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  1. Mr Bee

    Stars vs Aces - 11th April 2024

    So which one was it......"a pretty poor meeting" or "some excellent racing"?
  2. What is this supposed to mean?
  3. I think he plans what he needs to do to get to the semi finals and then it steps it up a gear. He's the complete package. He'll go on, I hope, to break all the records.
  4. Mr Bee

    SGP wild cards 2024

    This is spot on. Greg Hancock summed it up perfectly when he interviewed Bart after one of the GP's he won this year........If all the other riders loved their motorbike as much as he did, they'd be as good as him. He has an advantage when he goes to Gorzow admittedly given the years he's spent there, but look at the two moves he pulled this year when behind in the final. Its moves like that that win titles and given what happened in Vojens, he'll be glad he made them when he looks back at the season. "He has to go for the win, just doing enough isn't enough". He's simply better than anyone else at being consistent and as CB252 has said, in 2021 had the more technical tracks not been cancelled I think the likely hood is that Zmarzlik would have won the title. He quietly goes about his business off track and it is 100% offensive that people think he just has to turn up without putting any work in. If he didn't put any work in then he wouldn't be 4x World Champion.
  5. Mr Bee

    SGP wild cards 2024

    Great, then you won't be posting any nonsense about the GP's that we have to read in 2024.
  6. UK Speedway is on the scrapheap and needs re-building. The first thing that needs to happen is it needs to get some credibilty back. It's about to lose another two clubs, both from the so called top flight, so this needs addressing first and foremost. It needs a new league structure, a Super League perhaps along the lines of the Danish structure, and please, get rid of guests!! Yesterday, Leicester plunged to a real low by sacking Harris one week and getting him in as a guest the next. How do you sell that or explain it to anyone new? Or to sponsors? In my opinion, Eurosport do a fantastic job and I enjoy watching GP's and the league. The Discovery App is first class. But they need to have something credible for the future. With the clubs that are left, it needs re-structuring quickly.
  7. Pathetic isn't it? It's hit new lows this year in the UK.
  8. They just don't care how ridiculous they make the sport look over here. Bomber sacked by Leicester, he has a moan and says he's going to spill the beans on everything when In actual fact he doesn't tell us anything we don't know, and then he goes back to guest for the club that sacks him. How do you explain this to new fans? Honestly. Laguta will be getting his Mrs to phone in sick for him shortly.
  9. Sportow have said that he won't be riding in Poland. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/1076370/nie-poddal-sie-badaniu-antydopingowemu-zawodnik-z-polskiej-ligi-srogo-ukarany
  10. Yes, you'll be able to as soon as it's finished on the Discovery App. I couldn't watch SON 2 live yesterday as working until 5, as soon as it had finished it was available to watch it in full.
  11. Mr Bee

    Kings Lynn 2023

    This is spot on. As I replied on Twitter last night to Chris Louis, I now live 15 mins from the Leicester track and I don't go. I will not pay 20 plus to watch what is being served up. Guests, poor presentation, poor tracks, badly run meetings, a lack of transparency all amount to my decision. I will however religiously watch the GP's and the Polish League. I think a lot of us feel the same as Carl Johnson about British Speedway in that we've lost our enthusiasm. It now becomes more of "what shambles will happen this week" rather than looking forward to a meeting. Maybe its because I lost my team six years ago, who knows, but at present I feel content that my team isn't part of it. My next meeting will be Cardiff and perhaps another trip to Poland having been earlier in the year. I'd rather spend my money on something that has credibility, integrity, kudos, marketing and is professional. I've heard over recent years plenty of people say "if you don't like it, don't go". And there are a lot of us now doing exactly that. You can read on here how people feel. Ok it maybe only be a small percentage that post but there will be plenty of others that don't visit this forum that will feel exactly the same as I do. I know of others that have given up on it and now spend their money elsewhere. I haven't fallen out of love with Speedway, I still love it, I always will. Its my number one sport. But I have fallen out of love with it in this country and the powers that be need to do something to get people like me back.
  12. Exactly. And on the next British Speedway Podcast we will no doubt be told that as fans "we just don't understand what it takes to run a speedway club or what goes on behind the scenes or the hard work that goes into it". How about being honest with us and then we might understand.
  13. If that's how you view it then fair enough. And if enough people feel the same for clubs to at least break even then they'll be ok. Until of course clubs are kicked out of the stadiums one by one. Me, I prefer to watch something that has some credibility behind the scenes to go along with the racing, has all the top riders and they get rewarded for entertaining us.
  14. You can just see them sitting around this morning discussing what the next lie would be. "Go with Food Poisoning. We can make that work. Give the Russian with a Polish Passport a seven day ban as well, that wont affect Lynn as they have no meetings and shows the punters that we are doing something". I said last week he wouldn't be at Wolves after his crash at Lynn. You can predict British Speedway so easily. Why anyone still bothers spending their money going to watch it in the UK is beyond me. Evidently at Peterborough last night very few people did give them any money. I watched it with my wife last night on the TV, she's relatively new to the sport. Admittedly I have introduced her to Polish Speedway and the GP's first, but she said how depressing it was in the UK in comparison. She watched it last night because she likes Bewley, I prefer to watch the "Low Lights" package afterwards. Her words last night when I try and explain British Speedway were "they just make it up here as they go along". And this SCB statement just about sums that up. As I tell my staff at work, never try and pull the wool over the customers eyes, always be honest with them, they'll see right through it. British Speedway has been doing that for years now, they take us for mugs. Its on the scrapheap and needs re-building.....

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