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  1. Well done to the Tigers. History mean that we were all waiting for the Poole comeback, but give the boys credit, as they didn’t let them back into the final. Ignoring the usual idiotic point scoring on here, the request to blame the authorities for Tarasenko being allowed to race for us (can you imagine, the very cheek of it !), and the frankly classless comments on BSN from Roynon , as Glasgow go to collect the trophy, that “Poole are club like no other” (who hires these inarticulate people anyway?) , how about just acknowledging that we were the better side over the two legs? A special shout out to Harris, Brennan (who I’ve been concerned about) and Complin, who showed what being a team is all about.
  2. I would have taken 14 points three hours ago, but now feel like it should have been more. Harris was sensational but Basso and Tarasenko made no impact when they didn’t gate. And Brennan isn’t pushing on like I hoped he would. Respect to the Pirates for their mid match revival. A bit of rain forecast Wednesday evening, and Tarasenko didn’t like it against Oxford. He was very tentative. As for our reserves, Ace looks well off the pace but Lee looking more confident. However, not sure of them making any impact against the Poole reserves at Wimborne Road. Our big 3 have got a lot of responsibility, but at least we now have a chance. Before Tarasenko, we would not have had one.
  3. Was have a post GP analysis with my dear old dad the other night, and we both reckoned that Zmarzlik’s bikes seem to get faster as each GP meeting progresses. Almost seems to pull away from the field later on in the meeting. Clearly each rider is trying to “dial in” to the track but he does look to have quite a talent in getting the bike going. Clearly his ability on a bike and his bravery helps a lot too. What’s his secret? Or feel free to tell that it’s just my imagination
  4. Jonimac

    Championship Pairs - Sep 1st

    Outstanding win for Glasgow. I’ve never witnessed them win a trophy (I started at Coatbridge in 1975!) so thank you BSN. And the celebrations showed how much it means to everyone at the club. Getting the best of Charles Wright and Danny King twice was no mean feat, and the way in which they rode showed what pairs is all about.
  5. Jonimac


    Great meeting but no way should Wright have been in the final. Shame for it to finish that way
  6. Don’t wear glasses. I do have an opinion though, which I am entitled to. As do you, so I’m sure we can just agree to differ.
  7. Well, I can only rely on numerous replays, and the opinions of the experienced riders at the meeting :-)
  8. What a great Grand Final this has been. Racing was tremendous, atmosphere great and showed the best of speedway. Tough on Sheffield, but as a neutral I felt the pivotal heat 11 decision was correct. Unlike heats 1 & 3, that were very poor. And Holder won’t be pleased with Kurtz but that’s speedway. Delighted for Belle Vue. As the team with probably the best and fairest racing track in the country, I’ve always thought it was a slight disadvantage in trying to win titles
  9. Just halfway through John Berry’s autobiography at the moment. Fascinating insights, including explaining why away fixtures with heavy conditions helps the away team, as the home team don’t have their usual familiarity with a dry track. That, plus a long unrewarded drive home to Dorset probably goes a long way to explain why Poole might be a bit upset !
  10. Agreed. Read like some bloke who has had a few pints spouting off in the bar after the meeting. For a commercial operation, does make you wonder if people read that and perhaps question how professional the approach is to the media at that particular speedway outlet.
  11. I’d say before reviewing Sedgman, who scored 7 from 4 rides, and Wells (who scored paid 8 from 4 rides) we should be having a looking at the the decision making processes of the team manager. It’s not the first time this season that we have let potential points slip by decisions made from the pits, both before and during the meeting.
  12. I don't have Google chrome cast, but I did use the Apple version instead. For the last meeting, I used my iPad, then streamed it to the TV via Apple TV.
  13. This was mentioned on a Rye House thread recently, but I think it deserves a wider audience. There is a great new podcast series about the sport on Audible, the audiobook App. The podcast itself is free, although audible does require a subscription (I think you can get a free trial?). Narrated by BBC F1 reporter Jennie Gow, it seems to have done it’s research, and the first episode alone mentions Johnnie Hoskins, Epping Forest, Tommy Price, Ivan Mauger and may other iconic names. As well as Tai, and Scott Nicholls, they even got some words from Dickie Davies! For me it captures the very essence of what it means to be a life long speedway fan.
  14. Yes, a highly professional way to run a struggling business. I am as desperate as anyone to see the Eagles succeed in the Championship but when you do get a top team, with a genuine top rider (I went to the league meeting and Cookie was immense) turning up, is that really how you want to sell the entertainment? Sounds like something from Blantyre 1978...........
  15. As a lifelong Tigers fan, but long term Sussex resident , and Eagles fan, I’ve stayed out so far, letting those without any evidence have their say/opinion/speculation. I wasn’t at the meeting. However that longer video tells a contradictory story to what the previous 29 pages have alleged. A man walking in front of a bike with no brakes, that is not designed to turn RIGHT. A headbutt that turns out to be a shoulder charge. I can fully understand from other angles it may look like a headbutt. But it wasn’t...... I’m not sure how many of us would instantly react to nearly being knocked off. Punches thrown by more than one person, from both teams, and now we see Kennett wading in too. Oh, and by the way, when the dust settles, can you all go out and race your 500cc bike, no hard feelings eh? So far, on the evidence actually shown, neither side has anything to be proud of. In the face of what that video shows, Mr Facenna can be very proud of his decision to apologise for his side’s part in that ruck. That longer video would suggest that Cook (and Dugard) need to reflect both on their team’s part in it, and also what was said on the PA to exacerbate the situation.

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