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  1. geoff100


    No bath night with my comic again tonight
  2. geoff100

    Glasgow 2020

    We have a stadium just no team lol
  3. geoff100


    Mine came this morn, pretty good read as well even with that scottish referee we all love to hate!
  4. geoff100

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Back in the good old days thats what most riders done, full time job speedway good paid hobby just a thought!
  5. geoff100

    Stadium Design

    Would the sun not set behind the grandstand!
  6. geoff100


    Anyone else getting loads of adverts on the forum now?
  7. geoff100

    Stadium Design

    Move the start line to the back straight lol sorted .
  8. geoff100


    Double ditto going to be a long weekend with no thursday bath night with my comic
  9. geoff100

    Stadium Design

    One of the good things about derwent park was the view looking in the pits, no finer start to the night than standing watching 14 bikes being warmed up with the noise and smell, i used to go look in pits between races it made the night special .
  10. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    Did bobby beaton fall or was he pushed?
  11. geoff100

    Redcar 2020

    Good luck boys from someone who couldnt run 50 yards never mind 5km a day will be supporting u.£2000 lets try £20,000 a simple £1from everyfan can make a hell of a difference.
  12. geoff100

    workington ..

    Who knew that night as we walked out we would never walk in again, even though am a rugby fan will never watch town again after the board ripped up the track, its up the haven for me now .
  13. geoff100

    Arnold Haley

    Remember him riding for the comets wad past his best but remembet he was always smiling
  14. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    A football player can have a benefit match ( cant spell test*****) and doesnt pat tax yet a poor coach driver gets stung for tax on any tips he might get lol , just saying.
  15. geoff100

    Newcastle 2020

    Has any football director gone to jail over unpaid tax bills?

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