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  1. father jack

    Newport Wasps To Return?

    If the persons concerned are serious regarding this, and I hope they are. May I suggest they check out the planning application Tim submitted back in 96. It should still be in the Council archives. This could provide loads of usefull information, and the information to provide when putting the planning application in.
  2. I agree its a good idea, but a heatleader having an off night could aggrivate an old injury at the right time in a tight match. Good in theory but to open to abuse by certain teams.
  3. Rain offs are not just speedways problem, Cricket for example has a similar problem with the weather - sky still cover it though
  4. father jack

    Its Heartbreaking

    Its not going to be a Shopping Centre etc. Its going to be a yard / depot for a haulage company, for whom Mallett Transport do sub contract work. - Allegedly . Read into that what you will
  5. father jack

    Its Heartbreaking

    Tims memory deserves so much better than this
  6. father jack

    Its Heartbreaking

    There were promoters out there willing to give it a go, however the Malletts chose not to let anyone else have it and wrecked it instead. A purpose built track, perfect shape, arguably best drainage in the country ( at times too good) no planning restrictions things a promoter would give his right arm for lost out of pure spite. I understand the Malletts not wanting to carry on if they were loosing loads of money, and I'm gratefull to them for saving the club after Tims death and the KO cup victory. Buy why the vandallism ? So selfish and pathetic
  7. father jack

    Its Heartbreaking

    It's sad, very sad. If the Malletts lost money and couldn't go on, fair enough but to deny someone else a chance is pure vandalism of the highest order. It's sad, very sad. If the Malletts lost money and couldn't go on, fair enough but to deny someone else a chance is pure vandalism of the highest order. It's sad, very sad. If the Malletts lost money and couldn't go on, fair enough but to deny someone else a chance is pure vandalism of the highest order. It's sad, very sad. If the Malletts lost money and couldn't go on, fair enough but to deny someone else a chance is pure vandalism of the highest order. If the mods could edit please, my copying and pasting not to good. I hope the Newpor tforum dont mind me posting the pics the end of a great stadium, built by one man
  8. father jack

    Its Heartbreaking

    http://www.waspies.org/t2302p30-its-begun As long as the Stadium was there, there was hope, slim or none, but still hope. Now its gone a man's life savings being destroyed.
  9. father jack

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    According to a recent edition of the Argus there is a 'Monster Truck' type event on at the stadium on 23rd June. Given the state of the place judging by recent photos this cannot be safe. If the stadium is being bought up to scratch for this, then it must be safe for speedway. Why invest in a stadium to bring up to scratch for a one - off then knock it down ? It don't make sense.
  10. father jack

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    Tim Stone invested his life savings into the place, I'm not sure how much it was but I know it was a six - figure sum, I was told that by the Economic Development officer who helped him ..............Tims memory deserves better
  11. father jack

    I Miss It And It Hurts

    Exeter, and Reading are different cases, as new Stadia are required with the inherent planning problems, Oxford will always have problems with the GRA, at Newport there is a top class facility that needs someone to grab it by the scruff of the neck, Newport Speedway last year was the best its ever been with the superb new track surface and the floodlights, a fantastic product, which with the correct marketing can be a great success. Its just so frustrating.
  12. father jack

    I Miss It And It Hurts

    As long as the stadium is there, there is always a chance. I wish promoters would look at what is on offer at Newport, purpose built Speedway Stadium, no other sports at present, unlmited access to the track, excellent planning - basically can run whenever you want - proven level of support with a succesful team. Some current promoters would give their right arm for that. However what I am wary of are 'false dawns' I had enough of those in the 80's and 90's, dont want any more of them. We ended on such a high at the end of last season, I couldn't wait for this one to start. And this is a question I asked on the Newport Forum, our success last year, winning the Cup and at the end of the season we were aurguably the best team in the leauge, but it was a very expensive team which in the end proved our undoing. I have to ask was that success worth it ? On the Newport forum opinion seemed split 50 50.
  13. Should have been Newport's opener on Saturday, and now everywhere else is opening it's hitting home. I miss Speedway a lot it was a weekly escape for me I could forget any problems for a couple of hours, and last season was so so enjoyable. Always support your local track folks because its a long time gone.
  14. father jack

    Thank You And Goodbye

    My apologies, I'm not a drama queen or anything like that, I just feel, annoyed, sad, angry all sorts of emotions. I've lost something I really enjoyed, my weekly fix of speedway. My initial reaction is stuff it all !! Not correct I know. I probably will visit Swindon and will watch and enjoy it, but its just not the same as watching your own team. I couldn't support another side. Untill it happens to you, and its happened twice to me its difficult to explain. Sorry !!!
  15. The demise of the Newport Wasps means only one meeting a year for me - The Cardiff GP. I will no longer be contributing to these boards. Thank you all friend and foe for the disscussions and banter over the years. I will miss you . Goodbye and thanks

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