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  1. geoff100

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    Hate it when riders wear helmets on parade,barry campbell used to to doughnuts in front of grandstand at derwent park crowd loved it .
  2. geoff100

    workington ..

    Will there be viewing from the bends?
  3. geoff100

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Having read that i can see where he is coming from,l wouldnt like anyone else to know my income but what are the basic rates for riders?,as for vans, accomadation living expences help in the pits sorry but thats down rider to sort! As for "bwd" would be seeing u in court taking money knowing not fit.
  4. geoff100

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Which had they been behind!!!!
  5. geoff100

    workington ..

    James wright and chris mills both went over fence off bend 4,was stood near that lad back in 1999 can remember the look on his face after bike hit him he turned to his mam with a look that said mam is it ok to cry,wonder if he is on here?
  6. geoff100

    workington ..

    Any miner from a different town to where pit was a " jam eater".
  7. geoff100

    workington ..

    After what they done to the track NEVER its haven for me now,but nice to see town won at least one game .
  8. geoff100

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Chairman of the " bspa".
  9. U try stopping them gardening.
  10. I find it hard to believe than a tv producer on thousands a year in charge of a budget of millions thinks its a good idea to put"sam in his office",some of the bimbos sky used to have make him look good!
  11. This is hard work off to watch MASH
  12. Sam is the one who needs excluded
  13. Why do hundreds if not thousands ride moto x at weekends for fun yet speedway riders want a fortune to ride? Everyone who puts a leg over a bike deserves as much as possible yes ,but income has to be more than outgoings.go back to basics then maybe bikes will cost less,u dont need a van full,standard carbs and clutch a bit of dirt on the track and lets see racing .
  14. geoff100

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Went to several meeting never once saw him in the pits trying to gee up the team,and at last meeting was cooking burgers total p take .
  15. geoff100

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    It didnt help,dont think the track had been looked at from previous meeting local farmer and comets fan turned up with "water" and cow s*** and covered the track and some fans on back straight then left.

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