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  1. 1 valve

    Lions v tigers 11/4/24

    There is a car park at the stadium but gets full pretty quickly if your not there by 6.45 ishAlternative is to still follow the signs to the stadium but park in the shopping complex car park. no charge and four hours limit. We use it all of the time without any problems.Then follow folk to the stadium which is about a 10 minute walk.Enjoy.
  2. 1 valve

    Lions v tigers 11/4/24

    There is a car park at the stadium but gets full pretty quickly if your not there by 6.45 ish Alternative is to still follow the signs to the stadium but park in the shopping complex car park. no charge and four hours limit. We use it all of the time without any problems. Then follow folk to the stadium which is about a 10 minute walk. Enjoy.
  3. Sports governing bodies refrain from providing details relating to findings from an investigation into match officials preferring to limit information to that which would be clearly visible to the public, such as a change of the scheduled match official. This is very much along the lines of disciplinary procedures in the workplace. To be fair to the SCB, they did promptly communicate publicly that the referees actions were to be investigated and subsequently provided the follow up to say that the matter had been dealt with. As part of the hearing, the incident(s) would have been reviewed together with the referee. After due deliberation, the panel would have informed the referee of his mistakes and what the correct course of action/decisions he should have taken. He would also have been given follow up work in terms of revision of rules and procedures etc. The one match ban would be the next match he was listed to officiate which would also provide the time for him to complete his corrective actions. There will also be follow up sessions planned to evaluate the referees performance in future meetings.
  4. Good to hear. after all without a referee, there would be no racing.
  5. They are paid a match fee and traveling expenses that are reimbursed on a pence per mile basis. However, Both categories would accurately come under the term "modest".
  6. 1 valve


    Poor weather forecast, Fans unlikely to see 15 heats, A track not conducive to racing on (via riders from each team). But I would agree to run it to get a fixture out of the way given I was already too late to avoid paying riders travel, stadium & other operating costs.
  7. 1 valve


    A perfect track is not required to produce the type of excellent, entertaining racing regularly seen at BV. But realistically, last night, all things considered the shop should have stayed closed on this occasion.
  8. 1 valve


    During the early races Rory was doing his best to remain positive about the racing “improving as track conditions improved”. Then the rain came. Consequently, Rory was quite right with his comments. The track, with racing on it being questionable from the off soon became barely rideable at all thus illustrating how questionable it was to start the meeting in the first place. The best thing to come out of to the meeting was the riders remained fit. The worst thing? A bore fest & riders preferring to preserve their skins for the remainder of the season. A bad advert for speedway. So most probably a good thing not many folk there to watch it!
  9. 1 valve

    Swindon Stadium

    Those owners who eventually sold up, by & large, did so after many years of owning, developing & maintaining the facility whilst ensuring as best as possible, a competitive team was put together. Osborne, on the other hand has an undeniable history of acquiring stadiums/clubs and running both into the ground with little or no investment in either before selling off for development. The message is clear, When Osbourne comes calling, so does the Grim Reaper.
  10. Very wet in Leicester - Hope Ipswich weather looking more positive?
  11. 1 valve

    Brummies 2024...

    Not true. Premier clubs have Monday as an alternative race night - next Monday Leicester v Ipswich ko cup and remember, Monday is TV night for speedway when it’s on.
  12. 1 valve

    Brandon Update

    More than likely speedway alone would not be able to provide the necessary financial resource to support any form of worthwhile development. The answer is more likely along the lines of BE being a partner in developing the site as a National Motor Sport facility with funding being provided by the combined financial involvement from the likes of various motor sport governing bodies, Local Authorities, National lottery and private/commercial enterprises, leading to BE exiting the partnership at some reagreed stage having made an acceptable profit.
  13. Value for money can only be calculated when compared with the next best alternative. You mention the prices of Discovery & Eurosport, but they weren't showing the meeting. The only alternatives to choose from were to go to the actual meeting, watch via BSN or give it a miss. No doubt live speedway is (on most occasions) the best alternative for the actual experience, however, the lowest out of pocket cost for two adults to attend would have been around £50.00 whereas via BSN it was £15.00. So for "value for money" comparison. The choices for 2 adults were, a) attend the live meeting for £50.00, b)stream the event for £15.00 or indeed C)£0.00 to do neither.
  14. 1 valve

    Brandon Update

    Maybe, rather than continuing to regard Brandon Estates as the enemy, time now for all vested parties to work together with the aim of forming a resolution to the current stalemate. One route could be to explore how Brandon Estates could partake with others in creating/developing/building a "National Motor sports Arena" to accommodate such sports, Speedway, Stox, Go-kart's, MotoX, Drifting and stunt events etc. Maximising utilisation of the facility would be based on regular events for the paying public to attend as well as training and experience based events across most if not all of the sports featured. lots of hoops to jump through, but maybe this suggestion is worth considering?

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