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  1. geoff100

    workington ..

    Anyone know if steve still has the moto x track on his farm , grandkids have no where to ride there bikes ?
  2. geoff100

    Glasgow 2022

    Stay in lots of hotels through work, in cardiff staying at the mecure hotel asked how much was a room if i just turned up &80 so i asked how much on the date for the gp, oh she said there is an event on that weekend it will be &240 per night, one mans supply and demand is another mans rip off .
  3. geoff100

    Glasgow 2022

    Ideal for gp weekend give the hotels more chance to rip fans off
  4. geoff100

    Glasgow 2022

    I was their for those 2 meetings and glasgow did a good job of hosting them , the point i am making is as many could miss out as can get in .
  5. geoff100

    Glasgow 2022

    Just read that a full house for the gp meeting is 2,600 nice that glasgow get the meeting but can see lots of fans missing out, why do we have a national speedway venue and not use it?
  6. geoff100

    The Repair Shop BBC1 8pm Weds 5th Jan

    Not a dry eye in the house
  7. Got to agree watching the "comets" in 1980 when we only won 2 matches was just as good if not better than when we had far better teams with "stoney and steady" .
  8. Would love to know the costs involved in that if he does 50 meetings £25.000 just to turn up sounds way off the mark with that !
  9. geoff100

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Many a true word spoken in jest
  10. geoff100

    Edinburgh 2022

    Rising star??
  11. geoff100

    Edinburgh 2022

    Tried to watch the stream but boy oh boy those 2 just wear u down even alex looked bored
  12. geoff100

    workington ..

    Give us a "c"
  13. geoff100

    Why is Speedway so far behind Formula 1?

    If u thought that was a "classic" u need specsavers practice for 3 days put the fastest at the front and call it racing! it is the biggest non sport their is just in front of american football , cant help laugh at sky paying all that money for a load of crap ! Oh soz that was football
  14. geoff100

    workington ..

    Why oh why cant we use the "comets" name ?
  15. geoff100

    Supreme Stylist

    Saw charlie monk ride for barrow in 1978 at park road made it look so easy , was in the pits most meetings dont think i heard him speak !

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