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  1. With a few weeks off already I don't think they wanted to leave it nearly a month til the next home meeting and being a foregone conclusion that Aces were going through it was best to run it this night. The Karlsson Corridor is a very misleading term used at Monmore. It has nothing to do with Peter Karlsson who usually exited turn two out wide but it came from his brother, Mikael Max who was previously Karlsson. Mikael was the first to master hitting the kerb out of turn two where there is a soft patch and spring forward down the straight. David Howe then managed to use it regular as did Freddie Lindgren but never PK so in reality it should be the Max Move, the Howe Hot Spot or the Lindgren Leap but Mr Tatum and Pearson used it once and it's stuck ever since. As they say ..... Speedway out of the top draw

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Is it just me that thinks the three best riders to go through to next years GP series are Piotr Pawlicki, Vaclav Milik and Robert Lambert who all happen to be nominated wild cards. Which gets me thinking why do they bother with qualifiers to get here and do initial qualifiers during the season upto the semi final stage (2 meetings) where the qualifiers meet up with ten nominated riders like Pawlicki, Hampel etc and then the top six from each go to the final to meet up with one wild card and the riders finishing 9-11 in the GP series. Seems a a bit crazy sending riders like Kai Huckenbeck, Ricky Wells to places like Latvia to face the likes of Hampel, Zagar etc so let them go there with a chance of getting to the semi finals which opens it up a lot more for qualifying

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Matej Zagar, Antonio Lindbäck, Janusz Kolodziej, Krzysztof Kasprzak, Jack Holder, Niels Kristian Iversen, Kenneth Bjerre, David Bellego, Kevin Wolbert, Craig Cook, Max Fricke, Hans Andersen German Wild Card - Smolinski or Huckenbeck Three Wild Cards Jaroslaw Hampel and Leon Madsen must be up for a slot and both good enough to be GP riders and would like to see Robert Lambert given a place but GB get very little usually so would expect Vaclav Milik to have more chance of getting a nomination.
  4. If they want to do it over 42 heats why not do it on the same day. Start one at 12 and the second at 7pm and during the break get the track done and ready for the evening as the base holds up well and the main work would be getting the starting gates level. Poland is really the only place now to hold big finals and Belle Vue is fine for a qualifier but unless Germany can provide better than Tetrow and grass banks it should be given to countries that can provide the stadiums like Sweden or Vojens, Denmark. Points should be be carried forward to the race offs with bigger points on offer in the final, maybe 5-3-2-0 giving a team chance to gain six points with a 8-2 while the leading country can just go for the race win as GB did to secure their advantage. In this scenario, Russia would have needed a 7-3 to win the title. Also take away the age restriction for reserves in a pairs event. In the SWC it's fine to have a under 21 but too much pressure or importance is put on reserves in this format and really only Poland, Britain and Russia had creditable reserves of the standard to be in a World Final.
  5. Watch next year and in moving forward it's the likes of Bickley, Kemp, Flint etc that are the ones to be training and they are having sessions already with Woffinden and Schlein giving them tips on all aspects.

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Especially as it's not costing them anything maybe

    Torun 2018

    Yes it is the final GP this year as Australia can't find a stadium and haven't made it pay so far. Hopefully if they do find a venue they will start the series rather than end it as it causes havoc with travel arrangements and league fixtures. plus most speedway fans are based in Europe and this takes away them seeing the World Champion crowned after following the series all season.
  8. Yes and quite frankly if you listen to his reactions after the meeting at Belle Vue he had little to do all day and the back room staff were organising things and Rosco admitted he just sat back Next year I'm sure there will be a new manager as Rosco had to be kept on for the first 12 months as part of the agreement in the new take over
  9. Before the meeting there were lots of videos on social media of Team GB doing excerises in their kevlars, some filmed by the Lambert crew. Each of these videos mainly featured Lambert and Woffinden going through the different routines but only once showed Cook with them doing a bit of skipping. One be video showed Tai and Robert working out and the camera walked around the pits and into the pits where Team GB had their bikes and Cook was standing with his bikes and crew. Did they feel he wasn't really joining in and possibly not pumped up to do anything ? Overall with Tai helping Robert home in his first two rides there was little choice but to stick with the reserve and bringing Cook in against Australia or Sweden would have been a big gamble and had Cook failed to score it would have left him as a spectator for the rest of the tournament which he may be any way now. With everything going down down to the final race on Saturday, it may favour Sweden and GB with Lindgren and Woffinden capable of a heat win and their partner grabbing a third which Lindback and Lambert are capable of doing.
  10. Not as many mistakes but did enjoy hearing Swindon were likely to qualify for the finals. RESULT was pretty obvious before it started as the predicted three went through and while Franc did well, Milik couldn't save them alone and Australia could just let him go and relax. RACING wasn't great especially early but don't think that was down to track but the riders in the races. Covati gave the first real good race while Lindgren just has so much speed gating wasn't required in some. This is is a great race track but always thought it is too good and that showed up with Berge almost beating Doyke and then Aaranio winning which shows if you ride the right line and have the power it's hard to catch anyone and well done to those two on keeping a good steady line under pressure. FINAL should be two great days with seven good teams and while Poland will start favourites, Sweden look like they may be a good bet as Lindgren keeps getting heat wins and Lindback can grab third against anyone. If they do that in the final they could win the title even if Poland and Russia out score them. Cook ok may get a ride in Wroclaw as Lambert will find it harder out there and think Tai will be fighting a lone battle there.
  11. Do rounds for National titles as normal but early in the season like April/May OVERSEAS FINAL - Top 8 British Riders, Top 5 Australians, Top 2 Americans and NZ Champion. NORDIC FINAL - Top 6 Danes and Swedes and 2 each from Norway and Finland. CONTINENTAL FINALS - Done in two semi finals then a final. Top 12 Poles, 4 Germans, 4 Russians, 4 Czechs, 2 Latvians, 2 Slovenia, 1 Italy and 3 nominated. GP CHALLENGE SEMI FINAL - Top 6 from Overseas, Top 4 from Nordic, Top 6 from Continental. GP CHALLENGE FINAL - Top 10 from Semi Final and riders from GP listed 9th - 12th plus 2 nominated riders to cover for injuries but if not required, 13th then 14th take priority. - Top 7 from this meeting meet the 8 qualifiers for following year in GP
  12. For me this is more poor riding by Knudsen in damp conditions than great team riding. Have witnessed Nielsen and Ermolenko slow races down by three or four seconds to shepperd home a team mate over another top rider. So so far we haven't seen much team riding in this event with both Zagar and Hancock leaving team mates to fend for themselves but hopefully this will improve in the finals and expect Woffinden to team ride a bit tonight if both make the gate.
  13. As an ex rider Kelvin should have noticed the mistake straight away as he has been in numerous meetings where he had to keep an eye on the score chart to know what is needed to secure qualifying for next round or winning the meeting. The fact they went on about it for about ten minutes was crazy. The funniest thing in a way is had Latvia have gained a 3-3 by getting the minor places in heat 21 then Ukraine would have not only not qualified but would have finished bottom below both Slovenia and Latvia

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Have to ask the question as to who pays the wages of Quirk, Nicholls, Tatum and Pearson. I would presume it's BT as presenters and if rumours are correct that's the only money they pay out for Speedway as this years deal apparantly involves no money going to clubs. Speedway could do do with an hour long programme on a Sunday night looking back at the weeks action not just here but also in the GPs and foreign leagues.

    no team

    Howarth averaged seven when riding at Brandon for Coventry as a teenager and while he has been a slow burner, he is progressing well and Howarth was Sheffields number one last season at Premiership level and again this year. As for British Finals, Auty has a number of years on Howarth so Kyle only being one short makes him slightly ahead in comparison but overall Auty has reached his level and Howarth still has room for improvement and his away scores are much improved in the top flight and I'm sure he has the chance to be part of future Team GB plans from next year unlike Auty. In my opinion Howarth takes it and with potential makes him a more attractive rider to have in any team.

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