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  1. Workington 2018 .

    Young dan due in denmark on june 15 comets at glasgow day before we need him in glasgow hope he can get an early flight .
  2. I was talking about fri night at scunny !
  3. Surely common sense says cancel till we have a full team of our own .
  4. We could have 2 riders missing as to scunnys 1.
  5. Wasnt that long ago scunny shafted us and called meeting off because their number one was missing cant think who it was !lol
  6. What team we got this weekend?
  7. Cardiff Accommodation

    I stay in cardiff often with work in good hotels , once asked for a price for a room on the grand prix dates was quoted 4 times the rate on that day " because of an event at the stadium" needless to say we watch on tv.
  8. Workington team changes

    Just back from glasgow nice ride home after todays win best away show have ever seen now is the time for.laura to be hard but fair to mason we have to keep bradley its a golden chance to get some silver in the cupboard .
  9. Fantastic result shows how a high scoring reserve can boost a team would think peterboro will be knocking on bwd,s door in a couple of weeks, unless the bosses were really ruthless !
  10. Reading the website it seems t getting back to denmark on sat morn is the prob now we learn nic is missing on sunday as well as another sat missing for a concert at derwent park on a sat night if i was laura i would say why bother.
  11. This has now gone past the joke stage why are we at peterborough on there off night with yet again without a full team.3 months into the season and we have yet to field a full team after allmost 48 yrs being a sppedway fanatic its time to walk away .
  12. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Long shot but here goes, any panthers fans pass through bedford on way to the showground comet fan needs a lift on fri night .
  13. Just watched a race from belle vue with dan ,can he use those bikes next time he rides for us !
  14. Wasnt there due to work but see reports of dire crowd was it that bad, young dan needs to up his game to match his belle vue scores .
  15. Stay at home weekend me thinks the sport not the comets management is becoming a joke .