway and you win everything so there is a big difference. Promoters are very much aware of this and try and keep it balanced for everyone.(something US sports do)
  6. Can’t deny the loss of star names (through retirement and injury) has contributed to the decline in attendances and those coming through are not in the same class, but so has the quality of racing and the stadiums the sport is held in. If we had 10 Belle Vues it would be a different story!
  7. The sun went down (quite literally) last night the atmosphere changes and you don’t get to see the delapadated stadia that has run its course. Track lights produce so much more to the racing but look dangerous in today’s world. Air fences have made viewing impossible in some areas so we now need raised viewing around the stadia. If Swindon do return then it will be remarkable in today’s land development world as those houses look too close even if they do move the stadium a bit to the left (or right) which ever way you look at it.
  8. A big league of 18 could become unworkable once injuries kick in but the sport needs to combine the PL and CL somehow. A larger PL of 14 might be better and then the NL would become a stronger league as well and get more recognition. Unfortunately clubs like BV colts Buxton and Cradley would drop out.
  9. When you are having a poor season you shut early!
  10. GWC

    Alarm bells at Plymouth?

    But that is a world away from 2018 when you have riders in the NL with equipment that isn’t out of place in the PL! Went to Kent onMonday and paid £16 including programme likewise at Eastbourne. Its way over priced for a low standard of speedway I’m afraid.
  11. If the amount of doubling up continues and fixed nights then it’s another cop out!
  12. It needs radical change and not tinkering that has gone on for too many years. I’m all for the changes suggested!
  13. I think it will depend on how many clubs want to be in a combined league and at what level. Already the Plymouth promoter has said there’s a rumour that the NL points limit is to be reduced considerably, forcing riders out or the club move up a league. Its also interesting to read his comments about signing on fees that are causing clubs difficulty financially. Add in loan fees and you have a perfect storm.
  14. What is the Championship level? It doesn’t exist without riders from the premier and visa versa so a revolutionary change is needed. It will then be interesting to see what clubs can afford a ‘top’ rider if the leagues are merged.
  15. Economically without big TV money and good sponsorship a current Premier team can’t afford the riders you still want. Its a matter of survival for a lot of clubs and putting money in riders pockets who don’t perform to their given status has been just one of the problems. Wholesale doubling up has to be rained in,partly for the sports integrity and to get away from ‘rent a rider’. The Championship can’t continue as it is so a bigger league at the top level is necessary but will have to be weaker.

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