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  1. Wessex Wanderer

    Andrzej Pogorzelski

    Very sad news. I also remember the Rybnik visit to Poole in 1965. Relatively unknown riders making a sensational impact on a very large crowd. Great days. RIP Pogo.
  2. Wessex Wanderer

    R.I.P. Jerzy Szczakiel

    Thanks for that Grachan I seemed to remember him being unbeaten in a major international meeting but was not sure which one!
  3. Wessex Wanderer

    R.I.P. Jerzy Szczakiel

    Sorry to hear this. A very good rider who was vastly underrated in some quarters. World Champion and good international rider (including 18 point max in one World Class meeting - World Pairs?). R I P Jerzy
  4. Wessex Wanderer

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    The last Weymouth 1955 home meeting was a 39-57 loss to Rayleigh on Friday 20 May. The next scheduled meeting was on Wednesday 25 May v Leicester but this was not run. The change of night was to accommodate the same regular race night with Weymouth due to visit Leicester on the Friday - also not run. All meetings were National League 2. Hope this helps.
  5. Wessex Wanderer

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    But what does it matter what would have happened on a better track. The track was as it was and some riders adapted better than others. Martin was only the second NL rider to even reach the British Final (Wiggy was the first) which was a great achievement in itself. the conditions on the night were very bad but they were the same for every one.
  6. Wessex Wanderer

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    Hey hang on there. Yeatesy made it to the Overseas Final on merit. The conditions were the same for everyone on the night. He just coped with those conditions better than others. Another thing to remember is that he did it at a time when there were still about 16 teams in the top division so there were a lot more top league riders competing than in later years. At the Overseas Final he got a decent second place in his first ride but then found things things a bit too tough. Not unlike at least some riders in every qualifying round there has ever been. I would agree that Martin was a very good NL rider who didn’t make a consistent splash in the BL but like a lot of competitors in a lot of sports he had his moments and it is not really fair to pt down one of the highlights of his career. Not many people can say they finished 4th (or 5th) in a British Championship.
  7. Wessex Wanderer

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    No. Not saying that just saying you cannot discount him. Particularly when comparing him to Ivan you have to take into account that Ronnie had been a top world class rider for some 15-16 years before Ian won his first World Final. For me the best three ever riders have been Fundin, Mauger and Rickardsson. But Ronnie absolutely deserves his place among the legends.
  8. Wessex Wanderer

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    Absolutely no way could you discount Ronnie Moore. If anything he was the most consistent of the “big five” not just meeting to meeting but race to race. Also remember he started a bit before the others so might very well have had 2-3 titles before Fundin, Craven and Briggs really got started at top world level. And he didn’t have things easy before either with the likes of Jack Young around. These discussions are always so enjoyable.
  9. Wessex Wanderer

    Best Race Jackets 1964-65.

    The one I really liked was the Belle Vue one. Three colours but very distinctive and still clear if seen from one end of a big track to the other. Race jackets then were a huge part of the identity of a team. I don’t like to be a moaner but today’s jackets/race suits are an indistinct mish mash of colour, words and small logos which mean absolutely *£@* all. I think it has been forgotten that they were primarily for the benefit of the customers like a lot else from the days when the sport as a whole recognised that the customers were the main reason everyone else was there. whatever is written on today’s jackets they can never match the simple spectacle of seeing (say) two from Belle Vue and two from Wimbledon battling it out on the track under the lights on an evening in the 60s.
  10. Wessex Wanderer

    Tony george

    Real tragedy this one. Tony George was far and away the star at Lew Coffin’s training school despite the presence of such riders as Mike Cake, Colin Sanders, Phil Woodcock, Laurie Etheridge, Richard May, Bob Coles etc etc etc. He always looked like a proper super star in the making until the accident but was never the same afterwards. Such a shame.
  11. Wessex Wanderer

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Bengt Jansen, Ron How, Chris Morton, Trevor Hedge, Scott Autrey. with the usual caveat that if you asked the same question tomorrow I would probably come up with a completely different list. How and Jansen would definitely be there though.
  12. Wessex Wanderer

    Who Was The Best Rider From The Old Second Division?

    Got to be Peter Collins. I am not going any further although I am tempted to put John Louis second. . I understand about excluding riders from the later years but if we didn’t I would have Simon Wigg challenging Peter. surprised Phil Crump has not been mentioned. He was sensational when he first hit these shores. another great thread. Thanks for starting it.
  13. Wessex Wanderer

    Eric Linden RIP

    Only just read this. Sad day for Speedway with the passing of one of the best ever Speedway journalists. I luckily had a number of occasions to communicate with him. He was a true gent and professional who was always a pleasure to work with and never at any time did he "talk down" to my semi amateur status. Not so well known was that he was also an excellent announcer who could add a lot to a meeting with his humour and knowledge. RIP Eric/Angus/Danny. A real Speedway Great.
  14. Wessex Wanderer

    Glasgow 2020

    One of the best Speedway videos I have seen. Struck the perfect balance between racing and the human element. Every track should strive to match the way this promotion treats its customers whilst maintaining a professional approach and a desire to win without having the extreme “win at all costs” attitude which pervades too many tracks these days. It was a bit like going back before the “me” culture of the mid 1980’s kicked off the rot which has led to a steady decline in the sport ever since. good luck to the Glasgow organisation, they deserve all the success possible. Any locals who see this will surely be tempted to go along to sample what is on offer themselves. And that my friends is what should be the absolute priority of ALL promoters.
  15. Wessex Wanderer

    Your best speedway year

    1965 for me too. There have been many other outstanding moments and some excellent seasons but 1965 had it all.

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