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  1. Swc 2018

    It's very wide but not enough banking on the turns which is what they are supposed to be doing before the season starts. There is passing but usually by home riders and even they can struggle a times to pass a fast rider.
  2. Swc 2018

    Wroclaw were hoping to get a GP but they stuck with Gorzow and wouldn't be Suprised to see the new competition finals held here as a sort of compensation. Good race track, new stadium, big pit area and flights in and out of the city every day so perfect for multi nation competition really
  3. Belle Vue 2018

    No he finished as second heat leader but during the season he swapped places with Sam and Rory in the averages and was at one point fourth in the team averages. Yes he mainly rode at number four so didn't have heat 13 and had heat 14 instead but he was involved in many heat 15 rides and his average away was a vast improvement. Number one rider has to ride at number one and the next four in any position the managers wanted to put them. The two reserves were in order of average with number seven being more protected. ANY WAY BELLE VUE THREAD COOK signed as number one and even he said he thought he might be left out so pleased to be picked. It must have been tempting for Aces to recall Zagar on an 8.00 average like Vaculik comes in on but fair play keeping continuity with Cook in what will be a telling season for him at a much higher level and more pressure. Max Fricke has been leaked by Wroclaw as already signed for Aces when the Drozdz news came out and in Worrall and Tungate they have good backing and very hard to beat at the NSS. Having Bewley at reserve will be a big help but think he will move up eventually as Drozdz settles in but a solid line up if Etheridge takes the final place but think they will be inconsistent away. Still one of the better line ups announced.
  4. Kings Lynn 2018..

    They mainly had four races then though and bonus points were on averages pkus the number ones only ever met in heat one
  5. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Nicki Pedersen available to ride in Britain as he is only signed up in Denmark, Poland and the GPs and while he doesn't live here anymore, it's the same for some others who fly in, ride then move on to the next meeting. Has certainly got himself fit again and wants to prove he is still at the top of his game and possibly the best signing Kings Lynn could make to attract visiting or new fans with the right marketing.
  6. Poole 2018

    Not sure if this is to cover Polish riders that are squad members to ride for a sister club in a lower division. If that is the case It may also cover Linus riding in two leagues in Sweden under the same federation but not sure. Would have thought Linus would be better dropping the second league in Sweden to secure the three better options
  7. Poole 2018

    The conflict for Poland is that Linus rides not just in the Polish top flight but both levels in Sweden making it three leagues but only two countries and that is where they hope to get clearance to use him and make Britain the third country which can be resolved if need be as Swedens race nights of Tuesday and Thursday don't clash with the Polish fixtures. Thing is, if he is riding in Sweden on a Thursday do Poole get priority as its not his main contract in Sweden. More chance of this going through than Iversen getting clearance for Kings Lynn as he is already signed up in Sweden, Poland and Denmark. As as usual a strong Poole team starts the season and one of the favourites
  8. Race Nights

    Agreed but the teams that don't have a rider that is with a Thursday club would mainly be Thirsday matches at Swindon and ensure when they arrange that fixture it's on a night that doesn't conflict with Championship sides using the same riders.
  9. Wolves 2018

    As he is reassessed at 8.00 he could only come in to replace Thorssell so that's a no go
  10. Race Nights

    Wolves - Schlein and Heaps ride for Ipswich on a Thursday Leicester have King and Bates riding on Thursdays Rye House have Barker on a Thursday Thats six Monday meetings for Swindon and haven't they said it would be 50/50 so seven of the remaining eight will be Thursday's which will be Belle Vue, Kings Lynn, Poole and Somerset. Unless I have over looked any other clashes, I take it that's how Swindons fixtures would work out
  11. Race Nights

    So Premiership clubs would have to suffer because Swindon can't fit in with the rules the Premiership have set.. They should only be allowed to run Thursday's against teams that are not affected by clashes of dates with Championship meetings.
  12. Belle Vue 2018

    Belle Vue are clearly going to be one of the stronger teams in the league and with Tungate and Worrall officially named by the club and Drozdz and Fricke released by Wroclaw, they have a solid backbone of the team there leaving just three places and two likley to be reserves. Dan Bewley is obviously going to be named soon and there are rumours around about a few riders around four points joining him at reserve. That leaves just the number one slot and Craig Cook is the obvious name but surely he would have been secured before Christmas or is there anything in the stories his demands are more than others who could fill that role. Matej Zagar made it clear he would like to return and would only be on a 8.00 average while Jaroslaw Hampel has been looking at coming back as he looks to get back to the form that made him World #2 before injuries. Pretty sure it will be Craig Cook at 1 but if it isn't they are pretty good names on the waiting list and even Freddie Lindgren as he returns to fitness after a serious injury during his best season so far.
  13. Rye House 2018

    Think at KK age a loan fee would be better for Poole as loan fees were graded by averages of a loan fee of just under seven grand which could extend for a few more years would be more income than a transfer fee of roughly £12-15,000
  14. Race Nights

    If a track has to go to Swindon on a Thursday and they have riders that also have a Championship meeting that night, surely the Premiership clubs have to get priority otherwise this is a big advantage for Swindon facing depleted teams
  15. Why 2 Leagues

    it wouldn't work really as the Polish clubs are far bigger than clubs in other countries and they have addressed the main finance problems there by tracks having to clear any debts before they get a licence for the following year. plus riders in this Euro League would still need to ride for clubs so you have the clash of fixtures and with Poland having no real limits for strength these clubs would not want to give up their own National title in order to chase a Euro title and would want to do both. if they did both you would find even more riders leaving here and Sweden as they would have more meetings there and not need the other leagues for extra income. Therefore Sweden, Britain and other countries wouldn't be able to get the big riders as the money on offer there is more than double anywhere else and more like four times what is on offer here at present. Britain can't afford to try and catch up or match them and really needs to run for a few years at one level that all current Premiership and Championship tracks can compete together at and that would mean no big earners and more spaces at the other end for British riders to do the one league and National League that would hopefully keep growing the future talent required to move forward.