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  1. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    The Greatest
  2. Poole 2018

    Yes they make the rules and the rule is ANY rider that has been a regular GP rider in the last three seasons or currently a GP rider that has an old average below 8.00 will be reassessed at 8.00 unless they rode in Britain in 2017. While Kildemand has had many appearances as a standby reserve he was a full GP rider in 2016 and therefore should carry an 8.00 average rather than the 7.10 average. The he annoying part is that Poole were one of the most outspoken and put in these clauses at the AGM and then go against them.
  3. Who Finishes Where 2018

    Dudek cruised through the rounds knowing he was already in. SHAMEK did what was required and qualified and Zagar also qualified while Fricke will have his day but had injuries last season and Kildemand does well to stay on his bike. as for Cook will be happy with a GP win, I'm sure he will but it's the pointless rides leading upto and after that makes me think he will be the new Bomber as a rider not upto the standard of the others even though his duly qualified on merit.
  4. Wolves 2018

    Not saying two points will cover his costs but he is a low ranked rider and isn't expected to score much but I think he will improve this season and may even out score Morris who on a 3.5 average is more of a gamble than Nathan
  5. Who Finishes Where 2018

    2018 CONTENDERS Yet again a very strong list but over a full season and hoping all stay fit, I can only see five riders capable of winning the title with JASON DOYLE favourite due to consistent high scores and feel his strongest opponent will be TAI WOFFINDEN who has the right set up and team to win his third title and has the right attitude to do it again. Then you have PATRYK DUDEK who had a great 2017 but the pressure did get to him in the run in while BARTOSZ ZMARZLIK came from a poor start to show his true form and like EMIL SAYFUTDINOV he can be unbeatable on his day. These are the five to lead the way. So now we have who will finish top eight and this gets difficult as all are capable but if he is fully fit FREDRIK LINDGREN will be up there and MATEJ ZAGAR could be the main contenders along with MARTIN VACULIK. GREG HANCOCK you should never write off but have a feeling this will be a year too far and just miss out while MACIEJ JANOWSKI like Greg could be up the top end but he just didn't seem with it at times last season and consistency could be the problem, however both are capable of finishing ahead of the three above. ARTEM LAGUTA has always been a rider I have felt should have been here years ago at this level and think he will have some rounds where he does well, but think he will be the best of the rest while CHRIS HOLDER and NICKI PEDERSEN are the two riders I'm going to write off this year and will struggle in most rounds as will SHAMEK PAWLICKI while CRAIG COOK is the new Chris Harris and apart from the odd ride will be shown up for his lack of knowledge on how different riding abroad is compared to Britain.
  6. Wolves 2018

    Have no worries about Nathan as many forget that the lad is only just hitting 20 as he seems to have been around a while already and while having a Championship team can help, he has no real pressure being the number seven on such a low average so two points a meeting is his job and he can do that. Ashley Morris however is a bit older and not really progressed much in the sport. He has had some big performances for and against Wolves but as the main reserve and the higher quality in some other teams, he could have too much on his plate here.
  7. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    You can't account for falls, exclusions or engine failures as they happen every year but while Vaculik and Iversen replace Lindgren and Bjerre, we have also lost the likes of Nilsson, Przedpelski, Wells, Starke, Huckenbeck etc. The riders not returning have a combined average of just under 91 where as the new riders coming in are at 72 and we now have six new riders under a four average compared to two of last years finishers. Stronger or Weaker, the main issue of doubling up has been addressed with the set race nights but honestly feel the way forward would have been for all teams to be in one Championship level league to give more variety of fixtures.
  8. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    Does it say ALL tracks ?
  9. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    Pas the post states, Stats can be looked at in different ways and last year the teams started stronger than in 2016 and you could say that it will be just as strong in 2018 however you do really need to compare how teams finish one year to how they start the following year. Has the league got stronger or weaker this season ? I would say say it's got slightly weaker which shows with the amount of points not returning and new riders coming in and the amount of low averages starting this season compared to those that finished last season. However you have to include Dan Bewley for example returning this year on a near five average but started last season on a 2.00 average.so some riders improved making the gap smaller in comparison. Overall its its not a case of is the league stronger or not, it's is the sport any more interesting to current fans or attracting new fans and in that catergory it has to be down as its not however tracks are increasing admission prices because they are losing out on TV deals and trying to get the fans to match the difference. Chasing your our loses is not something most successful businesses do in trying to increase sales and would rather lower prices to increase sales
  10. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    16 riders start 2018 that were not in a team last year and they have averages that are around 72 points and six are on 4.00 or lower compared to the 16 riders that have not returned averaging 86 points and only two are under 4.00 That resembles being weaker but stats can be used either way as they can say this year there will be four GP riders here compared to three last season last year there was a more mixed strength of teams where as this year looks more balanced with Somerset and Kings Lynn looking weakest but the other six all have line ups that could be contenders as they are at present.
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Iversen - Good number one to have back in Britain but would have thought Lindgren would have been a better choice especially with Denmark riding on Wednesdays, even Hampel has been looking to ride here and knows many in the area. Cant see much coming from this team, especially away and along with Somerset ok the two weakest in the league.
  12. Race Nights

    Will say it's a step in the right direction having different race nights for the two leagues and should have been done years ago really, but better late than never. Hopefully they hey can now do something to create more financial income for the Premiership in sponsorship to then attract some bigger names and cancel the 8 point rule otherwise it has to be looked at seriously next season to create one league with these big teams competing in a stronger league with just one home one away alongside. The only thing with these fixed dates is having gaps between matches which is acceptable in strong levels but at this level a few will be disappointed at meetings every fortnight only
  13. Race Nights

    Wolves v Belle Vue doing two meeting in the same day twice. Got out to love Bank Holiday Mondays
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Not sure on what 7.4 applies to and maybe Sundstrom could be this exception as the four leagues are in three countries. Last season Poole tried to sign Protasiewicz but couldn't because he already had three leagues so maybe the ruling is more to do with three countries rather than leagues MAYBE Note also that it says Ford is awaiting written confirmation from Gorzow. If they don't write back its not going to happen but hopefully something can be sorted but if he does do four leagues, it opens the door for others to follow suit and Poland won't want that
  15. Poole 2018

    So where is the statement saying he is signed ? yes they have him in their plans for this season, but the last official statement says that they are waiting and even this link you left says AWAITING DEBUT but at moment NOTHING official has been posted here or in Poland