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  1. Yeah, I bet. I just couldn’t be bothered with it last night. Caught up with the Polish league instead. Racing has been terrible in the main, a few odd decent races, but I took a look at the fixtures and decided Sheffield would be better and I’m not working far away. Thing is, even if the racing is rubbish at Sheffield at least it looks good on the shape of the track. Been to all but one of the Bees meetings at Leicester as well and that’s soul destroying!
  2. First meeting I’ve not bothered with at Leicester this year. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. Going up to Sheffield tonight instead.
  3. Coming up for this one after work. Looking forward to it
  4. Mr Bee

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    Yet you’ve spent all morning replying and adding to it.
  5. Mr Bee

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    Harris In for Bjerre.
  6. One of the worst meetings that I’ve ever been to. A slightly better crowd than previous weeks but I doubt that any of them will rush to go back. Only the scores kept it half interesting. Fair play to Lynn. I had them down as struggling this year but they certainly kept it close and with Lambert riding may have won. Not sure what’s up with NKI but if he can get back to his best they could spring a surprise.
  7. In contrast to the first meeting of the year a really poor meeting tonight. One semi decent race. That said, Somerset were absolutley terrible this time around, just as I thought they would be last month. The World Champion didn’t look interested after his first race when he got tangled up with Allen. Too much messing about at the start by riders, scratching about having a dig, backing up and warming the tyre....and they completly ignore the start marshal as he waves at them and does his best to get them up to tapes.
  8. Mr Bee

    Posf2 Poole V Coventry

    43 pages of utter rubbishe That didn't say "rubbish" it said something else. Sadly the forum changed it, but some of you really should take a long hard look at yourselves. Pathetic.
  9. Mr Bee

    Coventry 2015

    I've just looked up the word "curfew" in the dictionary, just like you did with "shambles". Stop lying to us. Accept that there isn't a curfew at Brandon and explain it properly, for example how you've worded the first part of your post. The next double header starts at 7:30 I believe, I doubt the second meeting will make it to the end.
  10. Mr Bee

    Coventry 2015

    The thing is Neil, stop lying to us about this curfew at Brandon. Myself, CB252, Mick Horton and plenty of others sat in a meeting regarding the future only a few weeks ago and were told by a local councillor that there is no curfew at Brandon. We could accept that their was still 10 heats to go and after Dans crash it was unlikely to go ahead, but stop lying to us.
  11. Mr Bee

    Coventry 2015

    Robson has been given the all clear to return to racing according to Peter Oakes on Twitter.
  12. Mr Bee

    Coventry 2015

    I'm not trawling through meetings gone by looking for stats and scores. I don't care. I simply don't have the time to spend on here like you do day in day out posting. We are not going to make any changes. Its as simple as that and as CB252 said, Havvy confirmed it on Tuesday. However, there is plenty going on behind the scenes to improve Robbo. So get behind him.
  13. Mr Bee

    Coventry 2015

    How do you know it would "definitely" make us stronger? How do you know Robbo won't score big in the play off's should we get there? We are top of the league because we have a great team as it is. Stop banging on about changes and get behind all 7 of them FFS!!
  14. He's been sacked. R/R for him tonight.

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