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  1. Yeah mate. We get it. Over and over again! The 1 thing more boring than brexit is this regurgitated topic. You’re entitled to it but nobody cares if you are there or not. . its good to see a good performance from the lads. I’m glad the crowd showed support to Kasper. He may struggle at home but the points he scored somewhat unexpectedly were the difference at Poole. If he keeps that up away then in the bigger picture. As long as we keep winning at home then it doesn’t really matter too much
  2. Be interesting to see the line ups from 2002 . I think that’s the last time we rode vs each other at the same level. im thinking. Nicki, ulamek, madsen, erikson, Kramer, McGowan etc vs Louis, Hample, miskowiak? Jansen? Baron? Doncaster? Im guessing a bit but it’s been a while!
  3. What track is buster working on. ? We should win this meeting by at least 8 however who knows. Should be a good meeting
  4. I’ll wait a couple more meetings before calling for changes. Was a decent meeting. Shame about the result. Riss Jorgensen and Kerr did their jobs. You could tell we were a little rusty though.
  5. Regrettably I see a big home loss tonight. I hope I am wrong though. Come on you stars!
  6. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Not been on here for a while. Come back on and it’s the same old people moaning the same old things! Constantly! Over and over. If it wasn’t real it would be comedic! Keep it up sad acts!!!! X
  7. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Charging for the parking has pissed me off a bit. I’m not one of the guys who moans often and I don’t value the oppinions of those who don’t go but moan daily as equal to those that attend regularly. So don’t get this post mixed up with those guys. This is an attendance increase. The car park isn’t owned by a 3rd party so it’s a bit of a con really. I suggest nobody parks in the car parks until the charge is lifted. It’s only full when we have the big meetings. Charging a hidden charge like this will alienate current fans. If your going to make an increase then do it as the admittance. Its a bit of a slap in the face for the regular attendees. I’ve not read it myself yet though so if it’s a misunderstanding then all is ok. If it is real though then it’s pretty delusional. I can take the slow anouncemnts even though itsucks the fun out of it. I can take the poor entertainments meetings as it’s sport not entertainment. I can even take the ridiculous tractor grading to keep the track in great condition. but charging for the car park is a spit in the face really as it makes the poor value for money product that speedway is as even less value for money. Terible choice. It’s another straw on my camel back. deflating
  8. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    It’s not a Chapman thing anyway. Buster used to tell the fans at a press conference style meeting every December. It may not have been a full team but it was certainly everything that had been inked. This drip feeding has started since robin brundle has joined. He’s got a lot right but the drip feeding and the stars “anthem” are 2 things that do annoy me. I think his intentions are good. With the uni link up and fitness regime thing as a moving forward of the sport in the uk. I also think buster cops a lot of harsh stick. But isn’t that always the way in any form of anything that holds a leader/chairman. I think the difference over the last ten years is social media and the view that every bodies oppinion matters. . . It doesn’t. We all have platforms now to talk crap when we don’t hold positions to do so. Like it or not. Buster is a doer. Not a talker. And they are the people who make things happen. Us drips on forums don’t.
  9. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think Kerr and Jorgensen could be the only ones there with a chance of missing out iversen dependant
  10. Danny Connor

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    The idea hopefully is that somebody else takes Peterborough and Ipswich on. This thing with buster can only work as a stop gap else it all loses all credibility.. It’s a very depressing time to be a speedway fan in this country. Something that was great and is now barely a shadow of itself.. reminds me of the Micky rauke character in the wrestler. there is no finger pointing. You either fancy speedway or you don’t. That’s the long and short of it. No matter how much star dust you throw at it all. I don’t like rugby. No matter how well you look at changing it that will never change. As a lover of speedway. It’s like the family dig that’s Ill and there is a choice to make this sport as it is still appeals to me. I’m glad buster saved the top league but somebody else needs to run these teams
  11. Danny Connor

    Ipswich 2019

    Kennet tungate garity I hope
  12. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Gradings were terrible last time. Either system riders lose out. At least averages are a fairly fair reflection of a riders ability. team building to averages used to be pretty fun too. Nowadays it's blighted by doubling up and rolling averages etc and assessed averages based on other leagues. But it's quite simple really if you have all riders assessed as either a 9 for gp stars, 6 for non Gp. 4 for non GP u21 it doesn't have to be hard.
  13. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    here is my grey area with kasper. He has rode the right number of meetings if you add them together but in different leagues. This is unique really his average should be, Lynn meetings 2.55 joined in with his Sheffield meetings average converted to pl. If that works out as under 3 then he can't ride pl. if it's over he can. His average has to be 4 minimum regardless.
  14. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Not blindly, genuinely enjoy without too much of a gripe about the irks of a night at the speedway.
  15. Danny Connor

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I'm not counting 50. I'm not even counting 10

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