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  1. Marky_Mark


    What happened to Lewis Bridger? Thought he was arriving by helicopter
  2. Quick guys, reply here. Save Brendan!!
  3. Marky_Mark

    George Joins The Injury List

    Ah bad news, sorry to hear that. Hope it heals very soon
  4. Bad luck with the bike george, but dont let that dissapoint you too much. What a great opportunity just to be there and ride in such a big stadium, some riders can only dream.
  5. Can anyone tell me when the junior world cup takes place and where to? Cant find any info anywhere. Also who do you think will join the great britain team to replace the injured James Wright? Great Britian (In no particular order) 1. Ed Kennett 2. Chris Schramm 3. Danny King 4. Richard Hall 5. (Replacement for James Wright) Have any other teams named their line ups?
  6. Marky_Mark

    Junior World Cup

    Ok, answered my own question! Also there will be a Junior (Under-21) World Cup in 2005 : 16.05 Semi-Final : Abensberg (Germany) : Germany v Great Britain v Sweden v USA 28.08 Semi-Final : Rybnik (Poland) : Poland v Finland v France v Russia 28.08 Semi-Final : Holsted (Denmark) : Denmark v Australia v Norway v Ukraine 01.10 FINAL : Pardubice (Czech Republic) : Czech Republic v Semi-Final Winners
  7. Marky_Mark

    GP Pay Rates

    I don't actually think you'd lose that many riders from Britain, but even if we lost all the SGP riders, I think it's a price worth paying to have a credible domestic competition again. In reality, I think such action might force a compromise - such as a limited number of GPs (say six) during the season, a percentage of the SGP income (when it reaches a certain level) going to the leagues providing the riders, and no arbitrary arranging of cancelled GPs. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry Kev, cant agree there. I would certainly not rather lose all SGP riders, and Im sure the league would be worse off with their absence. I do completely agree with you that the British league should not be inconvenienced either, my only answer to it is to run each week as normal and when GP riders are away you will simply have to run without them. As I said earlier on, I would rather have GP riders missing a few of my teams meetings than not seeing them at all.
  8. Marky_Mark

    GP Pay Rates

    Some vaild points there Kevin, but I think that the only real option is for a change of race night. I think that Eastbourne are already considering running on a different night to Saturday for example. They wont go back to a one off final and so GP's will continue to run, and squad systems wont make too much difference as you are saying that its cheating the public to run without the GP riders. Personally I would rather watch a few meetings each season without the GP riders than not see them here at all, which would inevitably happen if you forced riders to choose between the two. Sure you may have one or two that opt to pull out but most of them could still earn good money riding GP's, Sweden and Poland.
  9. Marky_Mark

    GP Pay Rates

    Sorry Kev, not completely understanding your question. But if you're asking what British speedway gets from the GP's? - The fact that people see it on the TV and want to go and watch it live at their local track - It cant be denied that the top riders attract extra people through the turnstiles, people want to see the current world champ riding on their track. Of course I,m not talking about regular supporters, as we will go to every meeting regardless but new people coming into the sport. As for domestic competitions, as far as Im concerned the GP didnt affect them too badly this season? There were no GP rider restrictions this year and yet most teams managed to get their weekly meetings on during a GP week. In fact some teams (Eastbourne) just ran without their GP riders.
  10. Marky_Mark

    GP Pay Rates

    I think that you're all kind of missing the fact that being in the GP's is also absolutely vital to pick up your big sponsorship. Its a lot easier to attract the big payers with the television coverage provided by the Grand Prix series.

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