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  1. Meeting OFF. Heavy rain, waterlogged track. A new date will be arranged.
  2. I was also at Hackney that night, standing near the starting gate. My memory of the event is a little hazy, but at the time I thought his throttle had stuck open as he appeared to be travelling very fast around the outside when he hit the fence. A terrible thing to happen to a rider and as others have said, with the introduction of air fences, how many major injuries have they saved over the last few years?
  3. That's sad news. Brian and Waggy put together a World class team whilst in charge, and Brian was instumental behind that. My sincere condolences to his family at this time. Brian was a really nice guy.
  4. Bunce

    Belle Vue 2024

    I laughed when I read that! A few years ago I was talking to the security guy at Anglia TV in Norwich. Feltz arrived in a taxi and apparently told the security guy to get her bags out of the taxi and take them inside for her. He politely told her he was a security man, not a bl**dy bell boy, so go and get your own bags! I'd guess she was not amused, but your comment just backs up what I thought about her as well.
  5. Appalling decision in my opinion. Simon is in the form of his life and always gives 100% for the team. He has been part of the Stars set up on and off for many years and is at least one rider who looks like he wants to ride for the team. I would have thought his contributions at the end of this season would have had him nailed on as a dead cert for a team place in 2024, but in typical Kings Lynn fashion, success is rewarded by being dropped and no doubt we will see the same old failures being rewarded with a team place?
  6. No mention of Simon Lambert here? Simon rode his socks off for the team in 2023 and surely must be considered for a well deserved place in the team. Always gives 110% and is in the best form of his career at the moment.
  7. Bunce

    Promoters Conference

    Strange how the AGM for British Speedway is held miles away in Spain, where the sun is beating down and the beer is cheap. Can't work that one out?
  8. Bunce

    Playoff Final

    Any live updates from this one tonight? I'm curious to see if they get past a track inspection. Looking at the rainfall radar for the area I can't see this even starting.
  9. Fingers crossed! Perhaps you could keep us updated please Cue Ball?
  10. Bunce

    Clubs that own their own tracks

    I think Buster Chapman owns the Kings Lynn stadium and land it stands on. The site was originally a greyhound stadium bought by Cyril Crane & Maurice Littlechild after Norwich closed in 1964. I believe Buster then bought it from them in later years?
  11. Is there a stream to Sundays match between Wroclaw v Torun by any chance R & R?
  12. And why was Allitt in the Peterborough pits at last weeks televised meeting? Surely they are the opposition. Can't see that happening with a football manager!
  13. Totally agree Daniel. Years ago, an Ipswich v Kings Lynn derby would have attracted huge numbers of Lynn supporters down to Foxhall, but to be honest I can't even be bothered to go to home meetings now. The last few years have seen some dire teams and the track surface just doesn't seem to produce decent racing anymore. Last Sunday I went and watched the Mildenhall v Leicester meeting. Some cracking racing, and a last heat decider that made for a very enjoyable afternoon. All this for almost half the price of me travelling from Norwich to a Kings Lynn match. I've supported Kings Lynn since 1969 so it saddens me to see the state of the set up at the moment, but I'm just hoping things will improve?
  14. Is the weather OK in Plymouth? Rain radar showed rain in the area much of the day. Hopefully it will go ahead, we've had enough rain offs this summer!
  15. Yes, unless the weather turns nasty.

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