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  1. Rye House v Wolves 25.04.18

    Of course it could. Rye House at Wolves should one of our toughest tests particularly with so many track specialists i.e. Harris, Nicholls and Robson. At a pre-season talk-in for 2017 CVS was asked why he hadn't signed either of Harris or Nicholls. He didn't reply specifically but did say that he still had his two favourite guests available to him. In 2017, the scores at Monmore were 55-37 and 50-41 but of course Wolves had a good team, that barring injuries, I feel would have won the double.This year it appears that Harris and Nicholls have not started well in their first two away matches and are out of form. It remains to be seen whether they will come back into form or are on a steady decline. There's no doubting that they have contributed much to British speedway
  2. Rye House v Wolves 25.04.18

    Apologies, should be Jakobsen not Jensen.
  3. Rye House v Wolves 25.04.18

    Surely the team that can adapt to Hoddesdon the easiest is Wolves ?
  4. Line-ups from the Wolves site:- Rye House: Chris Harris, Aaron Summers, Krzysztof Kasprzak, Edward Kennett R/R, Scott Nicholls, Nikolaj Busk Jensen, Max Clegg Wolves : Jacob Thorssell, Kyle Howarth, Cameron Heeps, Rory Schlein, Sam Masters, Nathan Greaves, Ashley Morris Impossible to predict I think, Rye House's first home match and Wolves first away. I would hope for a point. However there's no doubting that Harris and Nicholls have started off poorly and will need to improve. Can someone confirm who will be able to take Kennett's rides, is he 4th in the averages ?
  5. In terms of the score or the racing ?
  6. Well , were Wolves very good or Rockets very poor ? To be honest more of the the latter. Nicholl's and Harris have been long standing track specialists, but their powers are now waning. Kasprzak didn't look particularly interested as usual at Monmore. As for Robson that must be his lowest score for some time, he usually scores well. As for Wolves, in the speedway star mammoth pre-season issue nobody rates us, which is great,no pressure at all, nobody rated us the last two years. A special mention for Kyle Howarth, I would always have him in my team, spectacular to watch. A rider who rides Sheffield and Wolverhampton every week ? There's adaptability for you. A tougher test with the Pirates next wek so we will see how that goes.
  7. Wolves 2018

    You could argue, and I'm not, that because of inflation in reality the price has come down, albeit not by much.
  8. Wolves 2018

    Apologies, I don't do social media. It is unusual though to name the complete team this side of Christmas.
  9. Wolves 2018

    Says who ? Nothing on the official website about any announcements.
  10. Poole 2018

    Why ask anyone who has no ability to turn a bike. Pointless.
  11. Poole 2018

    Even "free" is too expensive. I do feel for you Keith.
  12. Wolves 2018

    To be honest I'm not 100% sure but the indication is that Pawlicki would be assessed at 9:00, don't ask me why.
  13. Wolves 2018

    1. CVS has had chemotherapy and should have an operation before Xmas. 2. No decision yet made between Lindgren/Thorsell. Two potential line-ups considered. Comment by CVS, Thorsell has had metalwork inserted and usually in this scenario, riders recover faster. 3. No real comments about riders from last year apart from Schlein. CVS wary about his reputation, but has been no problem and if given a vote CVS would have voted him rider of the year. 4. Future of the club, obviously due to his health problems, CVS is considering options: (a) supporters are on the board and have a vote about the way ahead ( a consortium in the way that Swindon is run. 5. The reason for a possible consortium is the financial burden. Only Poole and Wolves have single owners who take all the financial risk. The KO Cup run, in total, resulted in a 5 figure loss, very difficult for 1 individual to absorb. 6. Olympique unlikely as it requires a sponsor. 7. Hoping to start the season with consecutive Monday's and then move onto fortnightly. 8. I personally have no time at all for the Spoon Pearson. 9. Christ I nearly forgot it. The minutes are still to be issued from the AGM, BUT it maybe that all GP riders would be given a 9.00 assessed average, so Pawlicki would be a no no for Wolves and probably everybody else. Would this benefit a team on the South Coast who have a GP quality rider around a 7.00 average and prevent the opposition from possibly gaining ? Who knows ?
  14. Wolves 2018

    CVS up next, so will there be anything else interesting ?