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  1. Mr Bump

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    It was an item on the speedway GP website. He’s earning good money working down the mines in Aussie and was considering giving all speedway a miss this year
  2. Mr Bump

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    Recent articles suggest he feels he would be better off financially, staying in Australia for the rest of the year.
  3. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Bigger crowds came to earlier starts in 2019 & it’s better for families too. Might also save a few quid on the leccy bill I guess
  4. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2020

    New start time of 7pm for meetings this season
  5. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Anyone know if Mr.Hemsley is still the landlord? His company Leicester Speedway Limited was dissolved back in the summer
  6. Mr Bump

    Poole Pirates 2020

  7. Mr Bump

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Unless Hancock turns out to be the big surprise signing I see no signs of a Revolution in the Wolves side for next year. However A day in the Life of your average Wolves fan may not be all gloom, with a shrewd signing or two a nice side may just Come Together after all. Already got my coat
  8. Mr Bump

    bandits 2020

    Hey, come on, Hold Me Now is a 80’s classic
  9. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Absolutely. Squeeze Jason Doyle in there too. Tis only a challenge match after all
  10. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Certainly like the idea of a challenge match against Sheffield. Pedersen would be a great draw. Let’s hope the owners make it so
  11. Mr Bump

    Sheffield 2020

    Sure he will. Might put some of his fellow riders bums on the deck too with that considerate riding style he has
  12. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Hey, no worries, owt I’ve posted on here about next years team is just purely an uneducated guess
  13. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Fits easy with Proctor instead of Howarth. Reckon Joe Thompson will join the team come late April
  14. Mr Bump

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Don’t worry it’s all lost in translation. He’s coming over next season just to show his face with a view to getting something permanent in 2021. Nowt more than that

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