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  1. I've just printed off the complete racecard using this link https://www.speedwayservice.at/images/racecards/2024/SGP2024-02.pdf
  2. https://britishspeedway.co.uk/miscellaneous/scb-statement-kings-lynn-speedway/
  3. tocha

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    Jason is on the RS list: https://britishspeedway.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024-Rising-Stars-iss2.pdf
  4. No interest in this meeting apparently which is being shown live on BSN Both teams at full strength. Sam Hagon comes in to replace Joe Thompson as rising star for Leicester. Could be a close meeting.
  5. tocha

    Witches v Lynn May 6th 2.15pm

    Unlikely, I would have thought. Full details of the parade: https://www.itfc.co.uk/news/2024/may/05/bus-parade-on-monday/
  6. tocha

    Leicester v Witches 02/05

    Sam Hagon. List: https://britishspeedway.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024-Rising-Stars-iss2.pdf
  7. tocha

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    Journey time on Google maps currently showing 3 hours 24mins.
  8. The regulations just say this: 011.3 TEAM LINEUPS 011.3.1 Premiership League a) the top rider (by MA) must ride at #1 b) the 2nd to 5th riders (by MA) can ride in any position #2-#5. c) the Rising Star rider must ride at #7 unless they achieve an MA which permits them to be in the top 5 then the lowest MA rider must ride at #7
  9. tocha

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Tungate's absence last night at Ipswich is being looked into by the SCB. No decision yet but could result in a 28 day ban for withholding his services. https://britishspeedway.co.uk/miscellaneous/scb-statement-rohan-tungate/
  10. tocha

    Brummies 2024...

    On a positive note, Pawlicki has scheduled his return for the visit to King's Lynn on 4th April: https://www.fimspeedway.com/news/pawlicki-set-for-birmingham-bow-next-week
  11. Meeting postponed - waterlogged track. http://www.sheffield-speedway.com/news.php?extend.3442
  12. It is now. https://watch.britishspeedway.co.uk/
  13. I cannot find any details. I assume you have to sign up for the stream before finding out.
  14. Not announced yet or, for that matter, has the BEN Fund yet.

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