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  1. Wessex Wanderer

    Hard Riders Of The Past Any Thoughts?

    Jim Squibb, Clive Featherby, Ove Fundin, Nicki Pederson. Also Edmund Migos was hard as nails even when compared to other tough nut crazy Poles.
  2. Wessex Wanderer

    10 favourite New Zealand riders

    Ronnie Moore, Bruce Cribb, Bill Andrew, Bob Andrews, Wayne Brown, Larry Ross, Trevor Redmond, Gary Peterson, Graham Coombes (see - I got him in Steve ), Barry Briggs. :)
  3. Wessex Wanderer

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Thanks Steve. Long time ago and age is messing with memory these days anyway!! Will add Phil Baker instead - not too well known elsewhere but hugely popular in his spell as an all action second halfer at Weymouth.
  4. Wessex Wanderer

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Bluey Scott, Charlie Monk, Jason Crump,Jim Airey, Gordon Guasco, Stan Bear, Neil Street, Jason Doyle, Chris Holder, Graham Coombes.
  5. Wessex Wanderer

    RIP Bernie Leigh

    Got to know Bernie quite well at the Lew Coffin training schools 68/69. Always absolutely determined to make the grade, it was a pleasure to see him gradually progress to team Speedway. Once he had done so he continued to attend the schools with the hire bike and was always willing to advise novices (or often as not help pick them up!). A hell of a nice guy with always a cheerful word for everybody. RIP Bernie
  6. Wessex Wanderer

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Congratulations. Thoroughly deserved.
  7. Wessex Wanderer

    Pete Munday R.I.P.

    Sad news. Good second string/reserve for Poole and Swindon. Always enjoyed watching him ride. RIP Pete
  8. Wessex Wanderer

    Mac Woolford

    Good young rider in the early 70s. Would have started in the southern training schools of the time at Eastbourne and Lew Coffins School at Weymouth. I think he won the British Junior Championship in about 1972 - representing Eastbourne I think. That was a very prestigious title at the time and was won by a number of future top riders. Unfortunately Mac retired very early in his career due to injury. That at is all from memory and with age playing memory tricks these days I am quite happy to be corrected by anyone knowing more. Hope me this helps.
  9. Wessex Wanderer

    Ronnie Moore seriously ill

    Very sad news. One of the genuine all time greats. Beautiful style and I have to agree with the poster who said he was one of, if not THE, greatest ever team rider. Thoughts with Ronnie and his family.
  10. Wessex Wanderer

    2019 One big league will it happen.?

    Just a couple of observations. The 1965 and 1995 amalgamations were very different. In the 60s it was done very much on the terms of the lower (Provincial) league with a concerted effort to make all teams as equal as possible. Can never be totally achieved of course but they were close enough to provide a 17 team league fixture list. Result was a golden era for the sport. The 90s one was much more of a “survival of the fittest” effort. Result was an immediate loss of some tracks and a gradual decline in general. As regards promoters having ties to more than one track, this was never a problem for many years. Mike Parker and Reg Fearman both operated three tracks in the same league, the Knotts operated Poole at the same time as Southampton and then Newport. Then there was the Allied Promoters organisation which operated a number of tracks in each of the two leagues that then existed. Big point to make about them all though is that they were run as businesses that needed other successful tracks were needed to make a healthy league. Today’s win at all costs attitude is completely different. As I said just observations from someone who would love to see a proper full season of weekly fixtures against teams of similar strength.
  11. Great to see a young Brit win an international class meeting. Well done Robert.
  12. Evenly matched teams on a real RACING track. Wonderful entertainment. Despite its woes this just shows how good the basic concept of Speedway should be. OK, this was an exceptional meeting but will we ever see racing near this standard ever again? We can but dream. Thanks so much for bringing this to forum attention.
  13. Wessex Wanderer

    Kelvin Mullarkey R.I.P

    Sad news. Kelvin was the first star of the 1974 Weymouth return to league racing. With just a handful of team matches before that he quickly became our leading scorer and also took over the captaincy when Bob Hughes got injured in mid season. A good rider and huge personality Speedway is a that much poorer place now he is no longer with us. Condolences to his family. RIP Kelvin.
  14. Wessex Wanderer

    Vic harding

    RIP Vic. Still fondly remembered by old time Weymouth fans.
  15. Wessex Wanderer

    Characters of the sixties

    Maybe the “characters” grow in greatness with the passing years as I do remember veterans at that time reminiscing about long retired riders with “they don’t make em like that anymore”. Some great names mentioned in this thread. I particularly like the first to be mentioned was Jim Squibb who would surely be among the top characters of any era. I remember him clashing with Ken Sharples of Belle Vue at Poole one night. They tangled on the second bend and both fell. Picking themselves up they immediately squared up and the punches started swinging. Usually people close by would try to separate them but this time there was a HUGE reluctance by track staff,pit staff, riders and mechanics to go anywhere near the pair! Can’t say I blame them. Eventually the pair calmed down so discretion did prove the better part of valour. Great thread. Thanks Bob.

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