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  1. alkadera

    Birmingham 2018

    Yes it is true. He’s done it to me and others.
  2. Will do Steve. Met Office looks ok atm. Depends on the state of the track already.
  3. My lad and me are travelling down for this one. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us. Will probably get comfortably beaten by the pirates though. Any other Wolves fans making the journey?
  4. alkadera

    Birmingham 2018

    Arran has great style and speed on the grass. Hope he can transfer it successfully to the shale. Big, big step up though.
  5. alkadera


    I love my yearbooks - just to read through not even for reference! And there is do much that could be done, particularly now we can get instant access via the internet.
  6. alkadera


    In my opinion speedway is a perfect sport to use statistics to generate extra interest/something to talk about/ listen to on tv. Team make up is decided by statistics so why not include more? Programmes/club websites could include much more in match previews. E.g Lindgren vs Doyle head to head results this season home and away, heat 15 performances overall and head to head. It’s something else for supporters to talk about in the time between each race, can be highlighted by centre green presenters to build tension and atmosphere - much better that than crap music from the 70s and 80s. It’s not about carrying around a log book to record every little thing at a meeting that your traditional statto may have done, it’s about trying to give supporters more - if they’re talking about something to do with the match, they won’t be moaning about the length of time between heats etc.
  7. alkadera


    Definitely speedway should make more of its statistics. Watching sports on TV the majority have done so. Football, for example, each player has distance run, passes completed(% and number of), shots on and off target, activity zones to name just a few. NFL commentary is packed with stats too. Same for rugby, cricket, F1.... There are so many stats that speedway could work with. We only scrape the surface with averages and gate position scores. Head to head results for each rider, performance at each track, performance in each team position, number of each heat result(5-1, 4-2 etc) overall and against each team, rider partnerships performance, heat 15 performance etc. Stats are commonplace in sport now. Why not speedway? At the very least, it would give Nigel and Kelvin something different to talk about between races.
  8. alkadera

    Wolves 2018

    This is my understanding from what was said last night.
  9. alkadera

    Wolves 2018

    Which was pointed out by CVS. Looks like other teams also took the opportunity to stick the knife in too.
  10. alkadera

    Wolves 2018

    Ford the instigator of last season's gp riders being given 9 point averages according to CVS. Looks like it was directly aimed at wolves and belle Vue - pawlicki, woffy, Zafar all on sub 8 average or would have been...
  11. alkadera

    Bt Sport Coverage

    According to CVS at the wolves talk in, no deal has been reached yet. 3 year deal on the table but some clubs are reluctant to sign up.
  12. Front wheel was already over the white line then the back wheel followed up and onto it.
  13. It's on the bv fans fb page. Cheering lindgrens withdrawal? That must be the hundreds of idiots then
  14. Yep every track has them. Just pointing it out after certain bv fans pointing out things that happened at Wolves last week. Apparently some bv fans cheering the announcement of Lindgren's withdrawal as well...
  15. Beer can thrown at masters/Schlein after heat 15. Classy.

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