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  1. geoff100

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Which stupid rule will they find before the twins birthdays ??
  2. geoff100

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Low nl wages and a blue grove track, going to be alot different this year with wages alone but am sure len knows what he is doing
  3. geoff100

    Glasgow 2020

    Am sure most if not all monies due were/will be paid it happens even in supposed rich polish clubs, thats the reason to admire the riders for carrying on every week just wait till my 6 numbers come up lol.
  4. geoff100

    Glasgow 2020

    That was our problem we were full of promises!
  5. geoff100

    Glasgow 2020

    U dont need to pay good wages to win medals just look at 2018!
  6. geoff100

    Glasgow 2020

    I agree 100% with that but its sad now that anybody who " the whole league are after" signs for glasgow at the back of peoples mind is ££, having said that every riders deserves every penny they can get in this dangerous sport to entertain us so good luck to them.
  7. geoff100

    workington ..

    They gave us 4 seasons when no one else wanted too we should not forget at what it has cost laura she deserves some respect for that, the people who ruined the comets are the ones who stopped going each sat night !
  8. geoff100

    workington ..

    Interview with ty procter in this weeks "ss" doesnt make pleasant reading about last season, if anything it makes winning 3 trophys more remarkable.
  9. geoff100

    Glasgow 2020

    Just the one point to argue with you"thj" yes the 1980 comets were poor but we had some great racing with boys against men esp one night against Newcastle and it came at great cost to " eddie" but he kept the sport going and for that we will always be gratefull.
  10. geoff100

    Team GB

    Do u think "woffy" would bother to turn up , showed his true colours when he went to aussie to have the birth of his child !
  11. geoff100

    Sheffield 2020

    Lol i ment how close were stoke and crewe together
  12. geoff100

    Sheffield 2020

    In the good old days how close were Stoke and Crewe?
  13. Expected better from worrell and ht 2 danny phillips was awful to watch him trying to pass wolley
  14. The ref was awful 2 wrong decisions snd nothing done about stewart wearing a white helmet cover all night nowhere near yellow.
  15. Have always found sarj very trying, but am going to have a ride over tonight despite being at work at 5.45 mon morn.

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