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  1. Lashing it down at the moment
  2. Lambert at number 1?? Seriously? What a joke this sport is at times
  3. Quite embarrassing this lewis kerr situation now, he's clearly not fit so why are berwick getting to use IRR for him during meetings when its clearly old injury he's agrivating evrytime be has a tumble
  4. Vissing a mobile road block.....unfortunately for his own team mates
  5. Bailey for Vuolas definitely makes us weaker. Oxford must be fancying there chances
  6. Midget

    Workington 2024

    Ok, I can sort of go with what your saying. I seen at pool recently that rich lawson an tom brennan took time after the meeting to work with there young reserve (max perry) on his gating. So my point being, imo we have the best gater in the league (cookie) add to that batch has rode at the highest level, no disrespect but both these guys have been better riders than lawson an brennan, why don't we tap into these qualities an ask them to spend some time with celina?
  7. Midget

    Workington 2024

    People can like it/or not like it but regardless off gender changes need made at reserve. We ain't going to win anything with the weakest reserves in the league. An before people shoot me down.....we ain't national league now, we are championship level, its an entertainment product that people are paying good money for, we should be provided with the best team possible.
  8. Midget

    Workington 2024

    If the comets have any real ambition this year then we really need a change at reserve? I think we can carry 1 with our top 5 but we ain't going to win anything carrying them both
  9. Midget

    Plymouth v worky

    If workington have any ambition they really need a change at reserve
  10. Craig cook is still a class act at this level, his gating was on another level, easily the best rider on show today. Looks on the heavy side, if he can sort that he could be back to his best?
  11. Midget

    Oxford Spires 2024

    The harsh reality is that an on form craig cook is a far better rider than Lewis Kerr. IF cook does well in the 28 days then Oxfords hand may well be forced.
  12. Workington need a change at reserve an quick. Cant keep being so long in the tail
  13. What were cook pre meeting comments?

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