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  1. geoff100

    Derwent Park Workington

    Ian thomas when asked about those who stood on ladders to watch over the fence allways said he would worry when they stopped looking over !
  2. geoff100

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Anyone know Tony moles number
  3. geoff100

    Derwent Park Workington

    Small grey car WALK
  4. geoff100

    Derwent Park Workington

    It could but i think its bit far for people without transport to get too, but lots of land to build a redcar or scunny type track .
  5. geoff100

    Derwent Park Workington

    The track was ripped up so the football could play at derwent park whilst the reds ground was knocked down to build a new stadium for rugby and football no mention of the comets.it started out at £5 million then went to £ 25 and lastly at £ 100 over 50 yrs with the rugby and football not paying one penny towards it just the tax payers.thankfully it was voted down to late for the track to be saved ripped up so 400 people could watch a sunday league style football team. Tried to visit northside today but access road is fenced off to stop the gypo's gettind down.
  6. The digging at the starts is the worst part of the sport for me and the worst one at it was missing tonight,up to the start man instead of standing with arms behind their backs get the riders up to tapes .once the 2 mins is on are they supposed to be at tapes ready to go?.
  7. If u know when driving that their is a bump in the road do u drive round it? Does that not apply to speedway tracks??the throttle works both ways !
  8. geoff100

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    Stand by the comment !
  9. geoff100

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    Poss bank of mam and dad
  10. geoff100

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    It is terrible what has happened to the lad but, a reserve with a fancy van and 3 bikes plus tools, no wonder tracks are in the way they are with costs like that!
  11. The man on the mike at workington John walsh good respected journo once said " referees dont cheat but they do get things wrong" i prefer to think thats what went on last night!
  12. geoff100

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    Would be such a shame if who ever stole the bikes tried to ride one and fell off and hurt themselves
  13. Both alex and mike hunter say it was the wrong decision in ht 15 in the match report, how can the ref be so wrong!

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