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  1. Seems fairly straightforward to be honest. When the season passes went on sale there was, and still is, a variable number of meetings in the season dependent on progress in knockout competitions and whether or not they reach the play-offs. Alternatives: not to have season passes or to specify that they are valid for the number of league fixtures (28) known in November/December last year. Standard in just about every other sport I can think of. Commits the club to providing you with 28 fixtures. It seems equally obvious that as the Ipswich match was a failed fixture it doesn't count towards the 28 but the restaging will. Season pass holders certainly win in this situation but then again if they miss a couple of fixtures for whatever reason they don't get any money back from what they paid for their season pass.
  2. Would imagine the scheduled fixtures cover the rerun - probably best to ask the club direct rather than rely on the BSF's conspiracy theorists for answers though. Almost certainly what qualifies as non scheduled fixtures are play-offs, KO Cup for the Cheetahs, Championship Pairs
  3. George Dodds

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29th May

    would go to the council not the club
  4. No, no Plymouth are very much against that sort of sharp practice. Vociferously arguing against Berwick being allowed to use IIR for Lewis Kerr last Saturday and threatening to report the Bandits to the SCB (don't know if they went ahead or not). So it must be a completely unconnected injury otherwise they wouldn't have invoked IIR
  5. George Dodds

    Aces v Lynn

    This is a rearranged fixture, originally called off in April, so this would have been a clear night in Britain
  6. George Dodds

    Berwick 2024

    If Scunthorpe win against Plymouth it will be on the 27th, if Plymouth win it could be either.
  7. George Dodds

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2024

    thought he rode on a british passport last year?
  8. George Dodds

    Pairs Point Format

    So you could provide all 15 heats winners and still lose heavily? Seems weird
  9. George Dodds

    Steve Boxall

    Technicality I know but didn't he refuse to take a drug test rather than fail one. Result is the same and leads to a ban.
  10. George Dodds

    Kent Royals license revoked!

    Berwick's training track DOES have an airfence
  11. George Dodds

    Race Tracks Visited

    saw Berwick there is the last year before the switch to AshbyVille. Incredible view looking down from the top of the cycle track but after eight or so heats began to wish they were racing round it rather than a slick track which, because it was on top of the athletics track, had no banking and one racing line. To actually lay and lift a track every week was an incredible - and vaguely ridiculous - achievement by the promoters
  12. erm because heat eight is the only heat that a number one can take a rider-replacement ride when R/R is number two on account of them already being in the other three programmed races. Surely the question is more whether it makes sense to run r/r at two.
  13. George Dodds


    Rugby League season runs from February to September ... not sure when you are suggesting that a meeting should take place - October in West Yorkshire would be quite a gamble
  14. George Dodds


    assume if it's a dome then the surface is not permanent so, as with Cardiff and Tottenham, the floor level can be configured for other sports and concerts. Although the strangely low capacity suggests it may be pretty basic - the previous Bradford Superdome in the 80s was going to be 75,000
  15. George Dodds

    Armadale Devils v Belle Vue Colts

    Four point Kent victory would put them two points clear meaning Belle Vue need a win

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