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  1. GWC

    Eastbourne 2018

    How can they afford it running one meeting in 6 weeks! The track against Plymouth was the best I’ve seen and produced good fair racing allowing both sets of riders a chance at this level.
  2. Why were fixed gate positions brought in? With the TS and choice of gates if you were 6 points behind teams had better options.
  3. Not in the CL where the standard is as high as it’s ever been if not higher imo. I agree that we have lost our stars to a point but most have retired and haven’t been replaced by the current crop we have.
  4. GWC

    Kent vs Plymouth

    Yes I was there in the 70’s and witnessed probably one of the finest teams to win the old NL in 1980 virtually all home grown. Nobody would have predicted what has now happened but mistakes were made.
  5. GWC

    Kent vs Plymouth

    I do and many years of following Rye has probably brought about that distortion!!
  6. GWC

    Kent vs Plymouth

    Paying public short changed again tonight. No doubt Silver will have his excuses lined up ready for any verbal challenge to his promoting skills.
  7. Am I right in thinking the last GB team test was against Denmark in 2004?
  8. GWC

    Ipswich 2018

    That’s why we need one league !
  9. Do what Len did at Rye House and move in a few caravans and take up residence!
  10. Are you saying that they need 15 clubs to form a new league?
  11. Not sure if you are being serious or not! Speedway only would lose a fortune whereas the real estate is worth millions to developers. Its another warning to all stadiums of this type be it greyhounds or motor sports stadia the pressure of land value and residential requirement is now too great for some to ignore.
  12. GWC

    Kent v Eastbourne 30/07

    Appears we have a differing sense of purpose Richard.
  13. And was the racing better, big names don’t necessarily mean it’s better racing.
  14. GWC

    What is going on at Eastbourne.

    Unless you are a Premier league football signing of course!
  15. GWC

    Kent v Eastbourne 30/07

    I was there and incidents were racing accidents. The 4th bend claimed both crashes where riders attempted to squeeze through on the inside but both Edwards and then Brennan collided with Stoneman, the second incident quite alarming. Something that seems to be the norm these days is riders not checking on one another when involved in these high speed crashes. On this occasion track staff reminding the rider able to walk away in no uncertain terms the he should go and check on the rider in the fence. Lots of atmosphere and a throw back to past Eastbourne encounters I fondly remember!

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