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  1. GWC

    Rye House 2020

    Well the refs box will be needed and not sure where it will be sited now. Perhaps it will move to the other side with seating all along the straight. Bit of a squeeze though.
  2. ‘’for me, the UK does miss a huge trick by not ring fencing U21's at Championship level. Each 2nd tier team should have been made to have two U21 reserves for the past two decades...’’ This doesn’t mean you will produce stars just maybe league standard riders, which would still be a requirement. The old saying stars are born is I’m afraid true Woffenden Ward Lambert Bewley are examples of this. As were Collins and Lee. Mauger is the obvious standout exception who got where he did through total dedication which is pretty rare in speedway. Today I can think of Madsen and Doyle.
  3. Even Briggo sold bikes as well. A lot of riders were in the motor trade or construction. The problem for riders is what sort of job will be around once we come out of the lockdown as businesses will be smaller and unemployment huge.
  4. GWC

    Speedway and the NHS

    If speedway does start up this season I think getting track medical assistance will be very difficult in the current climate.
  5. GWC

    Corona virus

    Lots of areas are setting up residential care systems to look out for aged residence. If you are in an area of aged people then it’s likely you will be contacted.
  6. GWC

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I would go as far to say that the types of track now in the PL only Wolves and Ipswich are ‘technical’ so all out racers will be an advantage.
  7. GWC

    Rye House 2020

    I would have thought the ‘showroom’ BMR constructed next to the old stand would be more suited to a gym.
  8. GWC

    Jason Crump

    I remember Peter Moore at Rayleigh in 1973 - unusual for the times handlebars with a very upright style. He would have been around the same age as Jason is now.
  9. GWC

    Rye House 2020

    That may explain the large block paved area for parking now.
  10. GWC

    Rye House 2020

    Was it your choice to do such a long journey for track time or is there a shortage of training venues?
  11. GWC

    Poole Pirates 2020

    So do Poole try to dust off a contract that probably no longer exists since the rider retired years ago. I wonder if there is a clause in it for comebacks?
  12. GWC

    Premiership Junior League

    If the Premiership go about this properly then it will be good for young riders to get more track time. If it’s for the purpose of hoovering up the best talent then that’s bound to fail. Will there be a tug-of-war between CL and NL clubs about ownership or can we say that the rider will dictate his own destiny.
  13. GWC

    Rye House 2020

    I do have concerns that redevelopment is being undertaken by non speedway people. We know how the last owners did or didn’t do so I really hope if Speedway is to return then there is consultation to someone in the know. Viewing at the track became difficult once the air fence went in.
  14. GWC

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Even more reason for promoters and the bspa to take responsibility for their employees, especially the younger riders. Not saying this tragedy is speedway related we don’t know but in today’s world of social media it has a habit of bringing out the very worst in people, as you can sometimes read on this very website.
  15. GWC

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It’s not your age these days it’s about fitness and wether you can do the miles needed to get experience. Having great equipment helps a bit too.

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