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  1. king's lynn twitter feed
  2. AceBelle

    Aces v Lions

    maybe woffinden might guest for kurtz ? get some laps in for SON ???
  3. Interesting meeting both teams took a thumping on Thursday will Aces go for R/R for kurtz or guests from Ipswich ? Sheffield? oxford ? ( tungate already guesting for Lynn) Aces should win at NSS fricke will obviously go well but can't see any other Leicester riders scoring enough to trouble us ? Weather set to sunny & fine also on Eurosport
  4. AceBelle

    Tigers v Aces

    Let's see where we are in sept/Oct lots of twists and turns to come yet
  5. AceBelle

    Tigers v Aces

    why would he say kurtz hopefully returning 1st july when a ban is coming on friday ? which we all know is coming !!
  6. AceBelle

    Tigers v Aces

    that's you're opinion !!
  7. AceBelle

    Tigers v Aces

    correct sometimes lemmo treats fans like they know nothing about what's going on very annoying
  8. AceBelle

    Tigers v Aces

    No morals I just said musielak should get a ban which he did I agree with the rules that kurtz should get the same and I was not the only Aces fan on here who said kurtz will ride at Sheffield ? what will be a real piss take if kurtz rides on Sunday for rybnik when lemon.has said he is out until July 1st and musielak saying tight technical tracks is crap he as rode them numerous times but what do we know as paying fans ?
  9. Tough one for Aces Chris Harris guests for kurtz I expect a ban now for kurtz like musielak got
  10. AceBelle

    Swindon Stadium

    slime ball lower than a snakes belly !!
  11. AceBelle

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    it's a waving finger saying no there is no rude emojis on this forum the middle finger one is on Facebook have a look at the difference between them
  12. AceBelle

    Belle Vue 2024

    The ban would start from Sheffield Thursday
  13. AceBelle

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    Very poor coverage camera work awful punditry awful full of basic errors
  14. AceBelle

    Belle Vue 2024

    Aces could sign Lambert for 28 day contract ? we have Sheffield away Thursday but in all honesty we will get nothing out of that meeting so use R/R then we have Leicester & Ipswich home meetings then Ipswich & oxford away in the 28 day period Lambert would have 2 home meetings before SON which can only help him so it's a option without committing himself fully and he has the set up here already so let's see if Brady gets the ban and what Lemmo's solution is ?

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