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  1. longmeadow

    Promoters Conference

    Can somebody please answer my original question. I started this thread as a serious post but all ive heard is talk of hob knobs and the price of flights to tenerife. All i wont to know is when is the agm
  2. Does anybody know the date of the agm?
  3. Who should get a pick for next year?
  4. longmeadow

    TV coverage

    Great footage from brandon. I had forgotten how crap millard and collins were on commentary. Make kelvin look 5 star
  5. I t will repeat what i said last year. How do you get the twenty thousand that turned up in cardiff on saturday into manchester that holds about 8000, Why do we want to every year want to move it to a venue miles out from any facilities? And as for people thinking cardiff is expensive do you really think london would be cheaper. Ive been 17 times and will be back next year, Cardiff is a great day out and if you dont agree dont go
  6. longmeadow

    Peterborough v Sheffield - 21st Aug

    Are tom dick and harry paying adams wages tonight. Shouldnt cost them much
  7. longmeadow

    Peterborough v Sheffield - 21st Aug

    Another cracking night from our world cup star Adam Ellis lol
  8. collins louis simmons jessup lee kennett davis
  9. longmeadow

    Best Team Managers

    Absolute no brainer. Peter Adams. Won it twice with coventry twice at cradley and five times at wolverhampton.
  10. longmeadow

    Tommy Knudsen

    Does anybody remember the bees vs exeter meeting in 1979. Coventry had to win to keep our title hopes alive. We were getting beat and needed a heat advantage in the last race. Tommy was fenced by one exeters multiple czech riders. He was put on a stretcher but ole stopped the medics taking him to the first aid room. He dusted himself down and along with mitch shirra got the result 40-38. We beat hull in the decider and won the league. Tommy was only seventeen at the time. True legend
  11. Its time to change the sgp challenge system. If no reserves are allowed from countries who already have a grand prix rider involved then a chance to shine is taken away. Rasmus jensen being a prime example knowing he wont get the chance to cover for an injured rider this year. But its time to stop full time gp riders appearing in the challenge. If poland denmark etc give qualifying places to existing gp riders then that limits the chances for new riders to get into the full grand prix. If full time riders miss the top six there is always the fall back of five wild cards. Surely that is enough.
  12. idiot joke. Lambert has not given a monkeys about british speedway all season until now. Free pay day tonight and hes suddenly avaliable. Kelvin will have a field day bigging him up as a belle vue legend.
  13. longmeadow

    Cardiff 2022

    Cant help with making the track better but as ive said before. Book rooms through cardiff university. Basic but only 30 pound a night. Hundreds of places to get breakfast on sunday morning. As for tickets just buy them on the day for 20 pound. There were 40000 going spare this year. Sit anywhere. Stewards dont care unless your in somebodies specific seat.
  14. longmeadow

    Cardiff 2022

    At what point point did i rubbish belle vue. It doesnt have the capacity to hold 20000 fact.
  15. longmeadow

    Cardiff 2022

    Having reflected on the whole cardiff 2022 experience im amazed at some of the comments on this forum. No we are not going to tottenham or the o2 as they are premier league clubs who do not want there ground digging up for a one off motorcycle event. I attended wembley three times and yes 1981 was iconic but the track in 75 and 78 was awful. Built around the football pitch where riders didnt know whether to turn left or right and was an absolute dust bowl. Yes there maybe of only been 19000 on saturday but please explain how that amount of fans get into the nss. There is no infrastructer at belle vue. Its miles from the city centre and very little to do before the meeting to make a day of the premier event in british speedway. Lots of things played a part in this years low attendance, fuel costs, train strikes etc but as a british speedway fan im proud to say i was there for my seventeenth gp to watch dan bewley produce a bit of magic. Also i dont remember bomber moaning about the track rutting up in 2007. Costs buy a cheap ticket mine was 22.50 and had a perfect view. Hotels forget it student accomadation en suite 30 pound a night. Food and drink there are seven spoons in cardiff . Doom bar 2.49. I work in a four star hotel. We charge 4.90. Shop around . Cardiff is here to stay and thank god because it is the best weekend of sport if people would only stop knocking it. One down side . Why could we only find one british reserve on sunday. Poor effort.

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