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  1. If it does will Boris let fans travel ?? I've decided not to go, as too many testing hoops to jump through and online forms to complete, even if Poland is on the green list
  2. Neila

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Probably not only Poole, season starts next week and a lot of clubs seam very quiet ?? Also how many signed riders will be available to ride in the UK, look at Ipswich today !!
  3. Snap but can't remember which credit card, so will be a surprise when statement comes through with another covid credit
  4. Well the stadium is now free, one of the reasons bsi gave for cancelling the gp was transport needed to be booked for shale etc without knowing what rules the Welsh government would have, so disappointed no gp but understand reasons, where the Welsh rugby only need the go ahead for a crowd then the game can go ahead as pitch will already be in place
  5. Got email via bsi as booked direct, maybe if booked via a 3rd party they don't email ?
  6. Neila

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Thanks for the invite John, but I don't know what I'm doing next week never mind next month !! Hopefully if things get back to what was normal I will pop over to the east as the season goes on Neil
  7. Neila

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    May come over fra wukinton for this You paying John ??
  8. Neila

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Can understand pre booking and trying to fill up the block of 6, but as s traveling fan from West Cumbria at the moment it's a no go, as we don't know what the weather will be next week, never mind in 5 weeks time. Maybe after 21st of June and we have a new normal !! The traveling fan maybe able to return. Good luck to Rob and the rest of the speedway teams in the country in what must be a nightmare trying to get through the covid rules
  9. Neila

    workington ..

    A bit of an update, been a message on Facebook that Kenny fearons Funeral is next Thursday 28th at 11.30 Harrington road cemetery going past Derwent park before hand. RIP kenny Also on Facebook about Northside speedway have had a visit for local council and MP discussing plans going forward !! Hope all goes well
  10. Deal was that good paid Flexi/up front so had a better arguing point in case they tried to put up price, as am aware of tricks used !!
  11. Neila

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    No that's you Jenga Got in before THJ
  12. Yea but if done well a couple of beers can be had on the walk to the stadium, then cheap drinks inside, if required, 20 minutes walk back to the main strip for evening food and more drink !!
  13. Agree about Warsaw, take away flight cost and the weekend is around half the price as Cardiff !! But will Warsaw 2021 take place, personally I have very big doubts
  14. As much as belle Vue is an excellent track, the facilities are poor, mobile burger vans and pop up tents for beer, and portaloo cabins, after the speedway world cup it took me over 1 hour to catch a bus with spaces back into central Manchester
  15. Beg to differ, I had the premier Inn city centre booked and paid for at £120 for 2 nights, was booked middle of the night the day hotels got releasedI bet I can't get that price another year

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