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    Who has the strongest top 3 riders??

    Poole won last year with a solid line up which proved invaluable but the back up to the top two is vital as is a good reserve and if you look at number fours, Nick Morris at Wolves has to be the strongest by some way . However it's also important to have a bargain in there and Kyle Howarth at Wolves, Ricky Wells at Belle Vue and again Morris and Thorssell at Wolves look to be on modest averages. New faces in Lidsey at Belle Vue and Becker at Wolves could be bargains and Lampart at Swindon could be a bargain in some opinions as could Bjerre at Aces. As as for stronger top three, will agree with Swindon but strongest top four and most potential look to be Wolves

    BSPA Message to Fans (imo)

    Advance tickets via the club costs more than buying on the date. should these not be cheaper ?

    Premiership fixtures

    Peterborough and Belle Vue will have completed half their home matches before Kings Lynn have done their first and Stars have six matches right at the end. Double headers anyone and unevenly balanced averages Peterborough also have no home fixtures during the school term holidays

    2019 Predictions

    Let's face it with four of the seven making the play offs anyone could be crowned champions but Wolves look solid with a good top four and a good number two in Howarth on a very modest average as is Nick Morris and Jacob Thorssell. Becker at reserve should settle in well and Morris very capable at home. Swindon look decent and should be up there while Poole will ways be in the running and think Nicolai Klindt has become a solid rider and could take over as the number one or challenge Brady Kurtz who is on a modest average. Not too sure on Belle Vue as Bewley back from injury may take time, Bjerre could be a bargain or a disaster and hope Worrall gets back to the form he can be on. Wells is a great signing and Fricke a good number one. JAIMON Lidsey is one to watch and will get some fans around the NSS. Ipswich look ok at home but away should struggle while Peterborough could be the same but see who they get in the space. Kings Lynn shocked me last year and will again if they make the play offs with Lambert running a one man battle. Let's see what movement happens during the season at the Anglian triangle as riders averages go down in some cases and maybe swap places before the play offs ?

    Premiership fixtures

    Fixtures - Same six opponents at least twice spread over a whole season with only three teams missing the play offs. Well Exciting isn't it ?

    Wolves 2019

    Would you not consider Pawlicki as a rider that is a true number one and a rider capable of winning big races away.

    Wolves 2019

    He was 7,03 when he rode for Wolves in 2016 and in those meetings he rode his actual average has therefore gone up due to those scores so 7.03 is not even a true figure. That at said he won't be returning even if he was 3.07 as he is not interested It's not so much the expense as they know they wouldn't get anything like the money they get in Poland, it's more to do with the tracks here not being up to standard. However Pawlicki has just Poland and if he returned here it would be to get meetings under his belt as he admitted he needed more meetings.

    Ipswich 2019

    Is that the same Allen that will be wearing a big number seven on the South Coast ?

    Poole 2019

    Strange 1-7 and no Woryna who can improve on 6.30 but maybe it's not their choice. Two solid reserves in Covati and Allen and in Holder and Kurtz they have two that are moving up well. Klindt and Grajczoneck steady back up with Worrall possibly dropping to reserve mid season. Would expect a change or two mid season to keep them in play offs

    Wolves 2019

    If Pawlicki is on an 8.00 then Greaves doesn't fit but Tom Bacon does and there is no indication he is getting a PL spot so far

    Belle Vue 2019

    His year at Rezszow obviously hasn't worked riding big tracks and he did OK passing Batchelor at Leszno in the SWC

    Belle Vue 2019

    So Luke Becker is American and we have big tracks but while he has just won the USA title ahead of Belle Vue's new signing, Ricky Wells he has like Lidsey spent a year in Poland learning their trade. Becker under the wing of Hancock did a season at Rezszow and helped them win the title with big scores meanwhile Lidsey was at Leszno but rode for their sister track of Rawicz and averaged 2.00 compared to 1.71 a ride for Becker so there isn't much in them both and remember Swindon is much smaller next season if they find the shovel

    Wolves 2019

    If it's Pawlicki instead it puts the team much stronger than the rest so far and a number of riders that will improve.

    Belle Vue 2019

    Guest for number one then guest or RR for second or third but as we are looking at fixed race nights, most possible guests are usually riding the same night elsewhere so RR is often used. Ricky Wells would be a bargain on an average under six and pairing him with Dan Bewley would be a strong partnership with both capable of adding a point to their averages despite being a partnership.

    Wolves 2019

    8.11 Masters 7.92 Schlein 6.60 Morris 4.84 Howarth 4.00 Becker 31.47 leaves 11.03 for last two. Everyone expects Thorssell 7.25 and Morris 3.57 (42.29) as the gaps in the team but after a troubled season is Jacob looking for a year out or are Wolves looking at giving him a year elsewhere. With Masters and Sclein signed they have two heat leaders and have Morris as a potential third, do they need four ? Wells 5.77 and 5.26 would give four solid riders and a strong reserve pairing, but can't see it. Would they go for another big hitter and are they ready to bring back Pawlicki and fit Tom Bacon in at number seven ? Is Craig Cook an option on 7.54 or Jack Holder 7.39 to add another Down Under hero to the team. odds are its going to be Jacob and Ashley, but wouldn't you expect Jacob to be one of the first to be signed if he is returning ?

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