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  1. And have fallen out of love with motorcycle racing and see no reason to patronise delapadated arenas (BV excepted) Inf: more than 30 million people play computer games.
  2. GWC


    I have long followed speedway from the bike in the back of the boot days and stopped going in the mid 80’s. On my return in 2004 I couldn’t believe how more professional the sport had become with vans mechanics and 2 bikes for each rider. That mirrored our society then with greater wealth per person. Sponsors were happy to invest in riders and teams as times were good. Then came the crash in 2008 money tight sponsors disappear and speedway in my opinion has been on the decline since. The sport needs a backer for all the leagues but all we have is BT in the Premiership. A few thousand pounds going to every club in the lower leagues would probably make a world of difference. If those clubs then give it to the riders in higher wages then we’re back where we started! A free for all system doesn’t work so restraint needs implementing.
  3. GWC

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    In retrospect the gap has always been huge. Going back to 2005 Steve Boxall was a 10 point NL rider and a 3 in the PL (Championship) as was Matt Wethers. Both had opportunity to move up with their respective clubs. Its really how much opportunity they are given and more importantly encouragement, backing (cash) and a bit of talent of course.
  4. NKI with 5 points very poor for some reason. His performance in Poland for Torun was much better than that!
  5. GWC

    Poole 2018

    BSI can probably afford it and reuse the shale once a month. Unfortunutely UK speedway can’t.
  6. GWC

    Plymouth 2018

    Who will be replacing Adam?
  7. GWC

    The top ten NL riders.?

    Hopefully the majority will be full time Championship riders next season!
  8. GWC


    A lot of common sense talked in this topic so if we the supporters can see it why are the owners not able to grasp the issues. I’ve witnessed all 3 leagues this season and see a decline in attendances. I was talking to an associate of a club (NL) and like me he agrees the decline is accelerating at an alarming rate. However much the bspa try to talk it up the product has to be priced according to what promotions can afford. If the riders are killing the sport then it’s time to tell them some home truths. As mentioned the NL should be semi pro at best.
  9. GWC

    Rye House 2018

    RIP Kelvin Mullarkey - saw him from a real rough diamond to become one of the best team men in speedway. Loyal to the end.
  10. GWC

    Poole 2018

    Cheap shale causing the problems by the sound of it as Somerset have had track problems too. The higher up the leagues you go the better the track needs to be but expenses cut to pay riders?
  11. GWC

    Rye House 2018

    Thanks for that splendid accolade! Losing Kennett has probably seen off Rye’s season now especially at home. Roll on next season when we hopefully will be back in the Championship.
  12. GWC

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    IF Hopwood lives in the north then it makes sense for him to ride there. Alfie If signed would do an excellent job.
  13. GWC

    Birmingham 2018

    The haves and the have nots will always be the case. In the past promoters would have gentlemen’s agreements about who ride where and avoid an imbalance but it still occurred. I agree that Eastbourne and Birmingham have vested interests in running challenging teams as probably Lakeside would do if they were still in this league. I see Kent as having the right balance and say good luck to Mildenhall who have harvested an exceptional group of talented riders.
  14. GWC


    Bang on and an amalgamation of Prem and Champ will be necessary. Thee will be a big difference in strength between the top riders and second string and then reserves in each team but it will give opportunities. I would advocate changing the race order to give more balance to the heats - it’s been done before. Averages will go haywire but that’s a small price to pay.

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