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  1. With the signing of Starke it has to make Oxford favourites .
  2. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    Someone who is currently at another club but is being released in early July. Deal is already done with Leicester & his Lions race suit has been ordered but there is no rush to announce the rider because Lions have no match after Oxford on Wednesday until 16th July.
  3. Connor Coles may have been announced on 8th June but he had already agreed to sign for Scunthorpe on 2nd June. He guested vs Redcar because they couldn’t redeclare in time & he was then announced as a signing. The idea of NDL is to develop BRITISH young riders regardless of where the come from or wether they are connected to other clubs or not growing up. Leicester run NDL because they are one of the few that are able to , nobody from the club has ever said its a direct feeder for the Lions. Merely with the chance to develop one of them may become a Lion of the future. Say we put Tom Spencer in on Saturday . He fails to score & we lost 44-46 . Fans would be going mad asking why we didn’t get the best possible guest (Jason Edwards) to give us the best possible chance of winning.
  4. Lenny Lion

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    What a cock the guy is on the updates. His banter is terrible . Clearly think’s he is funny when he isn’t. He is just as bad on Scorpions TV when he just spends 15 races abusing the riders & fans of their opposition .
  5. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    But come 1/7/22 Rowe’s average will actually go up marginally to over 4.00 which will allow them to bring in their young rider from Australia .
  6. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    We do not want Bickley . He is the most over rated speedway rider in the UK closely followed by Jordan Palin.
  7. Lenny Lion


    To be fair Rob Grant said there would be changes for the Leicester match & he isn’t lying . The change is Kyle Howarth is not guesting at no 1 he is going to ride against Newcastle instead
  8. THIS MEETING IS NOW OFF !!! Due to poor weather forecast in Leicester for tomorrow. http://www.leicesterspeedway.com/_mobile/news.php?extend.31955.1
  9. According to the Leicester website Leicester are using Jason Edwards
  10. I merely asked the question because you said Leicester was not conductive to junior racing which i fail to understand how you can make that statement without actually ever watching a NDL meeting. These guys are not freshly starting out & can’t turn the bike they are all comfortable on a bike , admittedly the race times are maybe 2 or 3 seconds slower but for me the racing is closer, some of the better racing I have seen at Leicester so far in 2022 has been NDL because the teams are more even. Its also good to see the progress in riders like Mickie Simpson who may never make it to the top but the sport needs riders like Mickie who is 18 & could go onto be the next Simon Lambert.Sunday will cost you an extra £4 for 15 races which to me is a fair price for people like yourself who have never watched an NDL meeting. All i say stay give it ago , if you don’t like it then all you have lost is the cost of one of the horse burgers from the food wagon. As for the running of the meeting hopefully they will get on with it ….. but this is Leicester.
  11. Have you actually been to a cubs meeting ? For someone who has “ no interest “ in junior racing but seems to know what the NDL meetings have been like at Leicester in 2022.
  12. Whilst I am not against double header meetings I do feel clubs should agree on a mutual entrance fee. £24 at Berwick Saturday £22 at Leicester Sunday @iainb we are talking about £4 extra for 15 races which will be good racing because Berwick Bullets are the strongest team on paper & our cubs havr been doing brilliant so it will be close.
  13. Judging by body language on the track walk & appeared lack of effort on track I don’t think he wants to race British Speedway. I think he is happy living in Poland racing for Gorzow . Which he has done since being “ ill” Dropped by Ipswich & Leicester tried to replace him but had no success . He won’t be around for much longer.
  14. Lenny Lion

    27/28 May - Scunny v Leicester KOC

    Thats because Dan usually beats their golden boy & the saviour of British Speedway Jordan Palin. I have never seen anyone over hyped since ……… Kyle Bickley
  15. Lenny Lion

    27/28 May - Scunny v Leicester KOC

    It is a typo Joe’s average is incorrect for Friday’s meeting it is 4.29 for both matches .

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