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  1. Nothing like being their, standing near the pits listening to the bikes being warmed up , burger and chips, then finding a good spot near the first corner saying hi to someone with a different programme board to mine wishing them a safe journey home , am afraid u can keep your stream but admire u for trying
  2. Reading the " do,s and dont's on the bspa website why would anyone bother going to event!
  3. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    Its the law u have to have a twentymans when u go to allonby,a bit like burger and chips at newcastle or pie and peas at redcar.
  4. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    For years we spent out hols up the road on blue dial caravan site, went shopping im mport on the bus from allonby and as a treat my dad would borrow a car and do a chip shop run to a little shop on a side st with the mother sat making patties giving out orders to her family cooking and serving, i know the mame just cant spell it lol , qieckos??? But like alot of places it aint what it used to be
  5. Wish they would get shot of that camera in the sky
  6. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    If they landed at maryport (the queen of the solway) they would def want to go back to france lol
  7. Are nig and kelvin at the track or back home?
  8. geoff100

    Compact Team Performances

    Seem to remember the comets won at rye house with 3 riders scoring 39 between them and steve lawson getting the odd point for the win.think the other 3 were mitch graham mal mackay and alan cowland anyone confirm?
  9. Like they said straight back to tapes no need to put fuel in and adjust the back wheel , could a rider change bikes in that situation?
  10. Good banter about the fuel and false starts from the shouty boys
  11. Now if it was at glasgow! I know its years ago in 1973 but i was helping alan middleton at workington when he got a telegram from phil herne at 3 pm to say he couldnt ride that night so he rang big arthur browning at 3.15 who lived near birmingham asked if he could make it, no probs he set off got to wton in time for 7.30 start, compare that to todays stars.
  12. I think the line its not enough time to prepare is a bit lame
  13. Did they give a reason ?

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