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Young Lions In Poland

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The start list go team gb #3 #12 #15

De startlijst:

1 Bartosz Tyburski

2 Erik Bachhuber

3 Luke Harrison

4 Pavel Kuchar

5 Christian Wagemans

6 Jonny Wynant

7 Karol Zupinski

8 Milan Dobias

9 Margriet Diever

10 Kacper Makowski

11 Marlon Hegener

12 Harry McGurk

13 Maximilian Troidl

14 Filip Nizgorski

15 Sam McGurk

16 Filip Sifalda

17 Pawel Trzesniewski

18 Piotr Swiercz

19 Nick Haltermann

20 Nynke Sijbesma

21 Wiktor Przyjemsky

22 Sam Ensing

23 Daniel Klima

24 Tom Finger

25 Krysztof Lewandowski

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Harry Mcgurk 4th Sam Mcgurk 10th Luke Harrison 17th really good meeting in a difficult format lots of positives from the meeting.

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