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  1. Lefty

    Somerset 2020

    Better get Don Quixote in to shift them then?
  2. Lefty

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Haven't seen anything. Presume something will appear after Boris gives the green light tomorrow for May 17th start. Speculation as to the line up would be limited as only Wolves and P'borough from the PL are not riding on the 17th. One of my chums suggested our riders might have to guest at either BV vs Sheffield or the K.Lynn vs Ipswich meetings.
  3. Lefty


    Well crafted, a nice comfortable read. The political link was one I hadn't considered before. Thank you for the link.
  4. Proven formula. Age 100, Get the Nations Heart: Could be #1 in the Singles Chart soon!
  5. Lefty


    I started a new business. A Chicken Dating agency. But it failed. It was a struggle to make Hens meet.
  6. Looking at the club Web site it shows admission prices as '2020'. Any chance of updating to '2021' and consider adding update to follow if appropriate. It's time to think of the customer: 1) if it's likely to be your highest attended league fixture and crowd number restrictions could leave disappointed fans then move the fixture. 2) A 50p ticket administration charge is shown for each ticket. This to me is another classic way of pi**ing off the majority of fans who want to turn up and pay on the day, but still have respect and understanding of Covid issues. It's time to respect you customer. A fan who misses one meeting finds it easier to miss more... especially after this time period of shutdown.
  7. Will the cancellation of the 2021 Cardiff GP impact the staging of this meeting?
  8. Too far from Poland
  9. Good call. I had a look at the website and the only event shown is a Rammstein concert on 16 June 21. But looking at the news option, latest 21 March 2021, it says Rammstein is now put back to 30 June 2022.
  10. Lefty

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Fair call. You could qualify for a reduction if your christian name begins with 'J' and your surname begins with a 'B'. I presume it's in the 2021 Uri Geller rule book ammendment?
  11. Lefty


    Same here..... and all copies pushed through the letter box. Royal Mail postie delivered other stuff just after 2pm.
  12. Lefty

    Quick Update...

    Not from my view point. By contributing one is always open to criticism. The maxim is attack the post not the poster. We can all be guilty of building a picture up of someone that we never know if its accurate or a mis judgement. Jab #1 can hurt... but I still want Jab #2 PS: I like Marmite!
  13. Can it be three meeting on the same night?
  14. Lefty

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Could Poole use Swindon''s executive back-straight facility on loan for the season?
  15. Lefty

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Ha ha.... how long have the first bend toilet facilities been shut?

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