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  1. Deano

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Possibly. But we’ve left, get over it and move on. I’d pretty much forgotten about brexit until I came back on this forum.
  2. Deano

    European Union - In Or Out?

    The supermarket staff also say “Shovlar talks rubbish”. Does that make it true though?
  3. Deano

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    But that generalisation could apply to any team visiting any track. It's how winning and losing happens. Now and again all click and bingo you get a good run.
  4. the wheels is up for re-development, so it will disappear. current tennents have been told to leave. I enjoyed last night, role on Plymouth. A much better performance by the lads. Drinks of cordial I believe for kids and pints of tap water with ice at the bar are FREE! Fill your boots.. I did.
  5. To close to call. Redcar went well last time and probably will this time. Perhaps the Brummies will sort out their gating and win it.
  6. I’ve seen at lot of pigeons get released from PB. One landed in my garden, I went to grab the message, but at the last minute it spotted my mobile, it then squeaked into its miniature headset and took off.
  7. Deano

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Actually, you’ve hit on something there, the student loan. £100k of debt one of our lads told us his loan totalled. All the teachers at my daughters school insist they work towards going to University. It’s no wonder the apprenticeship schemes go unfilled if they aren’t advised to go for them. ive told my kids to look at apprenticeships, it worked for me. I’m sure it can still work for them.
  8. Deano

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I trained as a Toolmaker an old fashioned trade, but one that gave me 14 years of invaluable transferable skills. I knew once I passed out and received my indentures I was in a proper job so to speak. I’ve since moved onwards and upwards and find the kids of today have a completely different mindset. I’ve seen them quit £40k+ jobs after finishing Uni, do graduate training of three years and get decent rewarding jobs.... to go travelling. You can’t make it up.
  9. Deano

    Why speedway is failing

    Leigh Adams once said anyone can buy a cheap speedway bike and learn to slide. Perhaps we need to get back to that philosophy at championship level and take out all those extra expenses.
  10. Deano

    European Union - In Or Out?

    ? wind up surely
  11. Deano

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Industry has been dying since the 70’s. It’s not a new thing.
  12. Deano

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    It is, but just run with it. Enjoy it for what it is speedway, rather than a win at all costs season. Promoters and riders have probably never found it as tough as the present moment.
  13. People on mobile phones with headphones in the supermarket aisle. Talking on the thing waving their arms slowly walking and weaving, completely unaware of me approaching and weaving into me! Stupid bint!
  14. Deano

    Football 2020/21

    Makes you wonder why it took four days to come to that conclusion. I personally haven’t seen what was written.
  15. Deano

    Rye House

    Just do it.

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