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  1. Technically, yes. Oxford have got two more meetings with Craig Cook....then we'll see what happens.
  2. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    If I had to guess, I'd say something like... Prem: 2,000-2,500 Champ: 1,000-1,500 NDL: 750-1,250 Fluctuates depending on the fixtures/weather forecasts as well. Ipswich crowd for the Spires match was huge, but was much smaller for King's Lynn for example.
  3. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    I've seen this mentioned a few times on here, but presumed it was just hearsay. Haven't heard any actual names.
  4. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Yawn. Shut up you two, you're both in the wrong and nobody else cares. Let's move on, please!
  5. Belle Vue's first visit to Oxford in 17 years, and a welcome back to former Cheetah Mark Lemon. Should be a close one I reckon, a big ask for Oxford to turn over a 12-point deficit for the bonus point - especially with the way Ben Cook rides Sandy Lane. Thoughts? Oxford Spires: 1. Rohan Tungate, 2. Erik Riss, 3. Charles Wright, 4. Maciej Janowski, 5. Chris Harris, 6. Craig Cook, 7. Ashton Boughen. Belle Vue Aces: 1. Brady Kurtz, 2. Norick Blodorn, 3. Jaimon Lidsey, 4. Ben Cook, 5. Dan Bewley, 6. Connor Mountain, 7. Connor Bailey.
  6. Bojangles

    Gp world Championship qualifying rounds

    Just a big thank you to @racers and royals for all the hard work that's done providing all the info on here. It's much appreciated.
  7. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Good grief! Who cares? Does it really matter who someone supports? It's speedway, not football.
  8. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Certainly not. One of the great things about Oxford's return has been the amount of Swindon (and Reading) supporters attending meetings.
  9. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    I hate to agree with Toady, but he's right. The atmosphere is great and that should be applauded. Just to clarify, I'm not one calling for changes...but (and it's a big BUT), surely Oxford would be foolish not to replace a rider who is going to score six points each meeting with someone who will score ten? However, as Toady has also said, who would that ten point rider be? There probably isn't anybody available anyway....
  10. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Oxford potentially has 8 riders and only 7 places, though. That's the problem, so a change has to be made. Either Kerr or Cook goes, or one of the others riders does. Pretty much every member of the team (bar Tungate) has been mentioned, so nobody is focusing on Harris. But at the end of the day, Oxford has a lot of spare points to play with and it would be rather silly of them not to use if they have designs on the title.
  11. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Depends how many changes they make. Might come down to money more than anything else.
  12. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    He might not score as well as Wright or Harris, but his average is 1/1.5 pt lower than them - which gives Oxford more breathing space to bring in someone else on a higher average - such as a certain GP rider that's been mentioned in another thread. It is - of course - swings and roundabouts, and there's no guarantee it'll happen, but Oxford have points to play with either way.
  13. Bojangles

    Oxford vs Middlesbrough - Sat 19th May

    Yep, especially when riders like Henry Atkins were openly complaining that he wasn't getting enough track time. No reason he (and others similar) shouldn't be riding at this level to help with their progression. It's what the league is supposed to be designed for.
  14. Bojangles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Surely they won't let Kerr go. He's a huge asset at reserve. Stick with Kerr, Cook in the main body of the team and replace Harris/Wright/Janowski with all those extra points they'll have.
  15. Thoughts on this one? Oxford still missing Alex Spooner, so will be weakened with Wayne Hutt riding again, but can only see an easy home win still. Ben Trigger has always been a bit hit and miss around Sandy Lane. Oxford Chargers: 1. Luke Killeen (C), 2. Wayne Hutt, 3. Jason Garrad, 4. Jacob Clouting, 5. Jody Scott, 6. Ashton Vale, 7. Senna Summers. Middlesbrough Tigers: 1. Jade Mudgway, 2. Ben Rathbone, 3. Danny Phillips (C), 4. Jamie Halder, 5. Ben Trigger, 6. William Hocaniuk, 7. Kai Ward.

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