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  1. alkadera

    Poole 2019

    Why is a question a stupid comment? Can't hold a civilised debate can you? Would you like it in words of 2 syllables or less so you understand it? Grade A moron, go straight to the top of the class. Jeez, even Floyd could actually give reasons in his comments, not just spit the dummy because of a perfectly legitimate question asked.
  2. alkadera

    Poole 2019

    It was a question. I did not say that you accepted it, just asking. Not sure why the insult was needed though - just shows you up as a complete and utter bellend.
  3. alkadera

    Poole 2019

    He is the founder/owner of the company, slightly different to a random employee. A high profile figure that other companies may not want to associate with. Plenty of examples of things on social media being brought up from years ago and used against people, costing careers etc. And no I’m not crying nor have I said that Ford should cut all the ties with the company. I merely asked starman for his opinion.
  4. alkadera

    Poole 2019

    Think it’s you that needs to get with the times - whatever you think of what was said is irrelevant. It’s Poole’s other commercial partners that might not be too impressed to be associated ,by links with Poole speedway, with what was said. The rest of what you said is blah blah blah and has nothing to do with anything I said. Btw, read your last sentence and have a think...
  5. alkadera

    Poole 2019

    So you are ok with your club being associated, directly or indirectly, with a person who puts on social media about people drowning being acceptable? Because they are ‘a good sponsor’?
  6. alkadera

    Belle Vue 2019

    I know all about flint and his prospects having watched him in the youth championship over the last 4 seasons and at Birmingham this season and I agree that he should be in the NL. Regards the points limit, Belle Vue had 2 3 pointers this season so for them the limit hasn't in reality changed. They could have chosen to build differently to include Smith if they really wanted him which clearly they didn't. It is not solely the fault of the limit that has put Smith on the sidelines atm. If rider potential is a main factor for riding in the NL (should it be), then it could be argued that the league is not feasible as there are many, many riders with a similar or less of a future than Phillips - where is the line drawn?
  7. alkadera

    Belle Vue 2019

    Just using Halifax tiger’s assertion to that
  8. alkadera

    Belle Vue 2019

    With the reduction of the minimum average to 2 the colts had exactly the same number of points as last year for their top 5. They could have kept Smith rather than sign Flint who is equally as not connected to belle Vue as Phillips.
  9. alkadera

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    Not sure jordie Palin will be overshadowed next season. Absolutely flying by the end of this season and beat flint and Edwards to win to the belle Vue round of the GB youth championship.
  10. alkadera

    NL AGM 2018

    As most teams last season had 2 three pointers at reserve, dropping the minimum average to two effectively makes the limit 38 so not a lot of difference. Guess it depends on the average given to those who were three pointers in 2018. Apologies if anyone has alreadymade this point.
  11. alkadera

    Wolves 2019

    Sam Masters returns
  12. alkadera

    Leicester NL 2019

    Beaten Leon flint and others in the youth champs. Consistent podium places too. Always front runners in every round. Nailed on to hit 7-8 point averages at least.
  13. alkadera

    IOW V Mildenhall thur 16th aug

    Josh Bailey - wow! Some absolutely class moves last night. Some of the best passing moves I’ve seen all season.
  14. Snap. What does that first paragraph actually mean? 'read what I post without reading them first'. Maybe you could read what you post just to be sure it makes sense lol. I also have enough experience of the youth scene to feel able to have an opinion. If you have been around as much as you claim then we probably have seen each other. PS it's not going around in circles just because we have different opinions on how to reach the same point ie more British riders.
  15. As in he started off being not very good ie not qualifying for finals, just riding around as you put it then progressing to be better than his peers. Obviously the Thompsons haven’t gone as far as your friend but the basic principle is similar. Ask their dad, he chucked them into the gb youth champs very early and they were getting lapped regularly but hasn’t particularly done them any harm. Would still like to know your thoughts on where the cut off point is for the Championship?

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