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  1. Mr Bump

    Lions v Tigers 04/08

    I know it’s John Titman
  2. Dakota Ballantyne, young lad from Australia
  3. Mr Bump

    Leicester Vs Redcar 29/06/19

    Spot on. Don’t think I’ve ever seen any rider go into the third bend carrying that much speed. Not really sure what he was trying to achieve so early on in the race either.
  4. Mr Bump

    Swindon 2019

    I ain’t the foggiest about regulations but it says on Leicester’s Twitter feed he’ll be riding in all 3 leagues. Which this being British Speedway probably means he actually can’t.
  5. Mr Bump

    Leicester v Eastbourne 04.05.19

    Says he’ll be back for our next meeting which is good news.
  6. Mr Bump

    Leicester v Eastbourne 04.05.19

    Kyle Howarth guests in place of Ryan Douglas on Saturday
  7. Mr Bump

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Interestingly it says a new date for the championship fixture is also to be postponed
  8. Spot on. It wasn’t bad, wasn’t that great either. An improvement on the previous week.
  9. Think Sheffield in a couple of weeks will be a much closer match. Happy enough with what I’ve seen so far, definite improvement in the track last night. Enjoyed the new style parade too. A season of winning most home meetings is something we’ve lacked for so long. Fingers crossed.
  10. I live about 10 miles south of the stadium, was dry until 6pm then rained pretty heavy til about 9. Dry now & forecast is decent for tomorrow so should be all systems go.
  11. Mr Bump

    Leicester NL 2019

    It’s £12 for adults & £10 concessions
  12. The picture on my previously unwatchable feed has improved massively in the last 5 minutes. It’s half decent now
  13. Mr Bump

    Leicester 2019

    I agree, big average though. Doesn’t leave much to play with
  14. Mr Bump

    Leicester 2019

    A “brand new signing” to be unveiled Thursday morning. Who can it be?
  15. Mr Bump

    Leicester 2019

    All is not lost. This apparently is semi final 1. 4 more names to follow next week for voting in semi final 2. Ahem

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