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  1. It was only Jorgensen and iversen that mattered originally before rose quit. Jorgensen was our first signing before anything was done. And when an iversen wants to ride in the uk for your team you would be mad not to sign him. Young jasper was just a punt. If he missed a few meetings he was easily replaced. Rose quitting has caused the toft problems. There is a positive vibe at lynn at the meetings and the moaners are in the minority. I hope other people who read the forum realise that.
  2. The championship is too strong and the fact they ever get priority over the senior league is also a joke. In this situation Thursday. The 2nd division teams having a power over the top flight teams is a laughable joke. I fancied we would run Swindon close. Now I think we will struggle to hit 40. The cl angers me.if you want good riders then step up or shut up.
  3. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn vs Rye House June 18th

    I thought a decent crowd. Not that far less than usual. Also thought some half decent races but unfortunately it was only 1 team really racing. A good result. Shame rye house didn’t really turn up but Harris and Nichols were competitive in some races. Andersen is struggling. Shame really. Hope he gets it right soon ish. It’s a shame we have to think about replacing him. How many points do we have to play with. Is it just 4 or is there some spare? I’d rather him get it right instead though
  4. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn vs Rye House June 18th

    I’ll be there tonight. Speedway is my sport! Surprised this 1 isn’t televised. Each to their own own I guess with the football. I’m trying to get the buzz for it but it just seems so overhyped. The complete opposite to speedway. only speedway fans knew about the speedway of nations. Nothing mentioned on talksport about our efforts but they Loosely mentioned a rugby challenge match. What does the sport have to do for recognition! On the other hand I hear all sorts football. Much time spent talking about minnow nations. It all just seems wrong. It’s overkill really. I guess somewhere money is king. Football monopolises over all other sports So speedway for me and I think at this point in time our sport needs as many fans as it can get. Stop drinking the Football cool ade and support your team .
  5. Danny Connor

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Stick with it. And in time if the product is right then people will get used to Monday’s and wednesdays. As for the Denmark thing. It’s much easier to say to somebody that a danish rider is required to ride in his home country than it is to explain that a 2nd tier team has 1st choice over a rider. This isn’t as broke as people are making out. It’s just speedway is poorly marketed. Look at the son for example. While we are all going crazy on the edge of our seats nobody knows we even exist. That’s why we have poor attendances because nobody knows, and those that do see 18 pounds per adult and that’s a sum of money you have to consider before spending. If this fixed race night thing and new branding of the league thing was done right then the right people would be spoken to to get news paper inches. Goes for this national side too. While there are loads of positives I don’t see any awareness in terms of the outside world. If there was then Bellevue’s gates would double after witnessing the last few tv meetings there
  6. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    We should savour these days in the same way we did when we had Nicki. They may not last for ever and he may regrettably move on but in years to come we will look back with a buzz. Have to be proud of the lad. To think there were people saying he would have to leave lynn to progress!!!! Funny. This guy has it!
  7. The yellow signs saying overnight road closures for 3 weeks stating 20:00 might have been a hint on the way to the stadium. In hindsight it might have ban a good idea to have mentioned it but hindsight is a wonderful thing. In hindsight check your local travel news before making a journey with ongoing roadworks. ? Kasper is is an interesting one. I don’t really see it myself but I’d love for him to prove us wrong. People keep saying he’s a character and good at interviews. Head down mouth closed and prove some doubters wrong first I say. And I hope we give him a chance to do that too. He’s hadafewgoodracesforusbut on afaster track like last night I’d say he wasn’t on the pace. And that’s worrying. . . . I remember Shaun Tacey in the pl days though . He was terrible but soon made it his own.
  8. Great meeting. Gutted about the result. Reality check we probably needed. Defeat from the jaws of victory
  9. I think this will go down to the last heat. If Lawson and bwd perform then it will be an interestingly night
  10. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    fine mate! then walk away! just don't bleat on about it and bringing down those that are left enjoying it! Find a hobby or something! the past is the past! unfortunately you can't turn the clocks back. Them days are gone. We should appreciate what we have while we still have it because the world has changed and will continue to change. live events are dying out. there used to be a great underground music scene in lynn and the surrounding areas. punk, metal, it was thriving. but time moved on and thats no longer the case. there is cheap fun to be had and its an expensive sport. bat and ball is cheap. moaning on a forum won't change anything
  11. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Actually mate I think there are a lot of people that are loving speedway at lynn at the moment. I talk to a few people on the stands. There are very few negative oppinions. Problem is people on forums like a moan. The only problem the other night was the excessive grading but you definitely can't moan about racing or the team! I hope other fans don't think lynn is a bad place to be because of the comments of a few depressants. Many of whom don't even go often or if at all. Your oppinion is only worth 1. Much like mine and the other people who go. The only difference is you guys use the forum daily or hourly even. It taints the club and the sport in general! That's just 1 oppinion though. My 1, your 1 would disagree and I guess it's a free world. But I hope people who read know you are in the minority.
  12. God I was in a good mood until I see some of the moaning on here! I recon it will be a very entertaining meeting. Close racing on a good track. why is it the fair weather fans have the loudest voices on these forums. With the most moanin posts!!! You clearly have nothing better to do so why not go tonight. If the crowd last Monday was anything to go by then I think the team you support could probably do with your help. But do me a favour. Don't talk to anybody. You will kill the buzz for everybody Go on Kings Lynn !!!! clap clap clap!!!
  13. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Late start was for track work. It was a really good meeting. Lots of passing too. Lots of positives
  14. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Are there still people on here who believe lambert needs to move away to progress.? That theory has been blasted out of the water early doors. Just thought I'd ask
  15. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Good start from our lads! Surprised we got a point from swindon! Proctor scoring decent points. Nice start! Positive beginning to the season i recon!

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