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  1. Dave Jones

    Brandon Update

    You should have just emailed her on the address provided. No logging in or questions asked, just send your comments & add in your own address , job done. Your coments will count.
  2. Dave Jones

    Leicester Lions 2021

    It's something that has been prevalent at many clubs in this sport for years I'm afraid. If you continue to ask pertinent questions you will very likely get the next old chesnut "Well if you don't like it don't come".Yet they still can't understand the damage that is caused by their comments.
  3. I've just been looking a some of Jeff Davies' action shots from last night's meeting & there is one of Bomber . He is definitely using G M engines but I can't read who the tuner is I'm afraid.
  4. I was thinking something along the same lines. Although I accept that the only name over the door of Coventry Speedway at this time was that of the infamous M Horton, Neil Watson's long association as his co promoter inevitably means he will be tarred with the same brush. I would describe their time as Brandon as at best very poor , at worst abysmal, & if were in Neil Watson's position I would be keeping a very low profile not bulling myself up as someone of importance in British speedway
  5. Dave Jones

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    How true ! I recently purchased a new sim free phone online advertised as next day delivery, after paying the bill I get a confirmation & a message that delivery would be 5-7 working days due to covid . I replied , explaining that I wasn't happy with that & it wasn't what they advertised. They just tried to fob me off with more covid jargon so I reminded them that the pandemic had been around for 18 months , plenty of time for them to alter their sales listing, & if they couldn't improve the delivery time I would request a refund . The phone arrived next day!
  6. Dave Jones

    Poole Pirates 2021

    As many as they like if Ford senior is asking.
  7. Dave Jones

    Peterborough v Wolves 14/6

    I didn't mention anything about spelling , & reading your post it seems that your grammar needs attention too.
  8. Dave Jones

    Peterborough v Wolves 14/6

    After reading this post it's understandable why you are not keen on having grammar errors highlighted.
  9. Dave Jones

    Motor Insurance

    Mine did, I did 3500 miles in the 12 months prior to my renewal in March. my normal miles are around 11-12 thousand. I always check every website for prices & have done so for many years, this time round the only way i could reduce my cost was to either reduce the level of cover or increase my voluntary excess.so I ended up paying an extra £50 pa for exactly the same cover yet I had not had any accidents or claims.
  10. Dave Jones

    Motor Insurance

    It will be very interesting to see what happens in the new year when the insurance companies will be unable to offer new customers better prices than they offer existing customers . i expect it will mean an increase for everyone..
  11. As with the majority of stuff Shovvy posts it's all about one person. Never been any different & probably never will be, the "ego" is massive. I wonder if anyone could be bothered to scratch the surface what would be found underneath
  12. Dave Jones

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Once again you show total disregard for the rules laid down by the "decision makers" who are doing this in the interests of the safety of the majority . It is just another indication of your selfishness & complete lack of concern for others, almost as bad as your rants over brexit.
  13. Dave Jones

    Ipswich 2020

  14. Dave Jones


    A great chat with the O O . i was at the Sheffield meeting ( British Scandinavian World Champ Qualifier) &recall that Ole won his first race against 3 other Scandinavian riders. He finished with 5 points that night but he made an impression with me & i followed his progress via the speedway star when he came over to UK to ride at Newcastle. When he moved to the Midlands i was able to watch him regularly. His move to Brandon was "utopia " for me & the coming together of the C O & Ole was a match made in heaven.He is,as you say very charismatic, & I remember being one of the many recipients of a wave from both him and his wife when they passed us driving down the M6 to wembley with my Ole Olsen sticker in the rear window. My two youngsters in the back were "made up" they really were the great days of speedway .
  15. Whoever he is it's probably best to disregard his posts as he's not on this forum for the right reasons.

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