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  1. Quality Speedway, reminiscent of the late great Hyde Road.
  2. The three extra points deducted courtesy of our win at Rye House have hit us hard.
  3. one of clubs

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    I see yet another opportunity has been missed to promote tonight's Gp and Speedway in general. The papers should have been given the heads up regarding the GP today, with Tai hoping to win tonight in Sweden for GB. However there was no chance this was going to happen with the clowns that run our sport.
  4. one of clubs

    Poole v Somerset 27 June 2018

    Make no mistake, Belle Vue will be looking for a win next Wednesday.
  5. one of clubs

    Belle Vue Aces Vs Poole Pirates 25/6/18

    First of all let me congratulate both teams for an entertaining meeting last night, and both teams deserved the points they got. I was fearful after two races with Poole being six points up, but BV fought back for a hard earned win. The man of the meeting for me was Dame Edna, who passed and held off an impressive Kurtz in heat eleven which swung the meeting in our favour. Giving Woryna extra rides IMO would have been a little hard on the rest of the team even though they were hit and miss. Brady Kurtz seems to be a vastly different rider when in front, when behind he seems to struggle a little bit with passing. Perhaps he needs to ride regularly on a different track in the future to realise his full potential.
  6. Yes I remember the KO cup tie 51-27 away and 57-21 at home.
  7. There is no doubt the two Brits deserved to win the title, but the fact remains that they did not. I will give Tai credit for a great performance in the SON and in his two World titles but to say he is on course to become the greatest ever is way off the mark. That accolade belongs to Peter Collins for his individual, team and pairs world championship honours.
  8. You reap what you sew.
  9. one of clubs

    Leicester vs Belle Vue 28/05/18

    It was a good result for BV to get a point with the woefully understrength team we have tracked for most of the season. RR and guests are never ideal and BV are nowhere near their peak whilst other teams are at theirs or thereabouts. When and if Stevie Worrall gets back to the good form he was in pre injury, we will be a force to be reckoned with I am certain of that.
  10. one of clubs

    Belle Vue Aces Vs Leicester Lions 28/5 /18

    I feared the worst both before the meeting started and when Cookie withdrew, and we were there for the taking not for the first time. That was before the boys put in a powerhouse display especially Riss who was super. All the boys, from Drozdz and "Dame Edna" Etheridge to Max were top notch and it was a delight to watch and the racing was excellent too.
  11. I think we have a couple more double agents tonight who are on another guarantee from Matt Fraud.
  12. one of clubs

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    It seems like there was no guarantee for Troy Batchelor last night.
  13. Are you real?.Your club has a zero reputation of nurturing young British talent. Also why would he want to leave a perfect track to ride a poor track like Poole?. I am not sure if you are just stupid or you are an attention seeker. Probably both.
  14. I felt fearful about winning today but the boys turned it on big style and it was a great team performance and it should be enough to get into the semi final. There was some good racing and Chase was entertaining the large crowd between the delay between heat fourteen and fifteen. Well done The Aces.
  15. one of clubs

    Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    It seems Craig Cook was not too far off the mark when he said Troy Batchelor was on a guarantee last week when guesting. Fourteen tonight, one last week.

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