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  1. Good to meet up again with Paulco, chuffed to bits for you Pal, long time coming but for a true speedway supporter well deserved just curb that smugness ;0))
  2. Dave you are right about the van at the grand stand end, what I was referring to is 1. We no longer have a burger van on turns 1 & 2 (which has been there since 1999) 2. Until the interval we were told that we would need to take our tickets, leave the ground, go into the grandstand gate and return the same way Now in all the tracks I have visited I cannot recall having to go through that type of rigmarole in order to get a bite to eat or a drink which all lessens the Derwent park experience, as a home fan I can accept that, but if I was a visiting fan having just got off a bus after a long journey I think I may have a different attitude towards having to miss a couple of heats just to get some refreshment. I know that to some this may be a minor issue but with a long drawn out protracted meeting it doesn't help Sorry Dave I have a bee in my bonnet about falling standards, just ignore me
  3. Very well done to Peterborough last night, all rode well and a great choice of guest. Deserved winners and good luck in the final against the Monarchs From my point of view a somewhat disappointing performance from the team as a whole especially following a great performance at Rye last weekend. For me there was a general lack of atmosphere even before the first race, poor sound system, no refreshment facilities for those in the ground, no update on Kyle, long protracted break with no interaction with the crowd resulting in the meeting being dragged out for 2 1/2 hours finishing just before curfew. Sorry to say on the whole a very disappointing night both on and off the track
  4. Well yesterday was my first ever visit to Rye House, and while as a Comets fan I obviously enjoyed the meeting the highlight of the day for me was the Rye House fans themselves. They are one of the friendliest bunch of supporters that I have ever had the good fortune to come across in the sport, at a time when they must have been feeling pretty low about the result (and as speedway fans we have all been there) many of them still found the time to come across to the Comets fans to shake hands, pass on their congratulations and offer a friendly word, a great gesture. Without wishing to sound condescending I just hope that things turn around for them since its clubs and supporters like this that make speedway such a great sport. Stick in guys your a credit to the sport and best wishes for the future
  5. Which Elite league, we haven't got one in this Country any more, not when you compare it to the Swedish League , now that is speedway
  6. Not wishing to highjack this thread but this is not even worth a reply, fact the meeting didn't go ahead we ARE entitled to a full refund if that is what we chose to take
  7. Yes Sarah I don't doubt it but it doesn't make it right it's time we supporters were treated with some respect, this is not a dig at Berwick specifically since I have many friends over there who are genuine supporters like you we have worked hard to increase the number of traveling supporters and instances like this has undone much of that good work, I thought this approach had disappeared with the likes of Mr Waite but it appears that is not the case. At the end of the day they took our money knowing full well that the meeting would not go ahead then refused to pay any refund on the night, the down side is that no one wants to travel across there now so no one wins which is a great shame. It's time that we as supporters got together to challenge this approachThey don't call me victor Meldrew for nothing ;0))
  8. Well said Dorothy good to hear that some promotions respect the fans, nothing worse than paying to get in only to find that the meeting is off before a wheel has been turned and then being told you can't have your money back. Berwick take note, absolute disgrace.
  9. Well done to Simon Lambert, poor lad has taken some stick before a wheel had been turned, 6 +2 not a bad start to his Comets career keep it up Simon
  10. stemoc

    Chris Mills Axed

    Welcome to Workington Simon
  11. stemoc

    Workington Or Stoke

    Well Chris and Lauren pleased you enjoyed your Workington experience ( just a pity it's wasn't a win for the Comets) but a good nights racing non the less. Hope you have a safe journey home and that we see you again in the near future George
  12. stemoc

    Workington Or Stoke

    Look forward to meeting you and your daughter
  13. stemoc

    Workington Or Stoke

    Hi Chris Good to hear you will be coming to Workington on Saturday, I can assure you that you will enjoy it, and to make it even more special Steve Whitehead one of the promoters has asked me to tell you that once you get in make your way to the pits with your daughter and Steve will take you in and introduce you to the riders. If you need any help just pop along to the 50/50 stand outside of the main grandstand and ask for George. I will then introduce you and your daughter to Steve. Hope you have a great day George
  14. stemoc

    Peterborough Panthers 2014

    Great news for all speedway fans, hate to loose any track and with the return of the Fish to the PL it promises to be an entertaining side (well at least it will give us someone to boo at last)love it
  15. stemoc

    Workington 2014

    Now thats a great shame, he has been a great ambassador to the sport and to Workington Speedway so I would wish him the best of luck who ever he rides for and hopefully we will see him in a Comets body colour in the future.

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