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  1. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Wow. Seems unbelievable that such a legend is no longer with us. One of the brightest stars of one of the golden eras of Speedway. R I P Ivan.
  2. Odd Fossengen R.I.P

    Only just seen this thread. Shocked. Wonderful memories of Poole 1968 when Odd joined a team badly hit by retirements and injuries and they battled match after match to secure enough points to stay off the bottom of the league. Great matches week after week with the crowd 100% behind them. Then league title the following year. RIP Odd
  3. Antonin Kasper

    Good quality heat leader. RIP Antonin.
  4. Edmund Migos

    Thanks for posting that. Migoś was one of the riders I most looked forward to watching when we used to have proper international matches under the 18 heat format. I can still vividly remember him coming round the pits bend at Poole on the outside of four abreast. He didn’t give an inch and got into the back straight in front. It drew a collective gasp from the crowd in that area. One of the most breathtaking moments I have ever known, it was that awesome.
  5. Pow's In Ww2-speedway Riders

    Remember both of these. You are quite right about Harry Edwards looking old. I was quite shocked when I first saw him and wondered how someone that old could still be riding league Speedway. Of course it was his time as a Japanese POW which was the reason. I knew a few other guys who had also been prisoners of the Japanese and almost all of them looked aged far beyond their years. Not sure but I think he rode for Rayleigh at the time. Howdy Byford was a wonderful character. Got to know him when he was Weymouth team manager. Tremendous company and a kindly guy inside a real hard nut coating. Classic incident when the riders of both teams got into a mass brawl on the track which was sorted by Howdy, Pete Lansdale and Lew Coffin in about 2 seconds flat. Pretty sure he was a plumber by trade. Reminds me of how much we owe that particular generation.
  6. Tv Times 27/7/63

    Cor. I remember watching this on TV. Another reminder of age! By the way it was a Provincial League match not a Challenge. I would go along with it being Len Silver. That was my first thought on seeing the picture. Doubt it is Squibby and it is definitely not Olle Nygren. Alan Cowland wore white leathers so probably not him. With both teams having Monday race nights the rearrangement to fit in with TV was probably not too difficult. Do wonder whether there would be such co-operation these days though. Nice thread, thanks for setting off the memories.
  7. Neil Street Stories Wanted.

    His first team manager role was at Weymouth I believe. Far and away the best team manager Weymouth ever had. None of the hysterics shown by most managers past and present whenever a decision went against them just quietly encouraging and advising his own guys. Probably worth an extra half dozen points for his team every meeting. Off track a true gentleman with time for everyone and a great memory for names and places. Nothing flashy just a great guy. :)
  8. Top Five Channel Islanders

    Re Johnny Fitzpatrick: He would be vieing with Hugh Saunders for the top spot. Didn't know he was a Channel Islander.
  9. Best Five Never To Have Raced League Speedway In Uk

    Oops. Said I was ignoring current riders and then include Holta. It's an age thing!!!
  10. Best Five Never To Have Raced League Speedway In Uk

    Ignoring current riders cuz they might still hopefully join someone. I go for: Igor Plechanov Rune Holta Mike Bast Boris Somoradov Jerky Szcackiel With honourable mentions to Edmund Migos Hans Jurgen Fritz A Swede who rode in a WTC Final at White City but whose name I can't remember Gennady Kurilenko A Gordeev brother - I never knew which one I was watching so don't know which one. Almost certainly missed out some.
  11. Best Speedway Journalists Ever

    Nice one. I enjoyed reading "all" of them.
  12. Best Speedway Journalists Ever

    Eric Linden. No one else comes close.
  13. Wales Top Five

    Bit surprised that Howard Cole (Kid Bodie) has not got a mention. I'm sure he was regarded as Welsh in the 60s and 70s. Always open to correction though. As a World Finalist and top league heat leader he would surely come into contention. Also agree with everyone who has mentioned Ivor Hughes. He looked really good and headed for the top - another of Speedway's tragic might have beens.
  14. Top Five Channel Islanders

    TWK - Marcus Bisson rode a few matches for Weymouth in 1984 but a lot more for the Poole Wildcats when the team transferred there. He was a regular in that team for a couple of years. Very entertaining style including a lot of leg trailing. Stefan Dunne was a regular at Weymouth Training Schools in the early and mid 1960's but never made it to league level I know the name Dave Patten but cannot place him. Probably another at Lee Coffin's schools. Terry le Maine - sorry but don't recall that name.
  15. Scottish Top Five - Easy?

    Ken McKinlay Jim McMillan George Hunter Bobby Beaton Gordon McGregor No doubt I would have put Tommy Miller in there somewhere near the top but I didn't get to see him thanks to parental interference! I was due to go out to the Wessex Stadium with my mates to see the NL match against Coventry in which Tommy scored a 15 point max. Unfortunately mother stepped in and stopped me going! Quite what I had done to warrant such punishment I can no longer remember but I never quite forgave her for it!