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  1. geoff100

    geoff penniket

    I remember he would come to workington sometimes on the train saw him pushing his bike from the station about 100 yrds to the track, seem to recall taffy owen coming off on the back straight and geoff catching his bike am sure geoff was on a brand new jawa that night !
  2. geoff100

    One Club Servants

    Mal mackay??
  3. I was on the pit gate at derwentpark when dave parrys bike blew up in ht 2 i can remember him walking past saying thats my f****** lot the rest is history
  4. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    Years ago when i parked the big red bus at the metro centre one of the security guards swore he wouldnt eat bacon as it was in mackum colours .
  5. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    I once drank a small bottle of whisky over a girl years ago , i remember sitting on the toilet and standing over the sink for hours, never again still her loss all the best to chris an ex comet to remember.
  6. geoff100


    It wasnt a complaint just an observation have been getting my "comic" since 1970 2 wives 4 kids and 12 grandkids later its still a buzz to read it and they all know not to through any out
  7. geoff100


    another great read today good to see ex comets john and craig doing well,daft thing to say but the paper felt different today ,or could be my wet hands as i soak in the bath whilst reading my star, hope it dont put people off lol
  8. Or perhaps he now knows what goes around comes around
  9. Dunb question whats the while line across the back straight for?
  10. Thought would be daft see if a flight cant find one anywhere

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