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    Wolves 2019

    Think Freddie has come to the understanding now that he doesn't need to be rushing around flying in and out of Britain just as most GP riders don't and doing Sweden, Poland and the GP is not only comfortable but also where the money is and don't see him back here. With Lublin getting promoted, I would also be a bit surprised if Robert Lambert does Britain next year as he already does Sweden and Germany to go alongside Poland and the SEC. Exactly as as it could be like it is, one big league, six or seven man teams and god knows what limit and restrictions but some suggestions here can possibly be put out of reach whichever way it goes. Firstly it's over the same amount of matches and Nicolai has matured as a rider and while Jacob hasn't had a great year anywhere, he is a bargain in a low average next season and possibly the first name on the team next year in either two leagues or one big league. Note that Nicolai is no longer a Wolves asset, so although I think he could be a better rider now back there, he turned them down last year and was sold even though he still lives near by. Dont see any Championship team having any thoughts of moving up. The costs rise and they would have to sign a bigger rider but staying in the Championship is doing them fine as they are so why change. Birmingham am maybe and think Eastbourne could do well but can't see them changing or IoW Never work as current Premiership clubs will have a stronger hold and as you say, you wouldn't get to see half the teams. As as for attracting away fans, let's concentrate on getting more local fans in first not trying to expand the very few that do travel now. Make the product more affordable to the majority and get the word out what speedway is. One league will will give much more variety of fixtures, more weekly matches too and number sevens would be NL riders plus most reserves. Build to Championship levels and welcome in new riders from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA and others to ensure with NL riders there is enough for seven man teams. As for Wolves next season. Jacob Thorssell has to be in on a bargain average and if they can keep Kyle Howarth on an average around five he would also be a bargain, but in one league I think Sheffield won't won't to lose him. Luke Becker would be a must and while he has been tipped to join Poole, Wolves have a great tradition of American riders and Sam wouldn't be far to help. They also build loyalty to riders and he could have a long career at Wolves. In one league Sam not being an asset could see him at Edinburgh again and Rory maybe staying at Ipswich but I know he loves it at Wolves. Maybe a new number one coming in and a younger rider which could be a suprise signing to Wolves fans and the club he may be with now ? Ashley Morris is an asset, but will he progress anymore. In one league he would be a second string but as it is a reserve and that could be a big difference in what he can do. Nathan Greaves is a firm favourite and can see him being back at number six and no doubt many would love to see Tom Bacon in but is a Peterborough asset. Guessing games me sin many ways until we see what they decide on their annual piss up ..... I mean meeting
  2. With tickets being shorter than normal this year, there is always people looking at the last minute to either buy tickets or sell tickets due to unforeseen circumstances. So so thought it would help if those looking to buy tickets can look on here instead of threads devoted to the racing and riders. PS - I know three people after tickets and travelling out so I'm sure there are more
  3. As its a dream and not reality and going with the football season LA Collesium Warsaw Prague Gorzow Cardiff Nou Camp Barcelona Tokyo India Wembley London Wroclaw Ullevi Sweden Parken Denmark Czestochowa Torun

    Who will get the last playoff spot??

    Which means very little now as this is now a cup battle and it's who has the sprint finish that becomes Champions, not the leader with a mile to go

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    Wolves could string a bit of a suprise hear with a point gained too late as Wolves will be much better using a guest in their final few meetings and hope to finish higher than sixth of seven,

    Who will get the last playoff spot??

    Kings Lynn will choose Belle Vue as they know only RR can cover Dan Bewley and know Lambert can go there and be untouched. However they shouldn't write off Belle Vue and can see them getting through. Poole will beat Somerset and set up a final with Belle Vue finishing at Wimbourne Road in a tight finish but going to Poole
  7. 12 (TWELVE) league matches from March to September and they have to hold a second double header against the same team. must have been busy with KO Cup matches as they have reached the semi finals having got through ONE round already.

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    There wont be too many missing as a team containing a rider that rides in Poland can arrange their fixture at a Sunday track to be when they have weeks off otherwise guest or RR or reserve. One be league may not be ideal solution for a few teams but for the majority it will help the sport get a more secure foundation than it has now I have heard of one big club that looks to be losing their track in the winter and two others in grave danger of walking the plank

    Who will get the last playoff spot??

    Wolves can't get anything away and Swindon the same. Kings Lynn, Somerset, Poole and Belle Vue can start planning their tactics and while Aces will miss Dan Bewley, at least he has moved to fourth in their averages so Tungate, Worrall and two reserves can take his rides. Poole in the final against ?

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    Masters 9+1, Thorssell 7, Howarth 6, Morris 6, Anderson 2, Sarjeant 1 At this rate they could enter the Championship without making any changes

    Belle Vue V's Wolves 27/08/18

    Wolves haven't traveled well and it's not going to start now so easy win for Aces who could hit 60 but 54-36 about right.

    Race for the Top 4

    Top four look sorted now with Swindon, Wolves and Leicester ending their season by the first week of September. With the loss of the Rye House meetings and no play offs, what savings have fans from these clubs made by getting season tickets.

    Swindon 2019

    Hasn't Russell sold many of his shares in Swindon recently ? Did hear that planning permission for the stadium was unlikely and they were likely to be moved out rather than building up the current stadium. Will there be another Farewell meeting if it does ?

    Swindon 2019

    So you can add Shawn Moran Longtrack to that but most of these riders weren't at the club when won the titles. If you include past honours then Wolves have Olsen, Nielsen, Eriksen, Schwartz, Sigalos, Ermolenko, Correy, Karlsson, Max, Loram, Woffinden, Pawlicki, Petersen, Cribb, Iversen, .... Could go on and I'm sure others would add more than this at Belle Vue or Cradley
  15. Schlein 8.54 Cook 8.16 Fricke 8.04 Doyle is low enough to cover at home but Rory now declared fit for next week

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