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  1. Have you not visited and viewed the action first hand at Leicester?
  2. Mr Bump

    Leicester V Somerset 03.09.18

    Yep we twigged that one too, based on the big no.5 on his back!! Our ‘presentation’ team sometimes leave a wee bit to be desired
  3. Mr Bump

    Leicester V Somerset 03.09.18

    Is that true?!? I stand on the first bend so couldn't tell from there. Decent race between the two of them though!
  4. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2018

    James Sergeant was signed this season & is a Lions asset. Think Jan Graversen is one too, Peter Ljung also.
  5. Mr.Pearson has just mentioned on live tv that BT sport viewers can indeed see Leicester v Kings Lynn on Monday night. Suppose we’ll have to take his word for it
  6. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Which one of the promotion is Hardy?
  7. Nice to see a fair size crowd in tonight, thought after the recent drubbings it could have been thin on the ground. Track didn’t produce in the way of passing, which after the decent Poole meeting was a shame. Nicholls in heat 13 round the outside was superb though. Anyways we won a bloomin speedway meeting for a change!! Reasons to be cheerful
  8. Belle vue win . Can’t see any other outcome with the team we now have. Really hope I’m proved completely wrong though.
  9. No live meetings on tonight
  10. Mr Bump

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    It’s now David Howe instead of Starke who was instead of Auty. Not only do we change our 1-7 with amazing regularity, we now change our guests within hours too. Oh well.
  11. Mr Bump

    Belle Vue 2018

    We’ll have him. We’ve used just about everybody this season anyway. One more won’t hurt.
  12. Mr Bump

    Leicester Lions 2018

    New averages effective from tomorrow now put Auty at reserve. Serjeant could indeed come back in & we’d still have 1 point to play with overall. Charles Wright was only signed as a 28 day replacement for Danny King so that must be about to end too?. The idea of even more changes though seems almost absurd. We’ve used that many riders we look more like a chuffin’ rugby union team than a speedway team.
  13. Exactly right. The promotion put together a strong side at the start of the season, only to see it decimated by injuries. We’re now not much more than a championship side at best. Stuart Robsons’ chain break 100 yards from the line on a well earned 5-1 sums up our year. On the plus side the extra dirt on the track is producing some decent racing at last. Harris & Nicholls both excellent, Kacper Woryna a real trier. Good buy in Jacobsen too.
  14. Grajczonek listed as riding for Poole on the Leicester website. Either way cannot see anything but another home loss sadly.

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