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  1. Ht 8 was awesome Tate could have went down on first bend when he got shoved out Last going over line starting lap 2 first over line end of lap Hopefully tate gets asked to do the ben fund would love to see what he can do against some top riders
  2. Not often I'd say your 100% right But do agree on this 1
  3. Vissing not a good team rider gets in road of voulas often aswell
  4. Not watched back But from track Sam was in front so why excluded him dont think they touched each other
  5. Also good for ace as he needs to start pushing on Some poor and inconsistent results Not showing the performance that was expected of him
  6. Not easy today Bailey has the potential to score well but not sure he will score same as voulas Really need vissing to have 1 off his better nights Dont expect much from ome Reserves if they score close to last weeks scores Ill be amazed
  7. That's the reason I don't think claus and anti are a good pairing almost clashed a few times
  8. I do think voulas and visiting get in each others way at times Cookie and tate do ride real well together so be a shame to split them up but might be only option if voulas and visiting are separated
  9. Personally although I like bailly I'd not book him as he didn't want a Saturday track when asked about this season
  10. scaramanga

    Lee Complin

    Can test for some things for longer that 3 month Can also get a good idea of certain things for almost the time since hair last cut to that part Some not legally binding but a good indication
  11. could have used it in 7 or 11 against that girl whos only in speedway as a pr stunt
  12. Was some better racing than score suggests But still well beaten Dont understand why t/s wasn't used earlier not that it would have made a difference
  13. if facility for nico has ran out thats maybe all they can use
  14. scaramanga

    BSN Alert

    Hopefully that's the issue

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