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  1. Midnight_Lady

    Agm This Weekend

    Posted on the Monarchs Chatzone 17/11/09 Premier League - Membership will increase to 15 teams with the addition of Leicester. - Points limit will remain at 42.50 (as adopted in 2008 as part of the Premier League’s 3 year plan). - The season will commence with the Premier Trophy competition. The 15 teams are divided into 3 groups, the winner of each group will automatically qualify for the semi finals with the highest scoring runner up from the three groups will also qualify for the semi finals Group 1: Rye House King’s Lynn, Newport, Somerset and Leicester. Group 2: Berwick, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Glasgow and Workington. Group 3: Redcar, Sheffield, Scunthorpe, Stoke and Birmingham. - The league programme will consist of 1 home fixture and 1 away fixture. The top team will be crowned league champions. The top 4 teams will qualify for the promotion and relegation quarter finals, the winner of each will face each other in the semi final and the winner will then meet the lowest placed elite league team in the promotion and relegation race off final. Teams finishing in 5th to 12th position in the league will qualify for the Jack Young Shield which will run as a straight knock out competition. Elite League - Membership will remain at 9 teams - Points limit will increase to 40.95, this will remain in place for the whole season and no loading will apply to averages (as adopted in 2007 as part of the Elite League 3 year plan). Sorry I couldn't find any actual official link to this info but we obviously copied it over from the BSPA site at some time. On another note I can't see it being posted elsewhere but rolling averages are back but I am not sure if it's just for the PL.
  2. Ahhh I see. She shouldn't really be speaking about someone's private life to a newspaper.
  3. You are a day late. http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=57705
  4. It does seem rather strange that a so called "friend" of Gollob's is talking to a newspaper about his marital problems. Glad she isn't my "friend".
  5. Thanks again Ghostwalker
  6. Thanks for that. The stream I was watching suddenly switched to the Valencia/Man United game at heat 13!
  7. Midnight_Lady


    It doesn't matter if the reason is financial or not as has been suggested, Pepe looks like he is picking and choosing and that shouldn't be allowed to happen. It would be different if he had been injured throughout and not raced anywhere then made his comeback.
  8. Midnight_Lady


    That's one way of looking at it Updates say "Larsen cut across Bach going into first bend and knocked him off."
  9. Midnight_Lady


    Congratulations to Kenni larsen on his win. Also well done the Fish on third place.
  10. Midnight_Lady

    Polish Final Play-off 2nd Leg Sunday 26th September

    Brilliant to see Leigh Adams and Lezno win the championship I echo these sentiments. Much appreciated. Cheers R&R
  11. Midnight_Lady

    Italian Grand Prix

    The KING has at long last been crowned Congratulations Tomek and well done to Chris Harris on a brilliant display.
  12. Midnight_Lady


    Or another way to look at it. The best rider in the PL is the one who finishes top of the averages. The one who has done it all season at all tracks and not just a one of meeting. Give him the title and trophy. The rule should also be that you have to have had a minimum of two GSA's to qualify so you can't just have dropped down from the EL and win it on a big converted average. Just a thought.
  13. Midnight_Lady

    Polish Playoffs. Sunday . Sept.19th

    Listen up "Boy Wonder" come back when you actually KNOW what you are talking about. Countless fans follow their team up and down the country. The only one acting like a spoilt child on here is YOU. Your bad attitude knows no bounds. Maybe you post just to provoke and if that's the case silly me for letting you worm your way in. Or maybe your posts show just what you really are.....an arrogant BOY who thinks he knows it all. Keep going to nursery and maybe if you are a good boy you might progress to the big school.

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