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  1. Think the ref still needs to hit a computer button for the automated tape count to release the tapes, so this is what you probably saw. Or if its like the transponders not working all the time or at all stadiums
  2. They borrowed derwent park to play Weymouth in a cup semi final lots of years ago could have been 1985
  3. Neila

    Jason Garrity

    Would think if a promotion was stupid enough to sign him, that promotion would lose most of the crowd !!!
  4. A bit like some of your reserves did over the past few years
  5. Always worth watching speedway at GT tyres northside arena, lots of passing in today's meeting
  6. If you have bsn can watch later
  7. Should of tuned in earlier to watch the mighty comets V Redcar
  8. We did last week when we won at Redcar in a last heat decider
  9. Referees are allowed to give extra time to riders who have 2 races on the trot or have bike issues due to incidents, but 4 minutes between races is the new rule
  10. Me upset the tiggers fans ?? Never UTC
  11. Nice to see claus scoring well tonight, a good bit of practice for when the comets come up to tigger land in 2 weeks time UTC
  12. Bomber on way back from Glasgow, don't know if averages will fit though
  13. No streams at worky, also watch out for any adverts saying streams available here on social media it's a SCAM
  14. Apparently transponders are a requirement this season but at the moment the technology does not work at all stadiums !!! Another British speedway #### up
  15. Neila

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Think he is chasing the Scottish money in tigger land again !!

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