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  1. Beowulf

    Poole 2019

    Adams has 9 titles, 2 at Coventry, 2 at Cradley and 5 at Wolves.
  2. Beowulf

    Poole 2019

    What more than Fred Flange ?
  3. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    It is likely/probable that Morris N will increase his average, just the prior year he and Doyle were heading the averages. But nothing is guaranteed, why did his average fall so much last year, was the previous year a fluke ?
  4. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    I would go with Masters, Howarth, Morris N, Shlein, Thorssell, Becker, Morris A
  5. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    Are you Ouch in disguise ?
  6. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    My comment was directed to 1 'fan' only and that is the inflammatory FF, so you can calm down.
  7. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    Absolutely correct. Belle Vue haven't got a pot to p**s in and can't even afford GP failure Cook.
  8. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    And the same to you Fish !
  9. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    You shouldn't be, I think we've had more in loan fees than the transfer fee we paid.
  10. Beowulf

    Poole 2019

    That was a definite 'whoosh'.
  11. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    Three chances of Klint being at Wolves: Zero, None and Dog's.
  12. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    Averages suggest that there isn't too much between them at the moment. However, I would say Fricke does have more long term potential.
  13. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    With Becker and the expected Ashley Morris at reserve, all things being equal, I would not expect any of the Top 5 including Howarth to drop to reserve.
  14. Beowulf

    Wolves 2019

    I would very much like Pawklicki, but not at the expense of Jacob.
  15. Beowulf

    Belle Vue 2019

    I'm probably way of date,so excuse me if that is the case, but I thought it was guest for No 1 only ?

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