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  1. geoff100

    Celebrity fans

    We have " jenga "at workington.
  2. geoff100

    Derwent Park

    But where are those 6000 odd.people on a normal sunday dont think 6000 scots rugby league fans made a treck to derwent park !
  3. geoff100

    Derwent Park

    Been talk of a.new stadium for years now with a 6000 capacity, town get600 crowds reds 450? comets?? we dont need a new stadium to stand empty its a dream for some a nightmare for everyone else.
  4. geoff100

    Workington 2018 .

    Anyone.confirm are.we riding at home.fri night?
  5. Bit of a after the lord mayor's show meeting tonight awful track and poor racing i would give up.watching that everyweek , thank the lord summers was riding we didnt look good at all.
  6. First away track i went was berwick in 1972 first record we heard their was layla by eric.clapton at newcastle now 46 yrs later and they have just played it , nothing changes !
  7. A good win at rough park and at home to lakeside and we could finish top but not in time for the pick in the playoffs. If we face glasgow 5 and 6 october good weekend to race them!
  8. geoff100

    Workington 2018 .

    Your on the nail with that and i think it was the newcastle reporter in the sppedway star that had us as champions in the bumper march edition .
  9. Mr hunter takes great delight that the bandits only took 3 points and not 4 , is he the most biast reporter the sport has ?
  10. Cant wait to read mr hunters report on this !!!
  11. geoff100

    Workington 2018 .

    Just proves money talks and a verbal contract aint worth the paper its written on, but a guest for someone getting married one more reason the sport is going down the pan.
  12. I spoke to him after he rode for us 2 weeks ago and he said he was doing all our home meetings rest of season !
  13. Prob just me then but i thought we.didnt want to be 6 up before ht 10! Although barker did do a tac sub in ht 11.
  14. Anyone.any thoughts on rene,s "efforts" in ht 9 against redcar ?
  15. I think godfrey is the one thick skinned having to ask him to ride after being sacked !

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