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  1. GWC

    Eastbourne 2020

    Same thing happened at Rye House as soon as Silver left the place fell apart and has now gone. The loss of John Cook must have impacted the place as well.
  2. Was there a fear of rain as the track was way too dusty for enjoyment. The NDL tracks were far more heavier than that last night as I recall.
  3. It’s probably what speedway needs - less speed and more overtaking. Great when it’s not someone on your team I guess! Maybe that’s why racing was better in the ’old days’ as riders were more inconsistent and machinery unreliable.
  4. Is the Peterborough team any worse than Sheffield’s ? Of course it isn’t. It’s the system of the current averages being meaningless when you have a rider being able to take 7 rides. Totally different when you had teams built on strong heat leaders and your 3 or 4 point riders were a reserve (Elite league some years ago) We don't have that luxury any more. Teams in this league are more or less similar in ability now. Harris for instance hasn’t suddenly become a poor rider, but for the sake of a few decimal points he gets 7 rides.
  5. Track prepared to deal with the heat and not to balloon dust. As commented modern speedway is speed and the guy with the fastest bike normally wins. As most riders have similar equipment the only way you will get passing if someone makes a mistake and on a track like Sheffield where it’s open the throttle full and blast it, then that ain’t going to happen. Batchelor shouldn’t be riding at number 1 but the averages demand he does. I can’t see how averages make any relevance to teams in this league when the standard has fallen so far. Harris at reserve is an example of the system being wrong and allowing 7 rides makes no sense.
  6. I don’t think so as track record and slowest time 58 secs - that looks like the quickest track ever at Peterborough.
  7. GWC

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Agreed watching on tv Wells Heeps and poor Mountain were wobbling all over the place and seems to give no home advantage. The quality of riders now in the Prem are not suited to ultra grippy tracks.
  8. GWC

    Wolves Closure

    Alas the days of doing this in U.K. have gone as we don’t have the riders to attract people. In the 70’s it was easy and promoters made a fortune but our current rider stock is average to say the least. Try and bring riders from overseas and the appearance money would be eye watering!
  9. GWC

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    In the current climate perhaps they couldn’t afford those riders
  10. Running the NDL as a professional league isn’t viable for most tracks. It should be expenses only - but then most of the riders wouldn’t compete I guess.
  11. GWC

    Wolves Closure

    All had to produce a negative test I understand
  12. GWC

    KENT v EASTBOURNE May 31st

    Len has always treated the NDL as a training league - yes he likes winners but as I know from Rye House days it was about giving young riders track time and their development.
  13. GWC

    Breakaway League

    Maybe so but the bspl will outlaw and ban any rider who rides on a track not under their control. It happened back in the early 60’s when Mike Parker set up the Provincial league without authorisation from the then National league promoters. Riders were blacklisted and a closed shop then but as it turned out it was the saving of speedway when both leagues combined in 1965.
  14. GWC

    Breakaway League

    If non league tracks want to continue their existence then surely they should be allowed to operate under an open licence. It used to happen in the days of Rye House Eastbourne Plymouth before they moved into or back to league racing.
  15. GWC

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    There are specialist insurers (I used to work for one) who would happily insure equipment like this. The premium isn’t much either. It might get a bit more difficult once you have claims of vandalism so, as you say, the premium becomes unreasonable.

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