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  1. WalterPlinge

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    To be fair, the confused old fool was in the Fresh Fish aisle at the time. Why would anyone ever have the need to be visiting two different WH Smith branches, in two different towns, in one day? Something smells fishy here (And it isn't the Penge Sainsbury's)
  2. WalterPlinge

    Kent v Bellevue Mon 24th

    It's nonsense to suggest that Kent need team changes. In fact I'd be nipping down the bookies to get a bet on them winning the play-offs. Gilkes has been a big loss, but he'll be back soon, and once everyone else has had their 2.00 riders gain new averages and move into the main body, he'll be cleaning upat reserve. Kemp is a top quality rider. He had bike trouble and had to ride borrowed machinery for the 1st leg, but was excellent last night. Rowe is also developing into a superb rider. Ledwith was always going to more than double his joke 3.50 assessed average. Spooner was quick last night and will get better and better with an injury free run. Jenkins has been a bit of a weak link, but only through injury. An injury free second half to the season will see him move up the averages. I think Kent heads went down last night when they knew Ablitt was out and they thought they had to cover with a "no hoper". Turned out Luke Mulford was anything but a no hoper, but they'd beaten themselves by the time they found out he was quite useful. The other thing Kent did to beat themselves was watering a bald track and making it greasy. Crazy! Belle Vue always seemed to have someone at the pit gate watching everything, and maybe feedback on track conditions helped them make changes to cope, while the bad track prep backfired on the home riders? A fully fit Kent 1-7 with Gilkes back will hit form just in time for the play-offs. No need for team changes. Get your money on them.
  3. WalterPlinge

    Ipswich Vs Kings Lynn Thursday 20th June

    Didn't say it did. Just said you can't have 11 heats with passing and 4 heats with no overtaking in a 13 heat match.
  4. WalterPlinge

    Ipswich Vs Kings Lynn Thursday 20th June

    You're spot on with all you say, but I was just querying how a 13 heat match could have 11 heats with passing and 4 heats with no passing...
  5. WalterPlinge

    Ipswich Vs Kings Lynn Thursday 20th June

    So in the good old days, even 2 of the gate-n-go-races, won from the gate with no passing, had overtaking?
  6. WalterPlinge

    Belle Vue 2019

    I'D be more inclined to believe that statement if it came from Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. And that's a FACT
  7. WalterPlinge

    Belle Vue 2019

    THE hilarious thing is that he's not even a good troll. To troll well you have to give biased opinion, which people may disagree with, but they can't say you're wrong, because it's a matter of opinion. But this troll makes up stuff that is easily verifiable as untrue, and makes himself look a complete plank. What's most hilarious is when he follows up his made up nonsense with the word "FACT" in capitals. But he's given me a great laugh today with the "I know this is true because I know someone who is a mate of a photographer!" On that basis I have a direct line to the Glaziers as I know someone whose nephew is going out with a girl who works behind one of the bars at Old Trafford.
  8. WalterPlinge

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    The Pairs is already down to be held at Stoke, and now they have the Fours too. So instead of neutral venues, Stoke now have the advantage in both. The change will have appeased Cradley who can now have their full top four with Max Clegg now available. But the new Stoke date clashes with the Berwick v Leicester Championship match which means that Belle Vue and Leicester now both lose their No.1 rider with Leon Flint and Ellis Perks now unavailable. That's two of the stronger teams and two of the league's drawcard riders now out of the running. Basically they've took a problem of Clegg and Phillips being missing and swapped it for a bigger problem of having Perks & Flint missing, a non-neutral track, a poorer venue, and the loss of a Sunday raceday. Only way to make it a bigger farce would be to change the rules and let Belle Vue and Leicester have a guest for Flint & Perks.
  9. WalterPlinge

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    The NDL doesn't use rolling averages....
  10. WalterPlinge

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    Presume BSPA will say the NL 4s take priority over a late Newcastle re-arrangement? Surely the only solution is that Newcastle will have to use guests if Clegg and/or Phillips have been chosen for the 4s In Jason Pipe we trust. I'm sure Mr Pipe will have foreseen this kind of thing happening and will have an agreement with the BSPA in place for priority over riders like the NDLRC has.
  11. WalterPlinge

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    Cradley presumably will be without Jack Smith, but would have thought Clegg would be available, as surely the NL4s takes priority over an open meeting? Group B looks the tougher group to me. Leicester should be fairly happy with their draw.
  12. WalterPlinge

    Mildenhall 2019

    Is he? I don't do Facebook. To be honest I didn't even know the BSPA had an official Facebook page. Why haven't they duplicated the publicity onto the BSPA website? For those without facebook, what info has he publicised? Do we know the two groups or any team line-ups?
  13. WalterPlinge

    Mildenhall 2019

    Be fair. He did introduce the farce of a NL KO Cup draw. On a plastic christmas tablecloth on his kitchen table, with bits of scrap paper from a cardboard box which came out in almost the same order as they went in. We know that was his idea, because the BSPA/SCB were very quick to distance themselves from blame for it. And he's got a new coat with his name on..... But hey, he's got the showpiece NL Fours coming up soon. 8 teams in the league, so the 2 groups of 4 are easy without needing any decision to leave any team out. Sheffield and Redcar are racing the same day, So will the 4s get priority over Drew Kemp and Jack Smith? Other than those two, can he get each team to track their top four? Or will we get teams leaving top riders out and devaluing the competition with 2 point reserves? 3 weeks to go, but no publicity yet....
  14. Who else would there be who is a better guest? Hans's average is only 7.05, and as of this morning Wolves were the only team not riding. The other matches have now been called off, but you've still got to find someone under 7.05 who could divert to Manchester Danny King, Josh Grajczonek, Nick Morris, Kyle Howarth? Would any of those be better than MPT? or who else?
  15. WalterPlinge

    Eastbourne 2019

    What exactly is Cook's position with Eastbourne? He's not a promoter - Mike Bellerby and Trevor Geer are the promoters. And according to Companies House he resigned as a Director of Eastbourne Eagles Ltd on 28/05/19, and ceased to be a shareholder of the company on the same date.

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