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  1. spiegal

    Leicester vs Poole 24 July 2021

    With all the space available, t is possibly the worst designed track of recent years. there were no restrictions, an entirely blank page...
  2. spiegal

    Why speedway is failing

    Added to that it simply isn't entertaining and not good value for money...In USA you get over 30 races..loads different ages..bikes..a great nights value and only $15..just over £10...the answer is reasonably sensible..but needs courage and intelligence
  3. spiegal

    Wroclaw 2021

    We will NOt be taking the risks with Wroclaw. There remains some doubt on attendance restrictions...but with the delightful femme fatale in control in Berlin, there remain huge doubts about quarantine on arrival throughout Europe. Already similar restrictions exist in Sweden & Denmark. If..and it is a BIG IF..the new covid gets hold in mainland Europe you would imagine that more severe restrictions may well occur.....makes everyone glad that we have been so successful in our vaccine programme.
  4. spiegal

    Whats actually going on?

    That would be a clear case of "Restriction of Trade"...totally illegal under UK law...for many years British Speedway has lived in fear of a rider or an outside interest testing the whole system in the courts.... every rider is self employed and cannot be restricted where he can sell his skills.
  5. spiegal

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    Buster has no interest in Ipswich....the deal fell through over a year ago.
  6. spiegal

    2021 GP Series Dates

    I doubt it very much...I would think July at best
  7. Hotel prices for an event date are like Turkeys at Xmas...the hotels are in business entirely to make money..they are not a charity, and whatever you think, had you owned one your attitude would be exactly the same. A room when the Rugby International is on can be in excess of £700 plus breakfast.
  8. spiegal

    Tomasz Gollob

    I have had a heart attack (20 years)..and Sepsis (3 years)...believe me the 2nd was loads worse than the former....I wish Tomek well
  9. spiegal

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Should be a real capture for the Aces...a good young man as well
  10. spiegal

    ICE 2021

    That is very sad..an iconic place enjoyed by hundreds of us Brits over the years. Thanks for advising me
  11. spiegal

    ICE 2021

    Is there any chance that Assen will return to Ice Racing ??
  12. spiegal


    Extremely kind of you....but to get anything radicle through..it needs a degree of understanding, patience and forward thinking within the congregation.
  13. spiegal


    There was an old adage in Speedway years ago...you make your own stars within 2 months....Always listen to what your customer wants..imo people want 1. Entertainment. 2. Value for money 3. racers not riders..4. decent toilets and food. 5. team members who are yours and neither borrowed or racing for another uk team. 6. A Team..not made up of seven people whose name you can't even pronounce. 7. get rid of race times..it impresses nobody and puts nobody on the gate 8. Standardised equipment..Obviously riders wouldn't like it..but if it saves money they will quickly come round...9. Never let the tail wag the donkey..10. The NL concept is the road map.....entertainment again..

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