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  1. Danny Connor

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    If there is any chance of copying speedway promoter 2002 please contact me! Mine corrupted and I've been looking for it for a few years now!
  2. Danny Connor

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I'd go to speedway if it was on tonight and the lockdown wasn't in force. I'd probably wear gloves, maybe overclothes too. keep a distance where possible. strip overclothes before getting in the car. Sanitize. Shower straight after the meeting. I'm out there working currently as it is and doing most of these things. At the end of the day before I get in my car I do most of these things. It's almost routine now. It's almost normal. With common sense we could do things. There's just a lot of dumb people out there. And those dumb people will mean it will be very unlikely to get back to normal anytime soon. If it's before June I'll be astonished. Just to clarify dumb. I mean people getting within 2 meters. not washing their hands. Paying with cash. Not wearing gloves at petrol pumps. Smoking (but that's a separate issue). Not covering their faces when they cough.
  3. Danny Connor

    Speedway Challenge Game PC

    Whilst we are on games. Does anybody have the speedway promoter 2003, (I think) floppy disc. Mine corrupted
  4. I was too young for this didn't know the sport existed until 27 after this! I wasn't born until 12 years after! It's an.outrage and a robery!
  5. I think they should re run the 1973 world final?!
  6. That crowd. Blimey!
  7. Post a heat of speedway off YouTube etc! Doesn't have to be a clasic. Don't give away the result of that race! If we want to know, we'll have to watch it (unless obvious). No more than 1 heat though! Keep it short and sweet! Just an idea to pass the time!
  8. Danny Connor

    Corona virus

    It's not sustainable financially but delaying it enough will allow more people to be treated because more beds and nebulisers will be freed up. Less people will needlessly die and medical scientists will have longer to work out the best medicines to treat the symptoms. People have to continue getting this but it needs to be controlled like a tap. It sucks though because we will all be paying the financial burden of this for generations.
  9. As a milky we are beavering away. I act as if I'm already infected if that makes sense. I've been wearing gloves and changing them regularly (not don't this before) Washing hands where possible. Moving fast and keeping my distance. No talking to people. If I could get a mask I'd use 1 for the protection of others just in case. But somebody probably had 500 in a cupboard earmarked for ebay. In a few weeks time there will be mass casualties and people we may know dying without a goodbye and without a funeral. There will be TV helicopters following the convoys of dead body's as the country mourns. That's not scare mongering. It's very real. So I guess I've come to terms with.that in my own head. I'm at peace with the situation. Maybe we all could take that into consideration. That's your mum's, sisters, wives and possibly kids. Hopefully not though but realise it could be. I've made sure if stocks are low my vunerable customers get first dibs. It's not about keeping ourselves safe. Forget about us. It's about not passing anything we may not know we have to healthy or sick people. It's like I'm working in isolation. We should all be considering this .... and if your not there is no reasoning to it. You would be a massive C word
  10. Yes. This 1 last meeting before the forthcoming doom! I really hope it's on.
  11. Danny Connor

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Damn. I'd have gone to that
  12. Danny Connor

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    When was the Erik Riss chat. Last night or next week. I'm a bit behind on speedway news
  13. Danny Connor

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I'm glad actually if it is him because he's enthusiastic in his posts and is clearly a fan. He hasn't been sucked into the negaativity vortex that alot of the people who post on here have! Well done on building your business from nothing! And well done stars for attracting a loyal supporter as a sponsor.
  14. Danny Connor

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Slicker track should mean much better racing if that international was anything to go by. That was a thoroughly entertaining meeting!

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