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  1. Danny Connor

    Ipswich 2019

    Hample? Nichols whateverfits
  2. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Lambert. Cook. Iversen. Riss. Thj. Barker. Andersen. Does this fit?
  3. Danny Connor

    THJ riding in UK in 2019 ?

    I’d have him back. He’s entertainment. I may be in the minority here though but Christ was he exciting to watch.
  4. Danny Connor

    Ipswich 2019

    What about Jarek Hample. Wasn’t he open to the uk last season?
  5. Danny Connor

    Poole 2019

    Rr was the answer. Common sense didn’t prevail.
  6. Danny Connor

    Poole 2019

    Did it? Amending the rule so an illegible rider could ride for a team.? What ever the reason. It was good in terms of non farcical. But it was bad because it was yet another thing to go against lynn. At the end of the day rr and a number 8 would have been the least farcical and most integral thing. No rules needed to be amended for that. It’s history but it’s still sour. As was the toft injury and exclusion. It was a great season and everything but I’m left feeling like an Irishman has tarmacked my driveway at a “good price”. I hope that common sense prevails in future and the rr option is taken/forced
  7. Danny Connor

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    He was a rick frost asset. Rick frost had a deal with Matt ford for 2 seasons. I’m unsure what happened when that expired
  8. Danny Connor

    Swindon 2019

    I’d take Musielak to lynn any day if you guys don’t want him. He may be a gater but he is good value on that average!
  9. Danny Connor

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    I’ve seen you say this about attendances before. Last season was definately better than the season before. As you would expect after the disaster that was 2017 but even in the years leading up to that it’s no worse and we are 1 of the tracks where you seem to see quite a lot of youngsters. I’m not saying everything is rosy. But I am saying that you are wrong on the “crowds falling away year on year” and it really pisses me of because people would take that dribble as gospel. And that’s why I don’t like the consistent doom postrs. because everybody gravitates to negativity and in the crowds falling year on year part that’s fake news. Lynn is much much better since Robin Brundle has came on board. The crowds are more included and there is a lot more on for the kids. There is still too much tractor driving and there is still other areas where it could be improved. Presenting, It’s a shame gavin Carney had to quit the presenting because although very green he had a youthful touch. The current guy does his best but it’s a very flat thing. Gavin had an energy. Walking about the fans asking questions! The PA system that often cuts in and out is a constant problem and I think some areas have issues with the tannoys. All this is constructive criticisms about a team he owns. What you put about falling crowds year on year was an assumption. And people who don’t go to lynn will think you are right when you are wrong
  10. Danny Connor

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    That’s how kings lynn did it last season. 1 announcement a week pretty much. You guys are top league on a budget. You will have a competitive team but I don’t see any expensive signings. I see a team with strength in depth with riders the big spenders overlook. That’s not a negative. Lynn last season were predicted to finish last. But t means holding out a bit for other teams to fill up so riders have fewer options in negotiations. Makes sense
  11. Danny Connor

    AGM November 2018

    I know there is a lot of Micky taking about that but around the year 2000 that was the setup and it was pretty good. Weakening the middle tier and getting the strength to half the top league is probably the best thing To come out of it all structure wise. I hope they stick to it. i hope the things that haven’t been said get improved on. Better more reliable tracks (kildermand in the star), race day experience (fix sound systems, cut hold ups), less rain offs (more tracks introducing covers) and most importantly better advertising that the sport exists. Make the stadiums look smart and tidy too. That will improve the image! These are things you can’t really make rules for though. But they are common sense ways that the sport can improve. The structure is there. The sport in general is good. It’s just the way it’s put out at times on these fronts. Riders moaning about track conditions. Make sure the tracks are perfect! No riders moaning. 1 less negative. Onto the next! Rain offs, reduce them with covers, next!
  12. Danny Connor

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I think both Peterborough and Ipswich will be on a tight budget. No signings until after xmas earliest. Busterwill probably give both Louis and Ged a budget after he knows what sort of sponsorship there is likely to be. The riders in demand will be taken and you guys will get the riders who are still available. It would be nice if you do have a few exciting names. But I think you will probably have an untried assessed rider to add to your asset base. Lead by 1 strong proven heat leader.
  13. Danny Connor

    AGM November 2018

    I didn’t see the ko cup mentioned . I guessed the supporters cup was a replacement. I’m not really Alan of the concept. Heat 15 as voted for by fans if I understand that right? I’ll vote in the oppositions reserves if it’s tight. Fan integration could have been a guessing the heat outcomes vs other fans! Not actually impacting the meeting! I’m happy with 14/15 meetings. The craven shield was just something different. That’s why I chosen it
  14. Danny Connor

    AGM November 2018

    The return of the 3tt craven shield would have been a good filler. With champions straight through to the final. In this case Poole. Could have been something a little different. An extra meeting at each track minimum
  15. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Would thj or kai and Kasper Andersen fit in place of Kerr.?

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