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  1. geoff100

    workington ..

    Thanks nothing in local paper but workmate said was on border tv and we arnt in scotland!
  2. geoff100

    workington ..

    Any comets fans seen any news of a fire or breakin at derwent park or perhaps northside?
  3. "National speedway stadium" so why not use it!
  4. Been to leicester twice and have yet to see a pass on track think again mr godfrey send it back to peterboro!
  5. geoff100

    Edinburgh & Glasgow race night

    Check out "adventures of stevie v".
  6. I know a coach driver with sight in just one eye, nicknamed " nelson".
  7. geoff100

    workington ..

    Think u will find it was april 3rd jeff brownhunt let loads of us kids in for nothing that was it we were hooked .
  8. geoff100

    workington ..

    Proves their not all locked up , idiot!
  9. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    Used to luv watching him blast round derwent park look forward to seeing tackle brough park
  10. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    James still young enough but how long since he last rode ?
  11. geoff100

    workington ..

    U could say that about alot of clubs,what goes around comes around, if a club reports a loss of a £ 100,000 in a season does that not make them riddled with debt?
  12. geoff100

    Somerset 2020

    I wouldnt pay that to watch a GP unless i got a royal box far away from the people who like to get up walk infront of u every 5 mins to go to bar or whatever, watch on tv with sound off for me .
  13. geoff100

    Somerset 2020

    In london last weekend went to see ticket prices for a show was quoted £192 so speedway is good value .
  14. geoff100

    workington ..

    Your name is apt since u talk alot of it! If we are lucky to evercome back plz do us a favour stay away
  15. geoff100

    workington ..

    Town didnt get the new stadium they wanted built at no expence to them so took it out on the comets making sure no one could come in and take over, no time for mark fryer who was to blame am never going to watch town again its haven for me now lol

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