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  1. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    LCFC T shirts celebrate winning 2021 FA cup. Tour T’s reflect current tour of band. unfortunately COVID wiped out the opportunity Lions had to cash in with Merch. Frankly doing something now would appear out of date from the off - unless of course the year was not actually included.
  2. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Is ZK still in Australia or already in the UK. If he needs a work permit isn't it the case an applicant cant come into the country until the permit has been issued?
  3. 1 valve

    Club Assets

    The player receives all of the money which they pay tax on. So Stokes would have netted circa £800k.
  4. Absolutely. Ironic he’s a Lions asset. Any chance of a trade swapping him for Proctor? (I know, “Dream on”)
  5. 1 valve

    Wolves Closure

    The Stadium owners were not the Leicester promoters. The owners were strongly linked to Coventry speedway.
  6. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    There are zero issues with the twins - both have increased their averages as heat leaders in NDL (second stringers in 2019) and this is their first year in the championship where they are outscoring their allocated average to such an extent that if (say)the other 5 riders improved by the same percentage the Lions would be scoring close to 50 points every meeting. At the moment Bates and proctor are not riding as expected and clearly from comments made by the management and NM it is something that all concerned are aware of. However, first things first and give the riders a chance to get back into the groove after a long layoff from racing and deliver what is expected of them, especially at home. making any changes after three meetings (two away) is way too soon whilst three home meetings would be a better base to make longer term judgments if needed.
  7. 1 valve

    Wolves Closure

    What is the drop in attendance v normal times and is the numbers allowed less than the average attendance of 2019? looking at the crowd on TV it looked no different than recent years before Covid (was the bar/restaurant empty?) though didn't appear social distancing was being strictly followed. Maybe instead of using just the main stand the crowd could be spread across the back straight? Also maybe the riders could take a reduction in pay whilst the restrictions last / extended. Could be that Wolves have managed to survive these past few years and the Covid situation is the final straw/good excuse to finally call it a day.
  8. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Self induced. Locked up on turn 1 and his foot rest caught the ground resulting in a high-side.
  9. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    The only choice is pay £26. and decide if you want to watch one or two matches.
  10. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Regarding the arrangements for using tickets from the postponed meeting v Edinburgh I note that the ticket office information on the website says. “Fans will need to present the Paypal receipt for the postponed Edinburgh fixture (either printed or on mobile) at the Ticket Office and they will be issued with appropriate paper admission tickets. however the website says All tickets for the 2021 season MUST be purchased online via our website in advance of the meeting. So I am confused how this will work, in particular is there a cut off time to redeem tickets (currently I believe it’s around midday on the day of the meeting) and where the ticket office is and when is it open? Any insight would be greatly appreciated
  11. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Unfortunately many fans may feel the same way and "leave it". Much better would have been for the promoters to charge an additional £4 (adult) which more than likely would have been more acceptable and thus create a higher attendance.
  12. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I understand leverage. But, Insurance is per fixture (not day) so too referees & medical cover. There is no saving on stadium rental due to cost of one annual lease. Car parking is free. Most of the match day staffing is voluntary so no savings on “no cost”. This particular fixture is hopefully an exception and needs to remain so as £52.00 for two people to see what they want to see - first team racing is too high.
  13. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Well the question has been asked. Let’s see if anybody associated with the promotion provides an answer.
  14. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Ask the promoters “what?” Exactly?
  15. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Why the need for a double header in the first place? £18 for a Lions fixture one week & £16 another week for the Cubs when the seniors are not at home would be more palatable & affordable. Please don’t lay the future of speedway at the feet of supporters, that is the responsibility of promoters to make what they offer desirable to the paying public who will then make their choice and pay up or stay away accordingly.

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