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  1. Wessex Wanderer

    Most Unpopular Rider

    That was a year or two later. I well remember that one too - it was the only time I have ever seen the rakers pulling the “dirt”(thick sand that night) OUT towards the fence. The riders ended up using just the inside two thirds of the track. Eastbourne were not very popular in the NL at the time with their seemingly win at all costs attitude but they deserve full credit for continuing in this instance. Many teams would have just pulled out (with justification if I am honest). The time I suggested signing Mike Sampson was when the Reading management took over for a season. Unfortunately as well as being met with hostility from some fans the promoters made it clear that they knew much better. So we went ahead to a disappointing season of under achievement. Good old Weymouth Speedway- not many trophies but always something happening.
  2. Wessex Wanderer

    Most Unpopular Rider

    To return to the original topic, I am surprised no one has mentioned Ivor Brown who was universally disliked in the Provincial League. Everyone it seemed wanted to see him have his pristine white jersey covered in shale by an opposition rider. Probably his uncompromising style went a long way to making him unpopular. Only one rider was ever ever unpopular over a long period at Weymouth and that was Mike Sampson. An incident where he retired and waited for Kelvin Mullarkey to come round and somehow grabbed him and pulled him off his bike just as Kelvin was coming out of the second bend was never forgotten. I did once suggest some sort of rider exchange at a meeting which would have brought Mike to Weymouth and I instantly found out what it is like to be heckled and the subject of hostile booing!
  3. Wessex Wanderer

    Rossiter Stands Down

    How about Phil Morris as next GB manager. Experienced, intelligent and articulate. Not sure if his present GP involvement is far more attractive though.
  4. Wessex Wanderer

    Barry Duke

    Wonderful personality. At Weymouth he went fron second half to reserve to second string to heat leader in successive weeks. Guys with pony tails and beards were very rare at the time so he really stood out and quickly became a bit of a folk hero. Of course the usual instability at Weymouth saw messrs Mawdsley and Lansdale pull out of Weymouth after the season to start their new venture at Rochester. Pity as the local community was really starting to take to the then Eagles. Most memorable Barry escapade was when he clashed wit Terry Stone on the home straight and went careering off onto the centre green. Now the stadium at that time was in a terrible state and the centre green grass had not been cut for months. It was waist high at the lowest and much higher elsewhere. The surface was also incredibly rutted and Barry was soon separated from his bike with Barry and bike flying on in different directions. The ever dedicated Red Cross came over as fast as the conditions allowed but then they had a problem - they couldn’t find him! One shouted “Here’s the bike” but it was a few seconds later when another shouted. “OK. I’ve got him he’s over here”. Luckily Barry was just bruised and shaken up and it was always a pleasure to follow his later career regardless of his team. Nice to hear he is doing well
  5. Wessex Wanderer

    Vic harding

    Can’t believe it’s 40 years. Never forgotten by Weymouth Wizards community. RIP Vic
  6. Wessex Wanderer

    Hard Riders Of The Past Any Thoughts?

    Jim Squibb, Clive Featherby, Ove Fundin, Nicki Pederson. Also Edmund Migos was hard as nails even when compared to other tough nut crazy Poles.
  7. Wessex Wanderer

    10 favourite New Zealand riders

    Ronnie Moore, Bruce Cribb, Bill Andrew, Bob Andrews, Wayne Brown, Larry Ross, Trevor Redmond, Gary Peterson, Graham Coombes (see - I got him in Steve ), Barry Briggs. :)
  8. Wessex Wanderer

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Thanks Steve. Long time ago and age is messing with memory these days anyway!! Will add Phil Baker instead - not too well known elsewhere but hugely popular in his spell as an all action second halfer at Weymouth.
  9. Wessex Wanderer

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Bluey Scott, Charlie Monk, Jason Crump,Jim Airey, Gordon Guasco, Stan Bear, Neil Street, Jason Doyle, Chris Holder, Graham Coombes.
  10. Wessex Wanderer

    RIP Bernie Leigh

    Got to know Bernie quite well at the Lew Coffin training schools 68/69. Always absolutely determined to make the grade, it was a pleasure to see him gradually progress to team Speedway. Once he had done so he continued to attend the schools with the hire bike and was always willing to advise novices (or often as not help pick them up!). A hell of a nice guy with always a cheerful word for everybody. RIP Bernie
  11. Wessex Wanderer

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Congratulations. Thoroughly deserved.
  12. Wessex Wanderer

    Pete Munday R.I.P.

    Sad news. Good second string/reserve for Poole and Swindon. Always enjoyed watching him ride. RIP Pete
  13. Wessex Wanderer

    Mac Woolford

    Good young rider in the early 70s. Would have started in the southern training schools of the time at Eastbourne and Lew Coffins School at Weymouth. I think he won the British Junior Championship in about 1972 - representing Eastbourne I think. That was a very prestigious title at the time and was won by a number of future top riders. Unfortunately Mac retired very early in his career due to injury. That at is all from memory and with age playing memory tricks these days I am quite happy to be corrected by anyone knowing more. Hope me this helps.
  14. Wessex Wanderer

    Ronnie Moore seriously ill

    Very sad news. One of the genuine all time greats. Beautiful style and I have to agree with the poster who said he was one of, if not THE, greatest ever team rider. Thoughts with Ronnie and his family.
  15. Wessex Wanderer

    2019 One big league will it happen.?

    Just a couple of observations. The 1965 and 1995 amalgamations were very different. In the 60s it was done very much on the terms of the lower (Provincial) league with a concerted effort to make all teams as equal as possible. Can never be totally achieved of course but they were close enough to provide a 17 team league fixture list. Result was a golden era for the sport. The 90s one was much more of a “survival of the fittest” effort. Result was an immediate loss of some tracks and a gradual decline in general. As regards promoters having ties to more than one track, this was never a problem for many years. Mike Parker and Reg Fearman both operated three tracks in the same league, the Knotts operated Poole at the same time as Southampton and then Newport. Then there was the Allied Promoters organisation which operated a number of tracks in each of the two leagues that then existed. Big point to make about them all though is that they were run as businesses that needed other successful tracks were needed to make a healthy league. Today’s win at all costs attitude is completely different. As I said just observations from someone who would love to see a proper full season of weekly fixtures against teams of similar strength.

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