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  1. alkadera

    IOW V Mildenhall thur 16th aug

    Josh Bailey - wow! Some absolutely class moves last night. Some of the best passing moves I’ve seen all season.
  2. Snap. What does that first paragraph actually mean? 'read what I post without reading them first'. Maybe you could read what you post just to be sure it makes sense lol. I also have enough experience of the youth scene to feel able to have an opinion. If you have been around as much as you claim then we probably have seen each other. PS it's not going around in circles just because we have different opinions on how to reach the same point ie more British riders.
  3. As in he started off being not very good ie not qualifying for finals, just riding around as you put it then progressing to be better than his peers. Obviously the Thompsons haven’t gone as far as your friend but the basic principle is similar. Ask their dad, he chucked them into the gb youth champs very early and they were getting lapped regularly but hasn’t particularly done them any harm. Would still like to know your thoughts on where the cut off point is for the Championship?
  4. ‘Get rid of’ as in remove from the Championship. Thought that was obvious. Your story about the grass tracker you raced against- isn’t that basically the same as the Thompsons? The atmosphere at the youth champs is so good for all riders that there is very little pressure on any of the riders other that which they put on themselves, which is the way it should be even for the top riders (all of whom has been through some sort of learning curve in the championships). Yes there are a number of tracks that provide practice opportunities but I think you’ll find that the majority of them do not provide many youth racing opportunities - Scunthorpe are good as are Iwade/Lydd but not many others. A few tracks do demo races before and after meetings but tend to have a select few riders who take part. That the British Championship should be a different level - as I said before, where is the cut off point for this level? Same lap, within half a lap, same part of the track? The youth champs is growing in size every season and is now producing riders who are progressing through the ranks in bigger numbers, having kept the same philosophy as it has now. Give it a very few years and we will have your winners.
  5. The Thompson boys who took first and third in the 500 class, if you speak to them and their family, started exactly as riders who you are trying to get rid of - as riders getting lapped in the 125 class. It's not exactly done them any harm! Also, where do you make the cut off for these riders of appropriate ability? Do they have to be on the same lap? Within half a lap? The same straight/corner? Would that make it a better spectacle? Not really. Yes it's a British Championship but it's also for these kids to be learning to race competitively. It's easier to look good in practice on your own than being with 3 others at the tapes. There really aren't enough opportunities for youth riders to experience this competitive racing and all that goes with it. At Belle Vue last night, one of the riders who has been getting lapped, achieved something big for himself - he did his 4 laps without getting lapped and was rightly congratulated when he got back to the pits. A small step to others maybe but I'm sure it gave him that confidence and desire to get the next stage in his development.
  6. alkadera

    Wolves vs Belle Vue . 23/07/18

    3 times in 3 days seeing cookie race and he has impressed each time. Had a poor first race each time and then was fantastic. Last night he was generating so much speed and was involved in some great racing. Im turning into a Craig cook fan! Hope he can keep this up in the GP series and the challenge.
  7. alkadera

    Birmingham 2018

    Yes it is true. He’s done it to me and others.
  8. Will do Steve. Met Office looks ok atm. Depends on the state of the track already.
  9. My lad and me are travelling down for this one. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us. Will probably get comfortably beaten by the pirates though. Any other Wolves fans making the journey?
  10. alkadera

    Birmingham 2018

    Arran has great style and speed on the grass. Hope he can transfer it successfully to the shale. Big, big step up though.
  11. alkadera


    I love my yearbooks - just to read through not even for reference! And there is do much that could be done, particularly now we can get instant access via the internet.
  12. alkadera


    In my opinion speedway is a perfect sport to use statistics to generate extra interest/something to talk about/ listen to on tv. Team make up is decided by statistics so why not include more? Programmes/club websites could include much more in match previews. E.g Lindgren vs Doyle head to head results this season home and away, heat 15 performances overall and head to head. It’s something else for supporters to talk about in the time between each race, can be highlighted by centre green presenters to build tension and atmosphere - much better that than crap music from the 70s and 80s. It’s not about carrying around a log book to record every little thing at a meeting that your traditional statto may have done, it’s about trying to give supporters more - if they’re talking about something to do with the match, they won’t be moaning about the length of time between heats etc.
  13. alkadera


    Definitely speedway should make more of its statistics. Watching sports on TV the majority have done so. Football, for example, each player has distance run, passes completed(% and number of), shots on and off target, activity zones to name just a few. NFL commentary is packed with stats too. Same for rugby, cricket, F1.... There are so many stats that speedway could work with. We only scrape the surface with averages and gate position scores. Head to head results for each rider, performance at each track, performance in each team position, number of each heat result(5-1, 4-2 etc) overall and against each team, rider partnerships performance, heat 15 performance etc. Stats are commonplace in sport now. Why not speedway? At the very least, it would give Nigel and Kelvin something different to talk about between races.
  14. alkadera

    Wolves 2018

    This is my understanding from what was said last night.
  15. alkadera

    Wolves 2018

    Which was pointed out by CVS. Looks like other teams also took the opportunity to stick the knife in too.

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