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  1. Mike0310

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Harry will be fine his pace was there it’s just getting out the gate once he sorts that he will be ok I applaud Gary for giving him a fourth ride and I’m pretty confident he will get the points they want from him.
  2. I am totally not a Poole fan but it’s true get a grip people if it’s chucking it down why would 1 would you want to stand there and watch it and 2 would you want a rider to get hurt of course you wouldn’t it was the right decision and it means you get another meeting when it’s hopefully a fine day.
  3. Mike0310

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Everyone is entitled to there opinion that’s what sites like this are for I disagree but as I say that’s just my opinion and I respect yours.
  4. Mike0310

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Including the Berwick riders
  5. Mike0310

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Totally disagree with that if the track was that bad the pass bomber did on Hans Andersen would never of been possible and I’m not hearing anyone else complaining.
  6. Mike0310

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Really good meeting tonight some good passing especially by bomber Plymouth did deserve the win but Berwick did there best and it takes 2 teams to make it a good spectacle,I’m a happy camper as it’s another 3 points in the bag.
  7. Us speedway fans are a fickle bunch and I include myself in that well done Sedgmen
  8. Mike0310

    Plymouth 2022

    I no Plymouth are my club but if that’s the best we can put out don’t bother a team with 5 riders is beating us by 21 points after 7 heats not good enough mr Bates not good enough at all Plymouth speedway are on the up a seven like that put out today is not good enough I’ve never even heard of colley you’d have been better off riding yourself I excuse young Ben from this rant. I never expected a victory but not this arse whipping.
  9. And me but fair play still think he should be able to hold a place in the top 5 of the team though.
  10. Spot Oh your right there about it being a cartel led by said chairman one rule for one and one for another independent people with no allegiance to any club should be running the sport you never no they might come up with some fresh ideas .
  11. Mark Phillips and Gary may said they have tried 16 different riders but they don’t want to ride here due to various reasons some being the sky high costs of visas others due to the costs of setting up here so what do you do one rider they did have lined up was turned down by the bspa I believe ,I can’t confirm why but if the reasons I have heard are true then the authorities need a long look at themselves.
  12. Mike0310

    Plymouth v Oxford 10/05

    Great win hope we can keep it going still love seeing Nicholls great rider at this level.
  13. Mike0310

    Plymouth v Oxford 10/05

    Hope your right:
  14. Mike0310

    Plymouth v Oxford 10/05

    Tight very tight
  15. Well done Glasgow an 8 point loss with 2 riders not scoring isn’t that bad.but you won we didn’t and good luck to you

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