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  1. Track work was poor with a couple of blokes walking around with hoses through the meeting. Water was only sprinkled on just before meeting started as well. Track needs to be soaked overnight & continually worked on up to start time to keep some moisture in it. That didn't happen. Very decent crowd covered in dust. Eastbourne will be hard to beat at home as the two reserves are dialled in & will provide good support for the top 3. Good to see a proper presenter in Kevin Coombes.
  2. Chris

    Rye House 2018

    Pr1ck. Rye probably had the second/third highest average crowds in the division on a Saturday or Friday night last season.
  3. Yes anyone could see it coming, but Dumb and Dumber haven't helped. They have made the team weaker with Robson returning and are well under the limit. What the hell is Clegg still doing here at the end of June??? Although Garrity is a plonker, Rye should have been all over him after his scores and watching him this season. As someone has mentioned, if there skint and have no money then come out and say it so the fans can get the picture. It just seems they have no idea how to build a team or have any knowledge of riders who could come in and improve it all. Be proactive ffs, they waited until home defeats last season before they realised the team wasn't strong enough then missed out by a point or two.
  4. Chris

    Rye House 2018

    The spare points need using to make the top five stronger. Pointless using them on a 3.80 rider who will make little difference.
  5. Chris

    Rye House 2018

    Tripe side that. Pathetic from the promotion. Obviously didn't want to spend any money or show any ambition. Dire for the rest of the season. Clegg still in the side is an insult as it's basically a 6 man side still. Even replacing him eventually will be pointless as the rest of the side is so crap.
  6. Kennett is at reserve if Robson has been reintroduced meaning they'll just use a guest. No idea why they haven't pulled their finger out and signed someone using the extra points after the averages changed. 3 meetings in 6 days using guests and well under the limit is stupid.
  7. Not surprising from Masters, made a tw4t of himself at the Aussie GP a couple of years ago when he started crying after the top boys showed him what top level racing was all about.
  8. Chris

    Rye House 2018

    The promotion won't change the top 5 now. Summers has been purchased some kevlars now, so they won't waste money buying him a set and then dropping him. Robson will come back in & they'll just replace Clegg with the extra points available. Would only leave around 3-3.5 for a new rider so whoever comes in wont make much difference. Promotion probably losing money already with the FRN at Rye so won't splash out on a rider to come into the top 5. Besides if Poole can't find anyone then Rye have no chance.
  9. I believe Shadders was making the point about Allott as your talking out of your arse. Edward Kennett has been a 7-9 point elite league rider for a number of years apart from the last couple. Why can't he score 11+3 without it being a trick track?
  10. Chris

    Rye House 2018

    Time up for Clegg surely with the change of averages with Rye well below the 42.5 limit. NBJ facility also up. Robson will return by the looks of it with no meetings for a couple of weeks & no other changes. Doesn't look like there is any appetite to shake the side up with all the top five being purchased new kevlars. A season of away drubbings, tight home meetings and a sixth place finish beckons. Joy.
  11. You mustn't have been watching your speedway at Lynn for many years then if that's your preferred offerings on the racing. Very salty comments from the six fingered lot on here lol
  12. Putting a decent side together would help. The abject performance in the 1st leg would have put many off. Mid week crowds have been well down though generally at Rye. The bank holiday meeting against Somerset and Saturday/Friday meetings last season saw very good crowds....
  13. Least I'll save a score + petrol now
  14. His scores this season have been completely unacceptable for a rider of his experience Stop making crap excuses. We'll swap for Morris if your such an admirer.

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