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  1. Sidney the robin

    Wembley and world finals

    Not really Barry gated and if he had made a mistake Ivan would of been through.
  2. Sidney the robin

    Wembley and world finals

    How the Briggs v Mauger clash was never shown on ITV is baffling i have only seen it on a Polish edition video in which Bob Radford lent me.
  3. Sidney the robin

    Poole vs Edinburgh 4/8/21

    It should be a good meeting tonight, Edinburgh never to be underestimated a home win for me though.Looking through the two sides the reserves could make the difference for Poole , one of them might also might have one of Bickley’s rides ? which could be crucial.Bickley/ Lawson could be important tonight there points along with Hume/ Greaves could decide it.
  4. Sidney the robin

    Wembley and world finals

    Barry should of won it on 14 though Steve !!! but Bernie the bolt ( RIP i held no grudges against him) had different ideas.
  5. Sidney the robin

    Wembley and world finals

    Norbold do you think that Biggs bottled it ( nerves got to him) in his last ride or you just think it was meant to be.? Young then became the first 2nd division rider to win a title and what a rider Jack was often think Aub Lawson gets forgotten though.Another year that i had forgotten about that was strange was in 1993 when SAM won it .He won his first four starts and then ran a last Hans Nielsen and Chris Louis ending up behind second and third on 11 points each.
  6. Sidney the robin

    Wembley and world finals

    Don’t quote me on this Steve ( if I am wrong BL65/ Norbold, will put me right !!!). But in my reckoning Jack Young, 1951. ______ Tony Rickardsson.1994. all won the title on twelve points with only two wins each.YOUNG was behind Waterman ( 3 wins) BIGGS ( 4 wins) in his title win Biggs ran a last in his last outing. Tony Rickardsson 1994 ————. had two wins and beat Nielsen / Boyce in a runoff Hans was very unlucky had four wins and a exclusion in his 12 point total.
  7. Sidney the robin

    Wembley and world finals

    Yes Mark was very consistent and rode to the rules that were in place at the time he deserved his win.A crazy rule though if you look back though , BUT realistically was a rider ever likely to win a World Title on 10 points without winning a race.?
  8. Sidney the robin

    Sheffield 2020

    The three you named Charlie ; touch wood all of them will all go on and progress in there career.I like all three of those lads.Brennan and Rowe i have followed ever since there mini track appearances at Swindon . Brennan was impressive in a few appearances for the Robins a couple of seasons ago Rowe has also made huge strides in a short amount of time.
  9. Sidney the robin

    Sheffield 2020

    Was he unlucky in one race Charlie? where Adam fell which cost Danyon points…? I think with the tracks that are in the prem he would be a better option than James, and i liked James even though his spell at Swindon didn’t work out.Maybe it is much to soon for Hume but one thing is he is is a racer and he can pop out the gate in races when you expect him to get nothing.
  10. Could somebody please put the Pirates new official averages up or have they not ridden anough matches.? Also does Hume ride at King’s Lynn , Poole, Ipswich, Edinburgh, Berwick, Newcastle this week if so god a gruelling schedule.
  11. Sidney the robin

    European Union - In Or Out?

    The forum knows what you are about..? How you operate why not meet me ?you never will because you are so sad feel for you.
  12. Sidney the robin

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You could always meet me and telll me that to my face that would. be fun but you always S…. the bed.I am now basically semi retired doing what i want to do what are you doing scrubbing dishes until you are 67. You feel BIG giving it large in the comfort of your screen feel for you god you must have a sad life.
  13. Sidney the robin

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Like yourself what a ?? the forum no what you are about.Hope you are doing well washing dishes keep on doing a great job. enjoy until you are 67 ,
  14. Sidney the robin

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Swindon will have to adapt like anywhere else but even in these tough pandemic times we are in better shape than most.Yes times will be difficult but better longterm without the EU surely you as an individual Pieman would rather fail by being in control and making your own mistakes.? Yes. we need to get along and have good relations with Europe but only eventually on our terms.

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