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  1. martinmauger

    Workington 2024

    I saw what you did there .....
  2. martinmauger

    BBC The Apprentice

    Shame, shoulda bin a walk in the park for them but Paul B & the other 'pie guy' screwed up & the woman made more money from the task.....
  3. martinmauger

    SGP Sprint

    Abore posts ^^. Speedway GPs 'falling in' with other motorsports in that the most riders score 3-figures points, if TV stations like it well ok, I guess. In F1 spare cars are no longer permitted so a risk that drivers, and also teams, could be 'taken out' of the race by a sprint race accident. Same with SGP, riders have spare bikes of course but could be taken out of the 'the main event' due to injury caused by events in the sprint race. But we'll see, at least they are trying something new....
  4. martinmauger

    BBC The Apprentice

    They just concentrated / showed those who argued, Paul Bowen was very much in the background. I also know of folk who were in the audience on filmed TV shows & the stuff transmitted wasn't how they remembered it. Always bear in mind a lot of what you see on TV, unless live, is manipulated or at least edited to create 'good TV' or in other words drama, whether real or otherwise, is encouraged. Think for yourself & take much TV, unless live, with a pinch of salt....
  5. martinmauger

    Graham Drury RIP

    You will obv know better than most, but didn't the ever quieter silencers brought in over the years also cause the DT500 JAWA 4v to overheat, think Olsen complained unsucesfully to the (then) BSPA & SCB about that. (Sorry to hi-jack thread it's about respecting Graham Drury)....
  6. martinmauger

    Graham Drury RIP

    Quite possiibly an ex-Briggo bike. I know Graham had some leathers off Briggo which he wore in 1977, red with yellow sleeves poss from Briggo's time at Wimbledon. Graham favoured the 4v JAWAs over Weslakes, as did Ivan & Olsen of course til late in their careers, apparently they were 'swines' to set up but despite being a tad top heavy, they flew once you got one going right. Graham was 'on fire' riding it in 1977, posting a 9pt ave, til it went 'bang' & his form never really recovered that year. He was one of what I called the 'Fab 4' at Hull, along wth Bobby Beaton, Joe Owen & Frank Auffret, all spending 5 or 6 years together at the Boulevard....
  7. martinmauger

    Workington 2024

    And a good afternoon to you too. Apparently most things were available FOC to riders taking part; in addition to the fuel, a tyre each, oil if required, tear offs, the odd spark plug + plenty of other help like pushers, or to lend hand with bike issues. They weren't 100% sponsored 'seshes' as such only for riders contracted to the team, but things were on hand to remove potential small hassles so riders could concentrate on their bikes & the actual riding bit. Prob one of many reasons why Poland is 'the place to be' in world speedway these days....
  8. martinmauger

    Workington 2024

    Spoke to an NL level rider, took part in training sessions in Poland (forget which track) said all riders were given generic numbered body colours, to keep, & there was a large central fuel supply in the pits, riders just filled their tanks as required, FOC....
  9. martinmauger

    Graham Drury RIP

    Just seen the sad news, big shame, RIP Graham....
  10. martinmauger

    Brandon Update

    Prob helps that locals said they'd prefer keeping the stadium rather than 120+ houses, or whatever the figure is. Coventry Speedway is of course in the village of Brandon, I have relatives living in Gilberdyke, also a village 26miles west of Hull, out of interest I asked them & their neighbour; would you rather have an extra 120+ houses or the existing stadium with weekly speedway & monthly stox, though you probably won't hear much noise ? All said they'd prefer keeping the stadium. So good news, a 'battle' won, but not yet the 'war', but still a way to go. Gone too far & too much effort to give up now, (as if) keep at it ....
  11. martinmauger

    Speedway Star

    Just to clarify, the 'Star is delivered in an envelope of sorts, it's a largish sheet of paper folded over & stuck down along the side edges then the front flap stuck down so I guess technically it IS an envelope. But couldn't complain if it arrived reasonably on time most weeks & if it saves the publisher's on the cost of delivery & postage, which small business owning friends tell me is rapidly becomming one of their biggest expenses. My copy arrived Saturday this week, tho to be fair we are getting any post only 2 or 3 times a week....
  12. martinmauger

    Speedway Star

    This ^^. My Speedway Star was delivered reliable as when posted in a brown envelope, delays only started when they changed to clear wrappers, so many went missing, and often continues now they use the white wrap around. I appreciate such changes were implemented to reduce costs though calls to Dave Fairbrother always result in a replacement, in a bown envelope, appearing the next day, lost issues remain lost....
  13. martinmauger

    Ivan Mauger In MCN

    Apologies is already posted but fans will be interested to learn Ivan Mauger is feautured in the current Motor Cycle News: 'MCN 4-IN-1 Christmas Special', 13 December 2023 .
  14. Well done to Scunny Scorps, been a long time since they won a major trophy. Esp pleased for Scunny team manager Dave Peet, he didn't have the most fun during his one season at Hull in 2005 & has suffered some health issues of late, good for him that he's well on tne mend & still gets enjoyment from speedway. Also Poole track staff did amazingly well to get the meeting on.....
  15. martinmauger

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Congratulations to everyone at Ashfield ! I don't really favour any team but a very good friend of mine is heavily involved at Glasgow, he is well pleased, so I'm also happy for him....
  16. martinmauger

    KOC SF: Scunny v Redcar 29.09

    They got carried away, poss 'red mist came down' a tad & both exchanged notes post race, but either way a good close competitive race, some very good racing last nite, enjoyed it....
  17. martinmauger

    Guess Who?

    Indeed, Hull Vikings' Poty Sanchez, still a super nice guy, believe he still lives locally....
  18. Concensus in our wee group was "Poole blown it shouda never picked Scunny, who after drawing at Poole will likely win by 5-6 and so make final", but thought Poole deserved to win. As already said baffling Scunny TM deployed Ablitt (who scored 0 at that point) for Palm Tree in ht11 and not put PT off 15m: "you can do this at least beat Thompson, maybe chase down Lawson but try to take Kemp through also", maybe a 3-3 or 2-4, instead 1-5 to Poole. Maybe Palm Toft wasn't up for it, but he's a full race tryer who wouldn't have given given up, thought Thompson rode well all nite anyway, not like the rider who'd struggled at Scunny earlier in the season. Overall, not my teams so not overly-fussed on the result, but it's speedway, saw some good racing and so I still enjoyed it. Shame about Havvy's mum...
  19. martinmauger

    Emil Sayfutdinov

    Thanks and you can see Emil is likely quicker than Doyle, think the words 'on a mission' apply here....
  20. martinmauger

    Glasgow 2023

    Naw that was Barry, Briggo Snr....
  21. martinmauger

    Emil Sayfutdinov

    Yes indeed. Watched Emil's form in 2023 with great interest, possibly surprising he joined Ipswich, not necessarily every rider's favourite track, he mighta bin expected to sign for, say, Belle Vue, Sheffield, or Peterborough but he's ridden Foxhall from day one like he was born there. Devastating from all year, and away from home too, be interesting to compare his winning times with Doyle, another excellent rider & also King who has ridden Ipswich for years. Reported to be a nice guy off track too, would be an asset to the SGP series & just love his cool Imperial Stormtrooper-style crash helmet....
  22. martinmauger

    Glasgow 2023

    Tony Briggs stacked it big style at Coventry & broke his neck, think he went on to ride a bit of grass / longtrack but was never the same, 'invented' air fence, now has a role within SGP series. Think Kym Mauger made a bit of progress with Newcastle then Glasgow but suffered bad leg break, also returned & rode bit of longtrack in NZ then drifted away, now works in film industry. Super tough following a sucessful father with a famous surname, extra kudos to those who manage it....
  23. Really (really) hope this meeting goes well for Robbo, a popular & whole-hearted trier in his too brief time of one season at Hull in 1997. Quick question: (apologies if posted I''m supposed toe be working) will the programmes be available before or after the meeting to buy via post, hope so....
  24. martinmauger

    Gordon Kennett

    Big shame, I recall Gordon riding for White City then Eastbourne at Hull 1977-81, and he didn't give Ole Olsen a fright in the 1978 World Final at Wembley. RIP Gordon....
  25. martinmauger

    Dennis Gavros RIP

    Sad news. Dennis had a Hull connection riding for the Vikings in 1972 & 1973, though he didn't move up into the British League with Hull in 1974, had a few matches for Sunderland, retired from riding then went on to be the team manger at Halifax. RIP Dennis....

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