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  1. GWC

    KENT 2019

    Injuries and way too much pressure put on young riders these days not to mention the expense and travelling involved.
  2. GWC

    Newcastle 2019

    Surely it’s more about signing riders suited to your home track. TJ an example paid maximum for King’s Lynn against stronger riders and poor return yesterday... This PL/CL thing has run its course and needs a bold alternative.
  3. GWC

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    Kent really only have themselves to blame when you sign so many young riders. As talented as they are mistakes will be made and the opposition are not quite as good as you are!
  4. GWC

    Ipswich 2019

    I would say at least 3 riders in the Swindon side would score well in Poland’s top league so not really surprising that they should be walloping Ipswich and a few others!!
  5. GWC


    Consigned to history it would be a waste of money. Speedway needs to focus on their existing stadia and seek to improve where possible.
  6. GWC

    Swindon 2019

    Rolling averages skew riders who are performing better in the short term. The SS has his 2019 average as 4.27 which is realistic - the same for Rasmus his current ave is 8.5!! Teams need riders they can identify with so that meetings have more relevance not just watching ‘a’ team of riders achieving 46 points or more so your team wins. A combined league would be weaker but it would take away this doubling nonsense
  7. GWC

    Speedway Grand Prix

    If you saw the Wroclaw GP you won’t get a better advert for speedway! The skill and speed on show was breathtaking on a track suited to fast racing. Yes it was the cream of speedway but not all GP’s produce that sort of racing. Alas many of our tracks cannot cope with the modern power and speed bikes produce so the racing suffers.
  8. GWC

    One League

    I’m sure the current budget at Swindon for Doyle and Batchelor is probably 50% of the total. If you just retained Batchelor when added to 6 of the above then that would establish a true number one just as you had in the days of Briggo!
  9. GWC

    One League

    Maybe in the first year each club runs with r/r so one less rider needed. More money for riders then!
  10. GWC

    Belle Vue 2019

    The thing that attracted me to the sport was the programme and the programme board. All manner of shapes and colours - home made with bull dog clips!
  11. GWC

    One League

    Sweeping changes needed - In a league of 16 teams, assuming that is the level set, you could build a team of 5 riders to a total average of 28 from the current PL and CL. The reserves would not be signed to a team and be available as and when. The majority would have to come from the NL. An increased NL allowing part time & amateur riders with emphasis on rider development.
  12. GWC

    Rider Movement

    I think the problem is leagues are too small and play offs skew decisions.
  13. GWC

    Rider Movement

    Changes at the bottom end of teams is one thing and can be expected to some extent as these tend to be younger inexperienced riders and they can come back again. But the recent Somerset change is pretty drastic and was no doubt helped by the Germans ‘retirement’.
  14. GWC

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    So long as a rider gets fixed up with another team then it remains an evil that we the supporters have to put up with. But it’s time to bring an end to the merry go round me thinks!
  15. I wonder who will be the next team to join the arms race and change their team - Proctor now available!

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