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  1. spiegal

    Torun 2023

    yep about 4....call us (01473) 730000
  2. spiegal

    Torun 2023

    we have 6 tickets available on entrance to 1st turn due to sad illness of existing clients...(01473) 730000...from Tuesday 0900am
  3. Probably right with Cardiff...interesting if Discovery have an opt-out clause in their contract...how the series misses the light accomplished touch of Paul Bellamy
  4. spiegal

    Peter Collins Book

    Don't be silly...that's called "promoting"....that's a word I would doubt ever appears in anything coming out of Rugby.
  5. spiegal

    Brian Woodward RIP

    Brian was a lovely, gentle and amusing fella. He travelled regularly with us, recently as last month when h visited the Czech G Helmet and Torun. He was always a happy smiling face, polite and good company. The Speedway World will miss him, we at TRAVEL PLUS TOURS will miss him hugely, but its his loss to his family which will be felt the most. Rest well "Woody" its been a huge pleasure and honour. JAMES EASTER.
  6. spiegal

    Gp 2023

    My information is that its not certain by a long way...probable but could well be a week later
  7. Frankly it's an age thing..In your 20's you don't see danger...then you have a family.nice house..plenty of (cushioned) sponsorship..it happens and only the REALLY exceptional sports stars improve when in their 30's.....you just get fed up of racing/playing etc.. Also Mr W. has been doing this for nearly 20 years..and you could see that he wants (deservedly) his home comforts...living in UK..and commuting to Poland...possibly racing at BV or Wolves.Sheffield..and not Sweden...must have an attraction...also Kiddies schooling ust come into the equation. In the 30's you lose your GENUNE hunger..also reflexes..sometimes your desire..and later on you blame everyone else rather than your creeping years ..its human nature.... He has nothing to prove...and REAL HOME beckons..which is and always has been in Aussie...sensibly.
  8. Due to a sad cancellation..we have a hotel room for 2 or 3 nights..+ 2 seats at the GP Challenge...Optional Friday visit to EDINBURGH v REDCAR..give us a call..07850.162522...or (01473) 730000 James
  9. That is exactly what I am telling you
  10. For your info..for 7 days before and 5 days after there was NO AVAILABILITY ON any Flight to DENMARK yet alone Billund. Logistically given the time frame impossible to get a body to the event..but as for somebody stopping over from Friday..then that is a another question.
  11. spiegal


    Frankly I think that some really professional motor sports promotions have looked at this and walked away. The costs of travel alone would be at a guess £75/80 k...plus stadium hire..advertising..you would be looking at £150k minimum that is one hell of a gamble...speedway doesn't attract big crowds these days maybe 20,000...big trucks pack the place but not bikes The only way would be say a 6 round robin circus..Mid East..Far east x 2..Aussie x 2... NZ ...but the logistics/costs would be massive
  12. News coming out of the FIM is that (as we suggested) there will be NO GP N AUSTRALIA in 2022...but plans are for 2023.... That means that TORUN will be the FINAL VENUE for 2022 Better get that booked up before all remaining places disappear
  13. From what I gather the ESBJERG SON COMPANY is a seperate Ltd company. I doubt very very much that Vojens will or will feel obligate to accepting another Companies tickets, especially when the problem is not theirs...ist like buying a cooker from one company..they go wiz.and then expecting another company to give you a cooker..Esbjerg I am told have no dough....as expected ticket ales were nowhere near expectations...anyone with Speedway knowledge would have told you that the whole package would not attract large audiences. Poles do not travel in numbers to support their National Team.
  14. We have a family cxld from THE CARDIFF MARRIOTT...3 rooms now available on 2 night package...Cost £259 p.p., b/b for 2 nights....loads cheaper than Hotel's own site....call us..TPLUS..(01473) 730000...or email..tours@tptours.co.uk.
  15. spiegal

    Cardiff 2022

    Thank you so much Tim......as always a haven for those in "schtuk" !!! Many thanks James

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