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  1. chopper

    Redcar 2020

    Hes going well, loving his time in the sun in Australia, finishing third in the Jason Lyons meeting at Mildura. Chopper
  2. chopper

    Glasgow 2020

    I think the Glasgow v Edinburgh matches are going to be extra spicy this season. Chopper
  3. chopper


    Could possibly mean a return to league racing on tv in aus which isnt the current case, as Eurosport do show the SEC, only issue with them is they rarely start on time and find the meeting is often part way through, is it similar in the U.K. Chopper
  4. Charles Wright, British speedway champion, you little ripper. Chopper
  5. chopper

    Scunthorpe 2019

    That's a shame. Chopper
  6. chopper

    Scunthorpe 2019

    If that's the case then he should be able to do NL which would be a good starting point. Chopper
  7. Been done to death on the Gillman Facebook page., yes the brits were pulled from the meeting, which continued without them with some great racing.Hopefully they will return as they and the visiting danes are a welcome addition to the ranks this year. Chopper
  8. Will be good experience for the young Brits, who are also doing some meetings at Gillman this season. Chopper
  9. I think you missed the point , do you seriously think I based my assessment on that heat alone, I've watched Tai since he was a kid in Australia riding juniors.His results speak for themselves and I'm sure Rob would be smiling down on him. Chopper
  10. Easily the best British rider ever,.watch heat 15 from last night ,pure class, bike control, racing brain, he has it all. Chopper
  11. chopper

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Is Ryan Douglas a scunny asset, he has been leaving a bike at ours during the winter for the teams meetings , and has looked one of the stand out riders and is hoping to get a visa again so he can return. Chopper
  12. chopper

    Rye House 2017

    Oh Roberts stalker is back, i havent been on for over 6 months so not sure what you are rabbiting on about , who you been rubbish canning lately. Hang on you have made over 2000 posts . ive made just over 400 and i take over threads, lol, you really are a sad joke of a person i actually feel a little sorry for you. Do you even actually go to speedway Difference is i comment on things that involve me, you just comment on stuff you know nothing about. So dont bother replying as im off for another 6 months,bye , go Robert keep it going son. Chopper
  13. chopper

    Rye House 2017

    N No ones claiming anything i cant see where anyone has said Robert is better than Bates ,not in the last few pages and i couldnt be arsed going back anymore than that, hardly a rant just get over it Robert is riding for Rye and the supporters and promotion are happy with that and really thats all that matters. Chopper
  14. chopper

    Rye House 2017

    Give it a rest for god sake Robert signed for Rye House, Bates signed for Coventry. Hardly his fault Coventry folded, Robert will give it his best he didnt even have an EL team last year so a few guest rides can hardy be a fair guide. The Rye supporters are happy to have him so i guess as your not even a Rye supporter get over it. Darrell Branford
  15. chopper

    Your 2017 Table Prediction

    Branford will be in the Rye House top 5 by the first averages and will finish the season as the top rider in that other league. Buxton to go undefeated in the NL. Chopper

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