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  1. Seymour Dix

    Howler from Top of the Pops

    Anyone remember this Dexy's Midnight Runners - Jackie Wilson Said - Top Of The Pops - Thursday 30th September 1982 - YouTube
  2. Seymour Dix


    Pulled into a lay by while I was out driving, sign said ' No Dumping ' , which was fair enough .... I only wanted a wee
  3. Seymour Dix


    Doctor Watson: 'Why have you painted our front door yellow, Holmes?' Sherlock Holmes: 'A lemon entry, my dear Watson!'
  4. Seymour Dix


  5. Seymour Dix


    I've just put my back out so Ive arranged an online appointment with my osteopath- click and correct....
  6. Seymour Dix

    Covid Vaccine

    I had my Jab on Thursday, felt fine until last night, started shivering and generally feeling rough. Feel ok this morning. It seems any side effects dont kick in for approx 36 hrs. Anyone else had similar?
  7. Seymour Dix

    Covid Vaccine

    I take it you wont be having it then ?
  8. Seymour Dix

    Covid Vaccine

    The one were you have to have another jab in 3 months
  9. Seymour Dix

    Covid Vaccine

    Had mine this morning, had a phone call Monday afternoon giving me time and place . Turned up and seen on time , had the jab, given a list of possible side effects , sat in the waiting room for 15 mins as advised then went home , no problems - staff were wonderful, everything handled very efficiently.
  10. Seymour Dix

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    About a week ago I became a Grandfather , because of virus restrictions I haven't been able to give him a cuddle , I 've seen pics of course and he's beautiful ( as everyone's Grandchild is ), I just want this over so I can meet him .
  11. Seymour Dix

    'the Donald' Trump

    No it isn't
  12. Seymour Dix


    I once wrote to Dear Deirdre in the Sun . I wrote Dear Deirdre, please can you help me with this problem. I am in a long distance relationship. I live in London , my girlfriend 400 miles away in Glasgow. We travel to see each other on alternative weekends, however one weekend we mixed up, I was travelling up to Glasgow, she was leaving heading for London. The problem is ...if her train eaves Glasgow at 8.00 am at 75mph ......
  13. Seymour Dix


    I had a builder come round my house the other day, I gave him a list of some routine maintenance that had to be done. He had only completed items 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. I asked him what's going on , he said ..........' I only do odd jobs ..... '
  14. Seymour Dix

    Railway pic

    If anyone is interested there is a program on Channel 5 Friday evening about great senic Scottish Railway journeys, should be worth a watch
  15. Seymour Dix

    Railway pic

    I remember on Paddington 24 7 showing the weather that wiped away the line on that sea wall , it was frightening

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