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  1. KevtheRev

    Kent Kings 2020?

    If he doesn't he will lose many a supporter who may attend now that have moved up - including Moi.
  2. KevtheRev

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    If there is any truth in this, then it clearly shows the unprofessionalism of CVS. The individual clubs should make the announcements when they feel it's appropriate. If he has leaked confidential information it shows a complete disregard to his fellow promoters.
  3. KevtheRev

    lakeside 2019

    What planet are you living on - The one thing Rye had going for it was better viewing. Much closer to the track and seating around the track. The racing was very poor, but maybe because it was prepared by the Lakeside track man. When Rye raced there the racing was better (but not great). The concrete underneath the track needs to be ripped out and the track relaid. Unfortunately, I do agree with you in that the Hammers will now cease to exist and that is very sad.
  4. No change of heart. Don't want to see either club disappear. What we seem to have is 2 clubs strugglingtto survive and an opportunity to combine the two but we, the collective we, seem intent on destroying both.
  5. Well said Old Bob. Crazy situation that just has everyone arguing. The result cannot stand, so this the needs to be resolved by the scores from just the first leg. The only logical conclusion. What really concerns me, is that we have 2 clubs - Rye and Lakeside, where the fans are bickering, arguing and not supporting their team and/or track. Which ultimately will lead to the loss of both. Crazy.
  6. Looks like you as good as predicting results as you are of picking political leaders
  7. I saw some commotion in the pits and wondered what was going on. Lots of panthers fans coming down from the first band stand to join in. Disgraceful behaviour.
  8. Neither - Lakeside proposed at date in August but your management said no. I'm not going to feed you the facts, there on here somewhere if you want to investigate.
  9. It would have been madness to risk Ben & Alfie getting there on time. Correct decision made. If your management had agreed to raced this meeting back in August when only 1 rider from your team would have been missing, yesterday wouldn't have happened, plus It would have been warm and no delay for floodlights.
  10. “We’ve been beaten on aggregate this time but what I will say is that we were beaten as a team, which is our team, without any games or whatever you want to call it. No games really - so you not agreeing to any fixtures at Arena Essex, knowing it would have to be ridden at Rye House is exactly what? just taking the piss? Your team - well congrats on signing Carl Wilkinson and Thomas Jorgenson in that case.
  11. No curfew last week and meeting went on longer. So how come we were fed this bullrubbish tonight. Don't lie and treat your fans with contempt.
  12. It was slick but it was Lakeside that controlled track conditions. Lakeside's track man was controlling the others tractors.
  13. The music is quite key to the overall entertainment and over the years the same music is played time and time again, The Final Countdown, Right here, Right Now, Blitzkreig Bop etc. I see that once again you have gone on the attack with your comments (perhaps your better off at Kent), like a previous post where you commented that "all the moaners will be happy now". Rather inappropriate at this time in my opinion.
  14. Can't really believe that 2019 will see 2 different teams. With both team struggling with attendance figures, putting the 2 teams together at the same venue is not going to magic up new supporters enough to support both. Unless,of course it can be arranged that they take alternate weeks and then the supporters might actually get a 30 week season. That would be exciting, but beyond expectations surely? The opportunities for sponsorship, season tickets, special offers really could make it work.

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