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  1. one of clubs

    Polish Speedway Postponed until May 22nd

    There is a small column in today's Daily Mirror reporting the above and it says the season will start in june or early july. The Polish authorities are allegedly demanding that every rider that rides in Poland must live there for the season.
  2. one of clubs

    Your best speedway year

    Correct in parts. England never won it again after Chris and PC did the business for both their club, country and city.
  3. one of clubs

    Your best speedway year

    For me, Tai was not a patch on PC. One was a rider who won all there was to win, turned up and proudly rode for their country winning ten world championship honours, and was the darling of the sport and further popularised it at the time. The other was, in comparison, someone who could not be arsed, as it was all about him. Sad but true.
  4. one of clubs

    Corona virus

    Whilst i do not subscribe to the suggestion that there is a conspiracy by the Chinese, there is little doubt over where it came from and how it was communicated. The Chinese/Koreans etc etc will eat absolutely anything be it dogs/cats/bats/snakes/spiders whatever. I know because the company i work for exports food stuffs to China and the far east. There are certain things people should not eat, and the above eat it. It comes as no surprise that the Chinese/South Koreans have the least reported percentage of deaths by far from this virus. Most have immunity to it. Simple as that.
  5. Kuwait somewhere i think as well.
  6. one of clubs

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    I think Robert is at his level. He is inconsistent, he has good seasons and not so good ones. I cannot, and obviously i hope to be proved wrong, see him in the GP's in the coming years. He has the experience to be better than he is, if that makes sense, so i cannot see him getting any better.
  7. one of clubs

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    I remember Steve Gresham wiping Louis Carr out on the pits bend at the late great Hyde Road, and witnessing the resulting punch up. Was well out of order.
  8. National Holidays have a coach trip which includes ticket and travel etc etc. It may be worth having a look at their web site.
  9. one of clubs

    Sheffield 2020

    Nick is a great signing both for Sheffield and British Speedway and I applaud them.I am already looking forward to hopping over the pennines as I have not been to Sheffield since Sean Wilson's testimonial. Bring it on.
  10. one of clubs

    Droylsden Anniversary

    I had my wedding reception at Carriages pub/club, way back in 1988 just a stones throw from the aforementioned.
  11. one of clubs

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It seems Matt Fraud has gone home and took ball in.
  12. Many congratulations to my second team on winning the title. Thoroughly deserved as well.
  13. one of clubs

    Sheffield 2020

    I, for one, are delighted that Sheffield have moved up a league and will look forward to popping over to Sheffield next year supporting the Aces. It will certainly bring back memories of the what I call golden speedway yesteryears, before the Fords and Russells etc etc ruined this great sport.
  14. I make Swindon overwhelming favourites to lift the trophy, and are my second club having lived in Swindon North (6 Banwell Avenue) for a few years in the 1970's. It will take something special for Ipswich to stop them.
  15. one of clubs

    British world champions ratings list

    For the life of me I really cannot understand why some posters place TW above Peter Collins in this category.

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