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  1. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I know it’s swindon fans on a wind up but it’s worked! It’s wound me up! That night was brutal. Presenter silence too as the presenter quit. So we headed towards the pits to try and work out what was going on. Didn’t batchelor sulk and almost go home this season until talked out of it at Swindon?The arm injury was a bloody convenience that night. Him and his arrogant rock star premadona friend lost half a seasons earnings because of it and good job. After that we had a weak team but the hardcore fans that were turning up seemed happy they were gone. Imagine having that. The rider that was signed as the beginning of something special turned into the top rider you were just happy to see the back of. It put more responsibility on lambert and I think he grew with that. Loving this years team. It’s a shame speedway is speedway and we will have to lose a few of them.
  2. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    niels stuck around until home time. Batch left the track before the meeting was over. Bit different. Maybe 1 has a better character than the other too. Holders our main rival anyway. Batchelor was just his b*tch. Hope you get the pair of them riding for you next season though! Imagine the toys being thrown out of the pram it it was around this years track. . . . Then you would understand why the pair of them are so unpopular here.
  3. troy is a pantomime villain at lynn. You say things in the press like he did early season then the fuse is lit. Only takes a 50/50 to make things kick off. It’s not hooliganism really. it’s passion and that’s what speedway in this country lacks. I see it as firstbend bunching but 50% of it was a trouble maker who decided to walk out on us with his rock star friend. Ruined our 2017 season. So shouting abuse is fair game. We are allowed to have villain riders. Made last nights meeting worth it
  4. Proud of our boys! Tonight could have been so different though. If Niels redamaged the knee and lambert didn’t get up! Awesome ending!
  5. 1st bend bunching but lynch him regardless I recon.
  6. Danny Connor

    Leon Madsen

    That’s a shame though as the point of a world championship is to have the best in the world. They should u-turn ?
  7. Danny Connor

    Leon Madsen

    Hard to look past him now. He 100% should get 1. If Chris holder gets in again over him it will be an outrage. He deserves it. Ahead of Pedersen, Lambert, Jack holder and max fricke.
  8. Danny Connor

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    So we agree then!!!! Middle league is too strong. Stop top riders riding in it and their positions can be filled by the draft system! Keep 7 man teams though. Ive said it before but the biggest problem rider strength wise started with both the double up and the changing of the conversion rate away from 50%. it opened the door for riders over the Ave of 6.00 to fit into team building plans.
  9. Danny Connor

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    Lynn is good too. I was going to say I think it’s still viable at some tracks. the speedway star is bitter over track closures and rightfully so. I feel as the Coventry closure probably causes then a few hundred copies. Now lakeside too. I don’t think support is dwindling at all tracks and encouragingly at lynn when we did have a low low there was still a decent hardcore at lynn who still turned up regardless. But we will pander to the weak. Dilute the product and keep the attendance cost the same and not advertise properly at some tracks and scratch our heads wondering why it’s all going wrong. 6 rider teams in 1league won’t solve that. Id keep the current system for another year. And would only dilute the middle tier by about 5 points but reflect that in admission charges. maybe bring in the reserve draft at that level. As that’s where I’m hearing most teams are struggling. Rye house were in the wrong league with over enthusiastic promoters who lost interest so that don’t count.
  10. In the year of coming on the forum the opinions of a few on the forum oftten seem quite detached from the people who actually go to the track! The riders seem to like riding for dale so the odd mistake or not who cares. Id argue there is more chance of the likes of lambert/riss/niels/jorgensen etc wanting to ride for us in future while he is in charge! Vocal Minority
  11. Sport is about winning mate. But there is a happy medium earlier in a league season.. However at this point of the season I hope we plough it up deep. Intimidate the opposition and get 10 points up in the 1st 4/5 races. No point setting yourself up to fail at this point. Or neutral venue 1 leg in the track that’s been voted track of the year. But no big attendances to reward the extra points money the successful teams have to pay. Would be a better spectical though.
  12. Danny Connor

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    Same track for everybody. At least we know what we could expect there now if we were to meet them in the playoffs
  13. It’s not all doom and gloom. More admittance, fuel, program and drink money saved and I prefer speedway this time of year too. The more important meetings feel closer to the playoffs. I’d say a few lions fans (mad ones) could be tempted to it too rather than 2ce in 2 weeks. I’m what I consider part of the hardcore but meetings vs that team 2 weeks on the trot feels like a chore! Best do it in 1 night of 30 races at a discount! But don’t let the positives ruin your guys negativity! The price of fuel is high, the nights are getting longer and the creases on your foreheads are getting deeper and more plentiful. Blame buster for all life’s ills =p
  14. Danny Connor

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem B. 1st August 2018

    If 5 riders drop their average by just 0.10 then a team has 0.50 extra to play with and their opponents probably would gain that too. So it’s almost 1 whole point in team building between 2 teams. 1 meeting does make a difference even on a rolling system. however Brady does seem genuinely frustrated. I’m sure it’s hard to implement anyway because riders are riding for money, they do want to earn and all monies from club to rider is accountable. If a rider is being bunged to manipulate his average then surely that’s the equivalent of spot fixing in cricket and that can lead to jail time (correct me if I’m wrong). People bet on speedway. I have Poole to lose by 10 and they lose by more through average manipulation then that’s not cool. It’s hyperthetical I know though but just thinking it through.
  15. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    It was a different Poole performance to a few weeks back. Maybe average lowering for next season? Or your boys have lost heart? I don’t understand how a team can perform so different. For the 1st half of the meeting it looked like pros vs amatures. I still wouldn’t choose Poole in the playoffs though. no gloating though. Still a long way to go

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