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  1. Allways makes me laugh at speedway stadiums we need stewards to tell u not to stand their its dangerous yet u ever watched a car rally on tv when they a doing a" stage" run people stood on corners inches form fast cars !
  2. geoff100

    Workington 2018 .

    Good to see ty back racing as a guest for sheffield today !!!!
  3. geoff100

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Want my comets to win but think lakeside must be favs edinboro to spoil .
  4. geoff100

    Glasgow 2018

    And to think we used to think armadale was smugs ville, what goes round comes around just wait till the brothers get tired of spending money with no reward it dont buy love or trophys .
  5. geoff100

    Glasgow 2018

    So at the end of the day does that rule excist or has it been broken, still all comes down to money its cost cook.an arm and a leg to get in the grand prix with no reward.as he is way out of his depth if he needed rides he could have gone newcastle or anywhere , speedway the loser again.
  6. geoff100

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    My comments are as stupid as yours !sky have killed the game at grass roots level any fan in cumbria will tell u that .
  7. geoff100

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Crowds are well.down pre sky just look at bradford workington whitehaven etc when widnes are on 3 parts of stadium are empty
  8. geoff100


    Reading the "star" today 2 stories jump out at me , mr woffy going on about british speedway is a monday night sport and how well poland and sweden do on fixed nights then in the next breath saying he is on stirke in sweden because he isnt getting paid! Then we have mr god( i want this sport to run the way i want or i aint playing)frey refusing to ride at newcastle at 12 on sunday despite being at berwick the night before, we need someone with balls to lead this sport to stop stupid decisions like this before there is nothing left .
  9. geoff100

    Glasgow 2018

    I think he is so do glasgow have to get permission to sign him from them can they block the move?.have said all year craig should have signed back at workington it would have been his bread and butter money its cost him a fortune in the grand prix for little if any reward.
  10. geoff100

    Workington 2018 .

    Drop kyle NEVER its all a learning curve for him just hope we get to see the benefit next season.
  11. geoff100

    Glasgow 2018

    Am sure.edinboro will be watching very closely at this , their former top man wanting to ride for their closest rivals can only be less than 25 miles apart on the same night doesnt bear thinking about
  12. geoff100

    Glasgow 2018

    It goes against the sprit of the rules would all the mouth pieces from glasgow not say the same had he gone back to edinburgh,comets are told u cant ride friday nights because other teams cant get guests and then another team comes along sign a rider and say we will need a guest just 3 times on our friday race night.our sport is so simple 4 riders turn left at the end of the straight but the rules kill it.
  13. geoff100

    Glasgow 2018

    If this is allowed to happen against the rule book the joke sport has seen the last of me after 50 yrs,this proves money talks shame on glasgow and shame on cook and i say that as a comet fan through and through.
  14. Look at ht 15 at berwick last night for that answer !
  15. Well.done to the riders and jacko cant have been easy to shuffle riders about

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