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  1. All depends on points limit, your 6 currently is 41.37, points limit this year was 35.5.
  2. The other reason Cook shouldn’t have been in that race he left the track and went in pits, not allowed to do that with unsatisfactory start.
  3. Yep was just going to say that, he just coming ploughing through, someone going to come down hard. Great ride from Brennan
  4. Putting Etheridge R/R on the best gate with another reserve, what’s that about If going to use a reserve do it in heat 13 with Bewley
  5. Dodgy Peterborough tapes slow going up on inside
  6. Di Not seen it on tv but at track it looked like Nicholls ploughed into him, if Wright had come down Nicholls would have been out, one of those stupid rules that you got to fall off.
  7. Look where shepherding got him in heat 1
  8. Don't bother with train, there is only 1 every hour at weekends. Buses should be about every 10 mins on Hyde Road . Uber won't cost much.
  9. Rob B


    Not when Peterborough are getting beat, it will be very quiet on that side
  10. Rob B


    Another thing noticed about Eurosport they only have microphones on the home straight, so for example at Belle Vue the back straight is the noisy side where all the atmosphere is but you don’t hear any of it. Will be same at Peterborough tonight.
  11. The weather is fine so no excuse for an excellent track tomorrow.
  12. Peterborough ‘Crendon’ Panthers: UNCONFIRMED Belle Vue ‘BikeRight’ Aces: Dan Bewley 9.14, Richie Worrall 5.51, Steve Worrall (C) 6.09, Charles Wright 6.07; Brady Kurtz R/R 7.35, Tom Brennan 4*, Jye Etheridge 5.22; TM: Mark Lemon
  13. Shouldn’t reply to this clown but Cook has no sentiment towards Belle Vue, the complete opposite he will be fired up to put one over them.
  14. Yes I thought that, 10 bit of an underestimate, there was about 20 of them For a play off final I couldn't believe it. For normal league meetings there is about 50 or so at Peterborough, you will have seen us all hanging over the fence celebrating the Aces wins there. On Thursday there will more likely be 200+, there is 2 coaches coming down.
  15. If he rides then speedway are not taking head injuries seriously as he was clearly knocked out.
  16. It was announced in stadium he had withdrawn from meeting with concussion. That comes from the clerk of the course via the referee.
  17. Good video Paul Bowen has done explaining that doubling down has got out of control.
  18. Yes, Leicester announced on Facebook he out for 9 days with concussion
  19. Hopefully Phil Morris won’t interfere, as shown last night when there is decent weather Andy Meredith can prepare a superb track.
  20. 2019 Peterborough 40 Belle Vue 50 2019 Peterborough 42 Belle Vue 48 2021 Peterborough 40 Belle Vue 50 2021 Peterborough 38 Belle Vue 52 Last 4 meetings at Peterborough, not sure why people think it's all over.
  21. It was officially announced in stadium withdrawn due to concussion, that would have come from clerk of the course.
  22. Have you seen the two results at Peterborough this year? Belle Vue ridden better away then at home all season .
  23. Wright lucky to stay on bike, hard from Harris
  24. Another lap Bewley would have had him.

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