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  1. Neila

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Can remember a few years ago arena Essex had a sky match and charged £10 and got a crowd of around 5000, but Workington tried a similar thing, the crowd did increase but not in enough numbers to make a profit !!! hope the fans of Newcastle respond in great numbers
  2. Neila

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hopefully coming over from the west, was planning to do so before the announcement , but forecast not very good. I know it can change
  3. Surprised you don't know !! You seam to know everything else or make it up as you go along
  4. Looked a good crowd going by photo on speedway GB site. Am sure cammi knickers will talk up a defeat into a victory Looks like Tigger's need a tweak or 2 if they are going to be as good as the treble winning comets
  5. That's me hotel booked now it's a waiting game to see if we allowed to travel more freely next year !!
  6. Thanks for replying plan b now waiting to see 1st 20 minutes on by sport then if the gp is on a last minute dash to the pub leaving car behind till next day
  7. Anyone one know what the weather is like in Prague ? Forecast does not look good, only asking as I've a 40 minutes walk to pub to watch it, don't fancy turning back round if off !!
  8. Neila

    Wroclaw 2021

    I'm also waiting on info from Warsaw regarding tickets, luckily got a refund off KLM for my flight
  9. Once traveled from Workington on a bank holiday to Oxford in morning then Swindon in the evening both called off around start time due to massive rain showers !!!
  10. Neila

    workington ..

    Ulverston a long way from worky it's a bit like asking you if you know a good breakfast in Leicester ??
  11. Neila

    workington ..

    You will have to sign autographs now Geoff, as you were on telly everytime the camera showed crowd on back straight
  12. Neila

    workington ..

    Good to see several ex comets in the gp qualifier at Glasgow, a very good meeting Dan bewley won run off for last qualifier, also several comets fans spotted on the coverage
  13. Think sport stars have special dispensation to travel due to amounts of testing done through the week
  14. Eurosport were doing an offer for the app/iPlayer at £19.99 for the year, don't think that's a bad price for sec and league meetings, plus various other motorsports

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